5 Signs Your Car Tyres Need Replacement

Whether local or premier, all types of tyres in UAE  have a specific lifespan and after that, they start to tear or wear down and need replacement. Overlooking this need can cause massive troubles such as poor vehicle performance, higher fuel consumption, and inefficient handling which can lead to fatal road accidents. 

Repairing and maintenance can extend the lifespan of tyres but replacement is the most effective and permanent solution to keep your vehicle in the right working order and avoid any inconvenience during traveling. 

Here are the signs that indicate it’s time to replace your vehicle tyres;

Poor Tread Depth 

All types of local and branded tyres have a specific tyre depth which plays a crucial role in their normal functionality and aesthetics. Having a tyre with below 2/32 of an inch depth indicates that you need an immediate tyre replacement. 

You can implement a “Penny test” to check your tyre depth. This test involves the insertion of a penny into the tread groove with Lincoln’s head upside down. If you are still able to see the top of Lincoln’s head, your car needs tyre replacement. 

Uneven Tear or Wear 

Another common sign that indicates your tyres need replacement is uneven wear patterns. Significant differences in tread depth between different areas of the same tyre or between tyres on the same axle usually happen due to poor alignment, improper inflation, or suspension problems. 

The only solution to fix these issues permanently is tyre replacement.

Visible Cuts and Cracks 

Regular inspection of your vehicle’s tyre and looking for visible cuts, cracks, and bulges are also an effective way to find out whether your car tyres need replacement or not. These cuts and cracks can lead to tyre bursts and complete wear or tear. 

Though this issue can be fixed by repairing, tyre replacement is crucial to avoid frequent repair costs and unnecessary stress. 

Vibration and Shaking 

If you are experiencing excessive vibration when driving your vehicle or your car shaking left or right, you need to replace your tyres. It usually happens due to poor alignment or low tyre pressure and the only way to fix it is to replace the old local tyres with brand-new tyres that can perfectly align with your vehicle.

Excessive Noise

Almost all types of tyres produce some kind of noise during the drive but the production of excessive external noise indicates poor tyre alignment and demands replacement. Continuing driving with poorly aligned tyres can cost you multiple troubles including fatal road accidents. 

Age Limit 

We all are well aware of the fact that all types of tyres have a specific lifespan usually 6-10 years. If your car tyres have reached this limit, make sure to replace them before they cause havoc to your vehicle.

A Final Word 

Tyres are crucial components of any vehicle that demand regular care, maintenance, and replacement to perform effectively and efficiently. You can inspect your vehicle tyres, look for these signs, and replace them if necessary. Investing in premier wheels like Dunlop tyres in UAE will not only enhance your vehicle’s performance but will also add to its longevity and aesthetic appeal.