Buying A New hot water heaters online – Things To Know

If your hot water heater has reached the end of its lifespan, you may be considering purchasing a new one. As per experts at Same Day Hot Water Service, with so many options available online these days, buying a hot water heater online can be tempting thanks to the convenience and potential cost savings. However, there are some important things you should know first before clicking that “Buy Now” button for hot water heaters online. 

Do Your Research

Before making any purchase, it’s wise to thoroughly research different hot water heater models, brands, sizes and fuel types. This will help you select the best option to suit your household’s needs and budget. Check reviews on retail sites as well as specialty plumbing sites to see what existing owners have to say. Pay attention to details like energy efficiency ratings, warranties and average lifespan. 

Consider Dimensions

Be sure to measure out the space where your new hot water heater will be installed before selecting a replacement. Water heater dimensions can vary quite a bit between models. You need to choose one that will actually fit in the allotted area, with some extra space for connections and maintenance access. Trying to install an oversized tank will lead to frustration and additional costs if you have to return it.

Determine Fuel Capabilities  

Carefully evaluate what fuel sources are available to run the water heater in your home. Most run on either natural gas or electricity, but some models can be switched between the two or also configured for propane tanks. Make sure to select an appliance that works with your home’s utilities or necessary delivery services.

Check Delivery Options

One of the few downsides of buying large appliances online is coordinating the shipping and getting them inside your home. See what options retailers provide for delivery timeframes, tailgate drop-off, threshold carry-in services or installation add-ons you can purchase. Factor these costs into your budget if you aren’t able to handle bringing it inside yourself. 

Ask About Installation 

While some minor plumbing work may be needed to connect your new hot water heater, purchasing one that requires complicated venting, gas line rerouting or electrical upgrades can quickly escalate the project scope. If you aren’t doing a basic swap-out replacement, confirm with retailer customer service or a local plumber whether you can handle installing that particular appliance model yourself or if professional installation is recommended. This could sway your decision significantly depending on your DIY confidence level.

Compare Warranties

Most major hot water heater brands come with a warranty between 6-12 years for the tank itself plus shorter 1-5 year coverage on parts. Read the fine print though, as most warranties only apply to the original owner and installation location. If problems arise shortly after your purchase, you want assurance it’s covered. Also see if registering your appliance extends coverage durations at all.

Look Into Rebates

Many utility companies and municipalities offer rebates and incentives for purchasing energy efficient water heating systems. Before you select a model, check to see if there are any active offers in your local area that you can take advantage of by submitting paperwork post-installation to receive a check back in the mail. Combining online sale prices and rebates is a great way to maximize savings.

Consider Extra Features

As you compare different systems, don’t forget about convenience add-ons that may be worthwhile for your family, like touchscreen digital controls, longer warranties, built-in timers, recirculation pumps and higher first hour delivery ratings for improved performance during peak usage periods. Even if these raise the price somewhat, added features can enhance quality of life and even pay for themselves over time.


Buying a major appliance sight unseen online has its challenges compared to being able to inspect units first in a store. However, as long as you thoroughly research the critical specifications and details ahead of time, you can score an equally suitable water heater for less cost overall. Use this list of tips when evaluating replacements so your purchase goes as smoothly as possible.