A Quick Guide on iOS App Development for Middle Eastern App Founders

iOS app development is synonymous with innovation, creativity and technological advancement. That’s because Apple users value experience above everything else. Based on their popular demand and acceptance, Apple has revolutionized the way users interact with mobile apps altogether. iOS has the second leading share in the market – yet reports the highest mobile app revenue from subscriptions and in-app purchases. 

If you too are an aspiring entrepreneur planning to invest in iOS app development as a founder or through strategic funding, this guide is for you. 

Here’s What Users Expect from iOS Apps

There is one rule of thumb we recommend to all appreneurs who choose iOS app development. That rule is value. Your iOS app will be successful only and only if it delivers expected value to the users. There are three core elements of value delivery in iOS apps: 

  1. Security

App security builds trust, period. 

The more secure your app’s data handling is, the more reliable users will find it. During the strategy and development phases, prioritize security throughout the lifecycle. Ask your mobile app developers to implement robust encryption, authentication and data protection measures to safeguard user information and prevent unauthorized access or data breaches.

  1. User Experience (UX)

Tell your designer that you wish to focus on delivering intuitive and engaging user experiences that will delight and retain your users. During the design and development stages, spend the right amount of time in user research and usability testing to ensure your app is easy to navigate, visually appealing and optimized for performance across different iOS devices.

  1. Ad Structure

While iOS users do view ads, they want a perfect balance between delivery of app content and sponsored content. When integrating advertisements into your iOS app, strike a balance between monetization and user experience. Choose ad formats that match your app’s concept, content and design. Similarly, minimize intrusive ads that interrupt specific tasks and provide users with options to opt out or customize their ad preferences to enhance user satisfaction and retention.

Top Technology Stack for iOS App Development 

Programming Languages


Swift is Apple’s modern and powerful programming language designed for building iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS applications. It offers performance and interoperability, meaning that applications written in Objective-C can have modifications with Swift. Swift is trendy and is a preferred choice because it has a library of free development assets. 


While Swift has become the primary language for iOS development now, Objective-C remains a classic. It is stable and relevant and ideal for maintaining legacy codebases, especially when iOS developers have to integrate with existing Objective-C libraries and frameworks.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)


Xcode is Apple’s official integrated development environment (IDE) for iOS and macOS app development. It provides a comprehensive set of tools, including a code editor, debugger, interface builder, performance analyzer and simulator, to streamline the app development process.

Frameworks and Libraries 


SwiftUI is Apple’s declarative framework for building user interfaces across all Apple platforms. It offers a modern and intuitive way to define UI layouts and interactions, uses a concise and readable syntax, reduces boilerplate code and enables rapid prototyping and iteration.

Core Data

Core Data is Apple’s framework for managing the model layer of an iOS application. It provides an object graph and persistence framework for storing, retrieving and managing data in a structured and efficient manner.

How to Hire an iOS App Development Company in Dubai

If you have a brilliant mobile app idea that you wish to execute for iOS, here are top 5 tips to find the best mobile app development company in Dubai for your project. 

Technical Expertise

Start by evaluating the company’s technical expertise in iOS app development services, technologies, frameworks and best practices. Check if they have skills and capabilities to deliver high-quality, scalable iOS apps that match your vision.


Research the company’s reputation, client testimonials and portfolio of past projects to assess their expertise, experience and track record in iOS app development.

Project Communication

Talk about the company’s typical project communication system beforehand. Ask how they update the client about project progress and changes in scope of work. See if they conduct regular meetings for updates or or have a CRM dashboard to keep the clients posted about processes. 

Budget and Timeline 

Discuss your budget and check if it matches the company’s typical development tiers. Discuss project timeline and project scope with the project manager to ensure alignment during the development process.

Testing and QA  

Companies typically perform five rounds of testing – integrated and unit testing, performance and functionality, device testing and security testing. Ask your iOS app developer if they have a team to cater to all of these quality checks. 

How App Founders Market Their iOS Apps

Here are top 5 digital marketing techniques all app founders utilize to promote their application, acquire users and increase revenue. 

  1. App Store Optimization (ASO)

When launching and publishing on the App Store, founders optimize app’s metadata, title, keywords, description and screenshots to improve the app’s visibility and ranking in the App Store search results.

  1. Content Marketing

This is the most important marketing type which helps further techniques like PPC and SEO too. In content marketing, we create compelling, informative and shareable content related to the app’s niche, including blog posts, videos, tutorials and case studies, to attract and engage the target audience and drive traffic to the app.

  1. Social Media Marketing

App founders often leverage social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and even LinkedIn to promote their app, engage with users and build a community around their brand. They share updates, announcements, user testimonials and behind-the-scenes content to generate buzz and excitement for their apps.

  1. Influencer Partnerships

App founders also collaborate with influencers, bloggers and industry experts in their app’s niche to reach new audiences, visit website development services in Dubai providers that will provide exceptional services and gain credibility and increase app downloads for you. This way, they get genuine endorsements, reviews and sponsored content.

  1. Paid Advertising

Right after publishing, some app founders also invest in targeted paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and Apple Search Ads to reach users who are actively searching for apps like theirs. This gives them users in the first month of launch and if the app’s user experience is good, then they either start earning or gather real user feedback to improve their apps. 


So this quick guide on iOS app development concludes here. With a brilliant app development idea, the right technology stack and an alpha team for execution, you can build and launch an iOS app that can become a brand and bring you millions of AEDs in app revenue through in-app purchases and subscriptions.