Christopher Harvest Age, Height, Net Worth, Kids, Wife, Career, And More

Christopher Harvest, widely recognized as Sixx-Nine, was previously married to the prominent TV host, Vivica A. Fox. Their marriage was brief, concluding swiftly after it commenced. Consequently, there’s a notable curiosity among people to understand more about Vivica’s former spouse, Christopher Harvest.

Delving deeper, you’ll uncover details about Harvest’s journey in the music industry, his past connection with Fox, his present endeavors, and various compelling aspects of his life!

Christopher Harvest Biography

Christopher “Sixx-Nine” Harvest, a singer and model, is thought to be in his fifties, although his exact birth year remains undisclosed. He belongs to the diverse All-American minority, reflecting his rich cultural heritage.

Christopher Harvest keeps his personal and family life private despite his celebrity. His parents, siblings, and other relatives are unknown, making his personal life mysterious.

His educational background, which could have played a role in shaping his artistic and modeling talents, is also kept private. Harvest intentionally keeps details about his education and training under wraps.

Preferring a low-key existence, Christopher actively safeguards personal and familial information, allowing him to focus on his craft away from the public eye. While this discretion might shroud certain aspects of his life in mystery, it affords him the freedom to channel his energies into his artistic pursuits without unwarranted public scrutiny.

The limited information available about Christopher “Sixx-Nine” Harvest’s personal life adds to the enigma surrounding his public persona, directing attention primarily toward his flourishing music and modeling career.

Early Life

Christopher Harvest is estimated to be in his fifties, yet specific details about his birth date remain undisclosed. He identifies with American heritage and is part of the All-American minority community.

Maintaining a reserved presence, Christopher Harvest intentionally shields his family details, including information about his parents and siblings, from the public eye. Moreover, there is a lack of available information concerning his educational background.

Relationship Status

However, the relationship came to an end, and they divorced in 2002. Presently, Christopher appears to maintain a relatively low public profile, resulting in limited available information about his current whereabouts.

His Ex-Wife

Christopher gained fame after marrying Vivica A. Fox. A talented American actress, producer, and TV personality, Vivica A. Fox.

Days of Our Lives, where she played Carmen Silva, launched her acting career in 1988. That year, she appeared in the romance drama Why Do Fools Fall in Love with Lela Rochon, Larenz Tate, Halle Berry, and others.

With appearances in Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day and F. Gary Gray’s Set It Off, Vivica A. Fox broke into Hollywood in 1996.

Her talent has been lauded. The Black Film Award for Best Actress went to her for Soul Food (1997). Her 2016 CinemaCon Award nomination for Ensemble of the Universe for Independence Day: Resurgence was a testament to her talent.

The Story of Christopher Harvest and Vivica Fox’s Relationship: How They Met

Harvest and Fox crossed paths for the first time at Bar One, a nightclub in Beverly Hills, in December of 1996. Their initial encounter unfolded serendipitously between a fan, Christopher, and the acclaimed actress from “Soul Food.” Interestingly, despite Christopher’s attempt to initiate a connection, Vivica initially addressed him as a “brother.” However, fate had other plans.

Sixx-Nine gave his future wife 20 flowers on the nightclub dance floor. His sincere gesture, which started their “brotherly” relationship, led to lifelong love.

After four months, the pair moved in. Christopher then proposed to Vivica on December 19, 1997. The pair celebrated their first anniversary of meeting on this date.

Describing their engagement, it was a moment of pure joy for Vivica. Harvest adorned their home with an abundance of roses and candles. Additionally, he knelt and proposed with a platinum ring, which happened to be Fox’s favorite.

Fairytale Wedding

One year later, in 1998, the couple exchanged vows, committing to a lifetime of love. They had a dreamy wedding, reminiscent of the fairytales admired by the Days of Our Lives actress. Their chosen venue was Park Plaza in LA. Vivica nostalgically recalls in her book arriving to wed the man she had always envisioned, arriving in a horse-drawn carriage resembling Cinderella’s.

Their celebration of love included 260 guests, among whom were several notable figures, including Shaq, Lela Rochon, Magic Johnson, and numerous others.

What Led to Christopher and Vivica’s Divorce?

The primary reason behind the couple’s separation stemmed from Christopher’s inability to contribute financially to their household. As previously mentioned, his decision to halt his music career following the termination of the contract with Tupac’s label created significant discord in his marriage to the Set It Off star.

In a revealing 2021 interview with hip-hop blogger DJ Vlad, Vivica Fox disclosed insights into her separation from her husband. With Christopher not pursuing alternative careers thereafter, she found herself shouldering the role of the primary breadwinner, a situation that didn’t align with her values. She expressed her discomfort, stating, “A woman doesn’t like paying all the bills all the time. I could only ask for help so many times before I had to conclude that I didn’t want to be the breadwinner in this family. My mother didn’t raise me to take care of a man.”

She also confessed that her decision to marry was influenced by “peer pressure,” as many of her friends were tying the knot at the time. However, her fairytale vision of marriage did not culminate as expected.

Furthermore, Christopher and Vivica A. officially parted ways in 2002, after just four brief years of marriage.

