How Much Does A Laser Cleaning Machine Cost

A laser cleaning machine is classified as industrial cleaning equipment that eliminates contaminants from a surface by utilizing the principle of laser ablation. Soil, grime, grease, oil, corrosion, oxides, paint, or any other coating may constitute the contaminants. The energy from the laser beam is shifted and heats the contaminants. The vaporization of the contaminant particles results in a thorough surface cleansing. How much does a laser cleaning machine cost? Learn more about laser cleaning machine prices in this article.

Is Laser Cleaning Expensive?

Yes, laser cleaning is an expensive method of removing rust compared to other methods. Moreover, it’s a simple method.

However, the tool is thought to be expensive because it has so many benefits.

• It’s a better choice for safety and the earth.

• It cleans well and doesn’t leave behind any waste or dust.

• An easy way to clean that works quickly and doesn’t damage the metal surface.

• There is no need for any extra upkeep.

Cost Of A Laser Cleaning Machine

An environmentally benign laser beam is applied to a metal surface to eliminate corrosion or any other coating. However, the machine is available in three power configurations, each costing between $10,500 and $17,000: 1,000w, 1,500w, and 2,000w.

However, this does not imply that the machine utilizes an excessive amount of energy; on the contrary, these are energy-efficient machines. Consequently, it is an economically viable alternative to conventional cleansing techniques.


• 2,000 watts: $16,300 to $17,000

• 1,500 watts: $12,500 to $13,300

• 1,000 watts: $10,300 to $11,000

A cleaning machine’s voltage stays at 220V no matter what power settings it has. Environmentally friendly laser cleaners can get rid of rust, oil spots, paint, coatings, and dirt.

Cost Analysis for Laser Cleaning Machine

Different power levels affect the cost of these laser tools. Pulse light cleaners, on the other hand, cost more than continuous light cleaners.

Light tools that work all the time have three power levels: 1,000W, 1,500W, and 2,000W.

• A 1,000w cleaner costs the least.

• Costs between 1,500w and 2,000w is in the middle price range.

Main Benefits of Laser Cleaning Machines

Non-contact cleaning: Laser cleaning tools use a directed beam of light to remove grime and dirt. This means that no physical touch is needed, and the surface is less likely to be damaged.

Versatile: Laser cleaners can be used on metal, plastic, glass, and clay surfaces, among others.

Cost-effective: Laser cleaning tools can be a cheaper way to clean than traditional methods, especially when cleaning heavy-duty surfaces or large areas.

Time-saving: Compared to traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning tools can get rid of grime and dirt quickly and effectively, saving time and work.

Environmentally friendly: Laser cleaners don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasives, so they are a better choice for cleaning than traditional methods.

High accuracy: Laser cleaning tools can remove dirt, rust, and other contaminants very precisely, with minor damage to the surface below.

How to Select the Right Laser Cleaning Machine For Your Project?

It can be hard to choose between different laser cleaners for a job. Follow these tips to make it easy to decide what to buy:

I. If you want to get rid of a certain kind of material, like red paint, pick a suitable Laser based on its wavelength. The light frequency and the particle’s color shouldn’t match.

II. A shorter beat length may help clean more quickly. But the pulse length shouldn’t be so fast that it doesn’t clean any spot. So, check the number for the pulse length before you decide to buy.

III. Prioritize laser power over everything else. The machine should have enough force to remove the contaminants that need to be removed. Many laser cleaning devices have adjustable power settings. Check it to see if the machine’s highest power meets your needs.

IV. If your laser cleaning machine has a mobile app, check to see how it’s designed to move around. Because it is used on phones, the machine needs to have wheels.

V. Also, a laser machine can get pretty hot. Make sure the laser machine you want to buy has a way to keep it cool. Without a cooling device, the laser optics will stop working correctly.

VI. When you compare prices, you should include the cost of setup, replacement parts, add-ons, upkeep, and other running costs.


It is vital to buy laser machines from reputable companies instead of cheap ones that aren’t very good. If something goes wrong with a laser machine, it can take a long time and cost a lot of money to fix the sights. A reliable manufacturer makes sure that the parts last as long as they’re supposed to. If something goes wrong, dependable makers will quickly send replacement parts.