Hostbillo’s Biggest Holi Sale!! 50% off on Dedicated Server Hosting in India

Introduction to Hostbillo’s Biggest Holi Sale

Hostbillo, the best web hosting provider, has come up with a vibrant Holi sale to add color to your server plans. Want to know more about the biggest Holi sale? We bet you want to. It is a flat 50% off sale, yes you read that right, it is big. What else? Well, this is just a sneak peek of the exclusive offer. Read the entire post for all the pulpy details about Hostbillo’s dedicated server hosting in India.

Exclusive Offer of 50% off on Every Plan of Hostbillo’s Dedicated Server Hosting in India

Welcome to the most informative section of this article. We will discuss each plan of Hostbillo’s dedicated server hosting in India. Let’s start with the most basic plan. Remember that each of these Indian dedicated server plans is available at a flat discount of 50%.

●     Billo D1

Billo D1 is the most standard plan of this affordable hosting solution provider. It is packed with 32 GB RAM and 5 TB bandwidth at a discounted rate. The original price of this plan is ₹6001 per month, but with the coupon code of the biggest Holi sale, you can get it at a reduced cost of ₹3000 per month.

●     Billo D2

The Billo D2 package offers a slightly upgraded plan. It has an increased capacity of 12 cores and 24 threads. This high-powered cheap dedicated server India plan costs just ₹3400 per month.

●     Billo D3

This plan offers better processors along with increased core capacity. If you have an expanding business that needs fast performance, then Billo D3 can be your ultimate choice. Moreover, after the Holi sale discount, you can get this plan at just ₹3752 per month.

●     Billo D4

If your storage needs are skyrocketing, then you can unthinkingly go for the Billo D4 plan that offers 2 TB HDD storage. The 5 TB bandwidth makes this package even more useful. While the original price is ₹7527 per month, you can get it at just ₹3763 per month

●     Billo D5

You should grab the Billo D5 plan if you wish to get a premium processor likeDual E5-2630 V2- 2.60 GHz. This plan comes with a 5 TB bandwidth and 32 GB RAM at just ₹4000 a month after you apply the flat 50% off coupon.

●     Billo D6

This is the most premium and best-dedicated server plan in India. It is a power-packed plan that comes with a Dual E5-2660 V2- 2.20 GHz processor and a storage capacity of 500 GB SSD along with 32 GB RAM. Get this special plan at just ₹6250 a month.

Why Choose Hostbillo’s Dedicated Server Hosting in India At Flat 50% Off?

The best web hosting provider, Hostbillo, has hit the ball out of the stadium with their biggest-ever Holi sale. We insist you read the following points if you are still pondering over the fact whether their web hosting plans are great or not:

A. Dedicated Server India’s Enhanced Performance

Hostbillo’s best-dedicated server India offers enhanced performance that supports the growth of the website and business. Their dedicated resources empower the data retrieval process and also handle increased website traffic without any glitches.

B. Secured Data with an Indian Dedicated Server

Your data safety is a top priority of Hostbillo, which is why it implements strong security measures. The advanced security protocols of this platform ensure that your data remains protected against potential threats and unauthorized access, providing peace of mind for your online operations.

C. Swift Data Transmission Cheap Dedicated Server India

Swift data transmission is dependent on the availability of resources like RAM and bandwidth. It helps with seamless retrieval and storage of data.

D. Freedom of Customization with Dedicated Server India

Customizing the server as per your requirements is a big thing. Only a root access feature will allow the user to do so. With Hostbillo’s best dedicated server hosting in India you can get this root access feature at a much more affordable rate. The pocket-friendly rates of Hostbillo will also give you an upper hand in the market.

E. Dedicated Client Support for Smooth Server Operations

Hostbillo provides dedicated client support to ensure smooth server operations around the clock. Their team of experts offers timely assistance and resolves issues promptly, ensuring uninterrupted performance for your website and business.

How to Avail The Flat 50% Off Discount on Hostbillo’s Dedicated Server Hosting in India?

You can get the best web hosting solutions from the most reliable provider, Hostbillo. Simply avail yourself of Hostbillo’s flat 50% discount on dedicated server hosting in India by visiting their website. You will need to choose your preferred Windows or Linux plan and apply the coupon code “HPYHOLI50” during checkout. The flexible payment system of Hostbillo will benefit your purchasing process immensely. Enhanced server performance and security measures will ensure higher customer satisfaction, eventually empowering your business. Do keep in mind that Hostbillo’s Holi sale for Indian dedicated servers is only till March 31st, 2024. So, don’t miss out on this offer at all.


Hostbillo’s Biggest Holi Sale presents an exceptional opportunity to enhance your online presence with top-tier dedicated server hosting in India at an incredible 50% off. With a range of plans catering to varying business needs, including robust security measures, swift data transmission, and the freedom of customization, Hostbillo ensures unmatched performance and reliability. Their round-the-clock customer support is excellent and caters to every client’s technical needs. If you want to avail yourself of the Holi sale offered by Hostbillo, then just visit their website, select your preferred plan, and apply the coupon code “HPYHOLI50” during checkout. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer, as it expires on March 31st, 2024. Seize the opportunity to elevate your online operations.