Harvest’s music career was brief

Similar to his marriage with the acclaimed actress, Christopher Harvest’s music career faced an abrupt end in its infancy. During the initial phases of his marriage, Christopher showcased his talent as a skilled singer and musician, collaborating with his group. After persistent efforts, their collective received a significant opportunity, securing a contract to work under Tupac’s label, Deathrow Records.

Tragically, their prospects dissolved prematurely due to Tupac’s untimely demise, profoundly affecting Christopher. According to Fox, this incident led him to completely abandon his music career and transition into the role of a homemaker. This shift later contributed to tension within the relationship.

Do Christopher Harvest and Vivica A. Fox Maintains a Cordial Relationship Despite Their Separation?

Despite their relationship ending, the former husband and wife have maintained an amicable connection since their divorce. Vivica has gone above and beyond to assist her ex-husband in settling down post-separation; she contributed $50,000 to his bank account and arranged an apartment for him.

Moreover, in 2013, the former couple encountered each other at the Soul Train Awards. Reports indicated that Christopher Harvest and Vivica sat together at the event. This reunion caught the attention of many, showcasing that despite their past, the ex-husband and wife harbored no animosity towards each other.

Christopher Harvest Net Worth

Christopher “Sixx-Nine” Harvest, like many public celebrities, keeps his wealth and assets private. Therefore, his financial situation is unknown.

In November 2023, his ex-wife Vivica A. Fox was estimated to be worth $6 million. Vivica A. Fox’s acting, producing, and presenting careers have helped her financially.

Public figures often keep their finances private, including Christopher Harvest. The focus on his ex-wife’s wealth reflects her entertainment industry achievements.

Christopher Harvest Height And Weight

Christopher “Sixx-Nine” Harvest, recognized as a singer and model, is often portrayed as having a commendable height and maintaining a fit physique. However, specific measurements regarding his height and weight are deliberately kept private, contributing to the enigmatic nature surrounding certain aspects of his personal life.

Regarding his appearance, Christopher possesses dark hair and eyes, forming a striking combination that enhances his overall aesthetic and presence. Although precise details regarding his height and weight are undisclosed, it is plausible that his respectable stature and healthy physique significantly complement his role as a vocalist and model, enabling him to exude confidence within the entertainment sphere.

Has Christopher Harvest been linked to any rumors or controversies?

As of now, Christopher Harvest has managed to steer clear of any significant rumors or controversies that typically grab attention in the media.

Moreover, he consciously maintains distance from engaging in any controversial actions that might draw media attention.

Where Is Christopher Harvest Now?

Following his divorce from Vivica, Harvest deliberately kept a low profile, stepping away from the public eye. Although he and his ex-wife have been spotted together on occasion, there appears to be no animosity between them. Their most recent public appearance occurred at the 2013 Soul Train Awards held at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.

Final Words

Sixx-Nine, as Christopher Harvest, is a strange and interesting entertainment figure. Harvest is a mysterious figure who focused on music and modelling after a brief marriage to Vivica A. Fox.

Christopher, of American descent, keeps his family, background, and schooling private, creating a mystery surrounding him. After Tupac’s death, his budding music career ended prematurely.

He divorced Vivica A. Fox in 2002 after a fairytale wedding owing to financial issues and professional decisions. Despite their split, the pair keeps in touch and attends public occasions.

Christopher Harvest has kept his whereabouts a secret since his divorce, allowing him to live a peaceful life.

Christopher prioritises his creativity over fame as an artist and model. While his past with Vivica A. Fox has received notice, Christopher Harvest continues to manage his entertainment career with privacy and mystery, leaving fans and the public curious about his future.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q: Who is Christopher Harvest, also known as Sixx-Nine?

A: Sixx-Nine, a musician and model, achieved fame after his brief marriage to Vivica A. Fox. His singing and modeling skills are well-known.

Q: What is known about Christopher Harvest’s personal life?

A: Christopher conceals his family, upbringing, and education. His anonymity has increased his mystery.

Q: What happened in Christopher Harvest’s relationship with Vivica A. Fox?

A: Christopher married Vivica in 1998 after meeting in 1996. Although they were married briefly, financial issues and career decisions led to their divorce in 2002.

Q: What caused the end of Christopher Harvest’s music career?

A: Christopher’s music career faced an abrupt halt following Tupac’s untimely demise. His group had secured a contract under Tupac’s label, Deathrow Records, but the tragic event led Christopher to abandon his music career entirely.

Q: How is Christopher Harvest’s relationship with Vivica A. Fox post-divorce?

A: Despite their divorce, Christopher and Vivica maintain a cordial relationship. They have been seen together at public events, showing no signs of animosity toward each other.

Q: Where is Christopher Harvest now?

A: Christopher has deliberately kept a low profile since his divorce from Vivica A. Fox, stepping away from the public eye. His current whereabouts and activities remain largely undisclosed.

Q: What is Christopher Harvest’s net worth?

A: Christopher Harvest’s net worth and financial details are not publicly available. He has chosen to keep his wealth and assets private.

Q: Has Christopher Harvest been involved in any controversies?

A: As of now, Christopher has managed to avoid any significant rumors or controversies in the media. He purposefully maintains distance from engaging in controversial actions.

Q: What does Christopher Harvest focus on now?

A: Christopher seems to prioritize his artistic pursuits, including music and modeling, while intentionally staying away from public attention. He remains dedicated to his craft and career endeavors.