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Cassandra Leppan gained fame as the wife of the well-known retired South African WWE wrestler, Raymond John Leppan, widely recognized as Leo Kruger or Adam Rose, particularly in Florida’s WWE matches.

Her birth took place in the early 1980s, and although details about her place of birth and parentage remain private, it’s speculated that she might have a mixed ethnicity. Beyond her public persona, Cassandra Leppan is notably a devoted wife and mother, emphasizing the importance of her family role.

Early Years and Education

Cassandra Leppan, born in the early 1980s, has maintained a high level of privacy regarding her personal background. She intentionally keeps details about her birthplace and parentage undisclosed, choosing to keep these aspects of her life away from public scrutiny. While speculation exists about her potentially having mixed ancestry, concrete evidence supporting this claim is currently lacking.

Despite the mystery surrounding her early life and family history, Cassandra Leppan rose to prominence in the wrestling community due to her connection with retired WWE wrestler Raymond John Leppan. This association highlighted her influence and supportive role in his career.


Cassandra Leppan and her husband, Ray Leppan, share a common faith as Christians. Their union in 2010 was solemnized through a Christian ceremony, signifying the significance of their religious beliefs in their lives.

Their commitment to their faith is evident in their regular attendance at church services. Beyond that, the couple actively participates in regular meetings and support groups within their church community, highlighting the integral role that religion plays in their lives.

Leppen tied the knot with her former husband, Adam Rose, in the year 2010

Cassandra Leppan entered into matrimony with the wrestler, Raymond, also known as Adam Rose, on April 10, 2010. While many specifics about their pre-marital relationship remain undisclosed, it’s reasonable to assume they may have been romantically involved for several years prior to their union.

Opting for an intimate ceremony, the couple exchanged vows at a local church. Cassandra Leppan adorned herself in a knee-length white one-piece featuring purple flowers, while Adam sported a striped shirt paired with black formal pants. The heartfelt ceremony was attended by a select few of their close friends and family.

Leppan is a mother to two sons

Cassandra Leppan is the proud mother of two sons, Maverick and Levi. Maverick came into the world in 2011, followed by the arrival of Levi in 2014. The bond between the brothers is evident as they share a close and affectionate relationship.

While Maverick has special needs, Levi appears to be a healthy and joyous child. Both Cassandra Leppan and her partner are devoted parents, putting forth their utmost effort to provide the best possible life for their beloved sons.

Maverick Condition

Cassandra’s eldest son, Maverick, faced a challenging start to life as he was born with a rare abdominal wall defect. This congenital issue meant that a sac containing his liver and intestines was outside his body, requiring immediate surgical intervention.

Maverick has undergone numerous surgeries, yet he has showed incredible tenacity by exceeding original prognoses. Because of his illness, he had previously had to rely on a stomach tube for nutrition.

Despite the fact that Maverick will likely require special care throughout his life, there is hope for a better future because medical technology is advancing so quickly. His story highlights Maverick’s and his family’s resilience in navigating and conquering these obstacles.

Regarding the Well-Known Partner of Cassandra

Cassandra Leppan is happily married to the renowned wrestler Raymond Leppan, recognized by his stage names Adam Rose and Leo Kruger. Hailing from South Africa, Raymond faced numerous challenges in life, even experiencing a period of homelessness.

His wrestling journey began in South Africa, and he later ventured to the United States to advance his career. The turning point came in 2010 when he signed with WWE, initially showcasing his skills in the developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).

Now About His WWE Career

Ray Leppan burst onto the WWE scene in 2014, taking on the persona of Adam Rose. With his vibrant character, he became known as the life of the party, surrounded by his colorful crew called “The Rosebuds.” This chapter lasted a few years until his departure from WWE in 2016.

Throughout his time in the spotlight, Adam Rose left a lasting impression with his infectious energy and charm, both inside and outside the ring. He celebrated numerous victories, including grabbing titles like the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship and the NXT Tag Team Championship, showcasing his talent and dedication to the sport.

Professional Journey Beyond WWE

Prior to joining WWE, Ray Leppan showcased his skills in various independent wrestling promotions, including World Wrestling Professionals (WWP) in South Africa. During this period, he went by the stage names Z-Max and Daemon Duke, securing several championships, notably the WWP World Heavyweight Championship.

Following his WWE tenure, Ray Leppan carried on with his wrestling journey on the independent circuit. He graced promotions like Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), House of Hardcore, and Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Additionally, his wrestling ventures extended to international platforms, with appearances in promotions such as Wrestle-1 in Japan.

Video Games

Ray Leppan’s professional journey extended beyond the wrestling ring, making its mark in the realm of video games. His character, Rose, became part of the WWE gaming experience, debuting as downloadable content (DLC) in WWE 2K15. This meant that gaming enthusiasts could enhance their experience by adding Rose to the base game through a separate purchase.

The virtual wrestling world continued to embrace Rose in WWE 2K16, released in 2015. The game featured an updated version of Rose’s character, aligning with any real-life changes in his persona.

Expanding beyond the console, the Rose character found a place in the mobile gaming domain through WWE SuperCard. This game allowed players to collect and engage in battles using digital trading cards featuring various WWE superstars and legends, with Rose earning his spot among the diverse card sets available in the game.

