Joshua Omaru Marley Age, Height, Biography, Career, Parents, Siblings, Net Worth

Meet Joshua Omaru Marley, a truly gifted American rapper and songwriter with music flowing through his veins. Born to the dynamic duo of the soulful Lauryn Hill and the entrepreneurial Rohan Marley, he proudly claims the legendary Bob Marley as his granddad.

Joshua’s musical prowess isn’t just a footnote in his family’s legacy – it’s a roaring anthem. His talents have struck a chord, echoing far and wide in the cutthroat world of music. In this piece, let’s dive into the beats of his background, the rhythm of his career, and the powerful family connections that have harmonized to shape the journey of this rising star.


Full NameJoshua Omaru Marley
Nick NameJoshua
Age22 Years
Birth December 5, 2001
Birth PlaceUnited States
Sexual OrientationStraight
Famous ForLauryn Hill and Rohan Marley’s Son

Joshua Omaru Marley Early Life

On December 5, 2001, Joshua Omaru Marley entered the world, kicking off a journey destined for musical greatness.

As a Sagittarius, he’s all about adventure and optimism – traits that define his personality.

When it comes to his roots, Joshua proudly embraces his African-American heritage, with connections to both Jamaica and Africa through his parents, Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley.

This diverse cultural mix isn’t just a footnote; it’s the heartbeat of his artistry, infusing his music with a vibrant blend of influences and perspectives.

Professional Journey: Commencing as a Rapper

Through hits like “Put it on Me,” “We Good,” and “This Thing Called Life,” Joshua Omaru Marley has solidified his status as a successful musician. His musical journey reflects not only his talent but also his unwavering dedication. Recently, Marley gave us a peek into his musical world via a casual post on social media. A Snapchat video captured him witnessing a collaboration between his mother, Lauryn Hill, and Drake, teased with the caption “Drake x Hill.”

In choosing the rap genre, Joshua found a musical canvas that resonated with his voice and life experiences. This decision marked his determination to carve out his own path in the music industry, distinct from his family’s legacy.

As he stepped into the rap scene, Joshua likely drew inspiration from a myriad of musical influences. The eclectic career of Lauryn Hill and the timeless reggae masterpieces of Bob Marley have undoubtedly shaped his creative expression.

This seemingly simple social media post speaks volumes about Joshua’s connection to the music industry and his keen interest in collaborations, particularly with artists like Drake. It underscores his personal engagement and awareness of the dynamic developments within the music scene. Joshua Marley’s ability to effortlessly bridge generational and artistic gaps in music highlights his enduring relevance. Fans and music enthusiasts eagerly anticipate his unique perspective and creative contributions as he continues to make waves in the industry.

From sharing snippets of Lauryn Hill’s collaboration with Drake to showcasing his deep love for music through his CDs, Joshua Omaru Marley is steadily becoming a prominent figure in the music scene, expanding his influence with each passing moment.

The Marley family is filled with well-known personalities

Joshua Omaru Marley was born into a privileged and affluent Marley family, surrounded by a constellation of celebrities and well-known personalities. From his parents, uncles, and siblings to cousins and grandparents, his family is a star-studded ensemble with considerable fame and recognition. It’s safe to say that celebrity status runs deep in the veins of the Marley clan, making Joshua’s upbringing part of a prestigious lineage.

Joshua Omaru Marley Parents

Guess who Joshua Omaru Marley’s parents are? None other than the amazing Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley.

Now, let’s talk about his mom, Lauryn Hill. She’s not just a famous American singer but also a rapper and songwriter. You might recognize her from her solo hits or as part of the cool hip-hop group Fugees. Lauryn nailed it with her solo album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” bagging a bunch of Grammy Awards. Her soulful voice and deep lyrics? Total game-changer, making her a real icon in the music biz.

And then there’s Joshua’s dad, Rohan Marley. With roots in Jamaica, he’s not just a former college football player; he’s also a big shot entrepreneur. Being the son of the legendary Bob Marley, he’s all about carrying on that family legacy. From diving into coffee farming to rocking various businesses, he’s proven himself as a savvy entrepreneur. But it’s not just about business for Rohan – he’s into making the world better through his philanthropy. As Joshua Omaru Marley’s dad, he’s not just making noise in the music scene but also making a positive mark in the world of social causes.

Joshua and his mother, Lauryn, performed “Mr. International

Joshua Omaru Marley teamed up with his incredible mom, Lauryn Hill, for a musical collaboration. Their performance, featuring the track ‘Mr. International,’ was not just memorable but also brought harmony to both the performers and the audience.