Cassandra Leppan Husband Net Worth

Cassandra Leppan’s husband, Raymond Leppan, known as Adam Rose and Leo Kruger, boasts a substantial net worth, estimated at around $5 million, placing him in the financial league of renowned figures like Filipino model Dominique Cojuangco.

However, it’s crucial to note that this estimated figure might be considerably lower due to the significant expenses the family incurs, particularly in caring for their special needs son and addressing health-related costs.

In 2016, there were reports of a financial crisis within the Leppan family, supposedly triggered by Raymond’s suspension and other issues. Yet, it’s essential to treat such claims with caution, as they may be mere rumors.

Raymond Leppan’s wealth is primarily attributed to his successful WWE career, lucrative merchandising deals, and contracts in the realm of video games. Despite past challenges, his fame endures, reflecting the enduring impact of his contributions to the wrestling world.

What Has Raymond Been Up to Since Departing from WWE?

Raymond Leppan, once recognized as Adam Rose in WWE, made a return to the independent wrestling circuit using alternative names like Aldo Rose and Krugar. His journey took him to various wrestling organizations, including Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, House of Hardcore, and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). Additionally, he showcased his skills on an international platform, participating in promotions like Wrestle-1 in Japan.

However, in 2019, he made the decision to retire from professional wrestling after fulfilling all his scheduled commitments. His choice stemmed from a desire to prioritize his family and health. Raymond shared that he was in a positive state, having successfully overcome addiction and depression, highlighting his commitment to a clean and happy life.

Allegations of Domestic Violence Involving Cassandra Leppan

Longtime fans are familiar with the challenging period in Cassandra Leppan and Ray Leppan’s, also known as Adam Rose, lives. In 2016, Adam Rose faced a setback when he failed a routine drug test, which, in reality, was for his ADHD medication.

His failure to communicate the use of this medication to WWE led to his suspension. During this time, there was an alarming incident where he exhibited aggressive behavior towards his wife, Cassandra Leppan, prompting her to call 911.

In a distressing turn of events, Adam Rose confiscated her phone, leading to charges of domestic violence and witness tampering. He was subsequently arrested and taken to the sheriff’s office. WWE responded to the situation by suspending him indefinitely.

Cassandra Leppan Appeared in Court Seeking Not to Press Charges Against Her Husband

During the 2016 court hearing concerning the domestic assault case against her, Cassandra Leppan took an unexpected turn by requesting her husband’s release. In a candid statement to the judge, she emphasized that there were no injuries or bruises resulting from the incident.

Speculation among fans centered on the incident being linked to Adam Rose’s suspension and ADHD medication. Ultimately, the judge decided to lower the bail, facilitating Adam Rose’s swift return home. As part of the agreement, the judge permitted Rose to undergo counseling, seeking support from his pastor and the men’s group at his church.

Shirt Controversy

In 2016, Cassandra Leppan’s husband found himself embroiled in yet another controversy when he released a T-shirt on the Pro Wrestling Tees website. The contentious shirt showcased the mugshot from his domestic violence arrest.

In a subsequent statement, Ray Leppan explained that the T-shirt was a way of confronting a low point in his life, and he claimed that Cassandra Leppan had given her approval for its release. However, the shirt was eventually taken down from the website.

Cassandra Leppan Social Media Presence

Cassandra Leppan, a woman known for her elegance, used to actively share updates and engage with her followers on social media. However, following her husband’s retirement, she made a conscious decision to step away from the spotlight and maintain a more private presence. Learn more about Kendall Toole.

If you attempt to locate her previous Twitter account, you’ll find it inaccessible, and her activity on Facebook has been notably scarce. It appears that she now places a high value on her privacy, choosing to keep her personal life away from the public gaze.

Similarly, her former spouse, Raymond Leppan, seems to have also disappeared from social media platforms. It seems that both individuals have opted to take a break from the digital realm and focus on other aspects of their lives.

Interesting Facts

  • Cassandra Leppan holds American nationality and identifies with Caucasian ethnicity.
  • Over the course of her life, Cassandra Leppan has engaged in various professional pursuits. Currently, she has embraced the role of a homemaker, leading a stable life alongside her family.
  • Her family includes two children, Maverick Leppan and Levi Leppan, with her husband.
  • Wrestling stands out as Cassandra’s favorite sport, and it’s no surprise that her husband, a wrestler himself, holds the position of her favorite in the ring.
  • In addition to her household responsibilities, Cassandra Leppan often takes charge of planning family vacations, contributing to the creation of cherished memories with her loved ones.

Final Words

Cassandra Leppan, wife of the retired South African WWE wrestler Raymond John Leppan, has gracefully navigated the highs and lows of life alongside her famous husband. Her commitment to family, evident in her role as a devoted wife and mother, reflects the strength of their union. Despite facing challenges, particularly with their son Maverick’s health, Cassandra Leppan and Raymond have shown resilience and dedication to each other and their children.

Raymond’s wrestling journey, marked by success in WWE and beyond, has shaped their lives. However, the couple faced a tumultuous period with allegations of domestic violence, a situation that garnered public attention. Despite this, Cassandra Leppan’s decision to support her husband during a difficult time emphasized the complexities of their relationship.

As both Cassandra and Raymond embrace a more private life post-wrestling, they prioritize family and health. Cassandra Leppan’s withdrawal from active social media engagement underscores her commitment to privacy. In the end, their story is one of love, challenges, and the pursuit of a peaceful and fulfilling family life.

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