This dynamic mother-son musical duo showcased their exceptional talent, leaving fans utterly impressed with their skills. Their collaboration wasn’t just about music; it was a testament to the rich musical tradition within the Joshua family, creating an authentic and enjoyable experience. The fusion of family and music resulted in something truly special, making this performance a standout and memorable musical event that will be cherished for a long time.

Rohan stated that Joshua is not acknowledged as his son

In 2020, during the celebration of his father Bob’s 75th birthday, Rohan joined the festivities with his siblings and children. During the event, Rohan pointed to Joshua and made a statement about how people often failed to recognize Joshua as his son. He expressed,

“This boy is Lauryn’s. They often say, ‘Oh, Lauryn Hill’s son and Bob Marley’s grandson,’ even though he’s my son.'”

This comment sheds light on the challenge Joshua faces in being acknowledged independently, often being identified primarily through his famous mother and legendary grandfather.

Joshua Omaru Marley Siblings

Joshua Omaru Marley is part of a lively and diverse family with four awesome siblings: Zion David, Selah Louise, John Nesta, and Sara. Each of them brings their own special qualities to the mix, making it a unique and vibrant family dynamic.

Zion David Marley

Zion David Marley is the oldest member of the Marley family, having been born on August 14, 1996. He is very much a musician, having been influenced by his iconic grandfather, Bob Marley. Zion David isn’t just any musician—like the rest of the accomplished Marley team, he goes out there showing off his musical prowess.

Selah Marley

Now, let’s talk about Selah Marley, the groove in the family born in 1998. She’s Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley’s third kiddo, and boy, does she bring her own flavor to the table. Selah’s not just making waves as a model; she’s also got the music bug, a true chip off the old block from her uber-talented parents and grandpa.

John Nesta Marley

And then we’ve got John Nesta Marley, born in 2003, Joshua’s little bro and the second kiddo in Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley’s lineup. He’s not just riding on the coattails of the Marley legacy; John Nesta is making his mark, proudly carrying on the reggae vibe from his legendary grandpa.

Sarah Marley

Meet Sarah Marley, the youngest, born in 2008. She’s the adorable daughter of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley, and guess what? She’s growing up right in the spotlight alongside her siblings. With the Marley name in her blood, Sarah’s adding her own twist to the family’s extraordinary musical legacy.


Apart from his full siblings, Joshua Omaru Marley also has half-siblings from his father’s side. There’s Eden, his half-sister born in 1994, and Nico, his half-brother born in 1995.

Nico isn’t just any half-brother; he’s a skilled linebacker who made his mark playing at Tulane and even scored a spot with the Washington Redskins in 2017. Talk about some serious talent running in the family!

Bob Marley: Grandfather and Inspirational Figure

Joshua Omaru Marley, the man with the groove, is the grandson of the legendary Bob Marley. You know, the reggae icon and all-around cultural hero. Bob wasn’t just about churning out tunes; he was the voice of love, unity, and standing up for what’s right. His songs? Pure magic that hits you right in the feels, no matter where you’re from.

But Bob was more than just a music guy. He was all about spreading good vibes – peace, equality, making the world a better place kinda stuff. Now, Joshua, following in his granddad’s footsteps, is rocking the music scene and doing his part to make a positive mark. It’s not just about the tunes for Joshua; it’s about carrying on the family legacy and making music that hits you right in the heart and soul.

Every beat in Joshua’s journey is like a tribute to the wisdom he got from Bob Marley. The Marley vibes are alive and kicking, spreading love, unity, and hope to everyone tuning in worldwide.

Joshua Omaru Marley Relationship Status

Joshua Omaru Marley is quite private about his personal life, including details about his girlfriend and other relationships. While he hasn’t openly shared specific information, there are reports suggesting that he might already be married and have children.

A peek into his Instagram posts hints that Joshua Omaru is currently in a relationship. Even though he hasn’t explicitly confirmed his relationship status, his social media activity suggests that he’s either married or in a committed partnership. It seems like he prefers to let his actions on social media do the talking about his personal life.

Joshua Omaru Marley is a father to a son named Caleb Messiah Marley

Joshua Omaru has openly acknowledged the joy of fatherhood, proudly sharing that he has a wonderful child. Despite keeping the specifics of his personal life under wraps, he couldn’t help but express his happiness. He posted a heartwarming photo, capturing a precious moment of himself holding his child, to share the news.

Although Joshua initially intended to keep this information private, it eventually surfaced online and swiftly became a trending topic. In July 2021, the world got to know about the newest addition to Joshua’s life – his son, named Caleb Messiah Marley. The online community celebrated the news, turning it into a moment of widespread joy and excitement.

Joshua Omaru Marley Nett Worth

Up-and-coming rapper Joshua Omaru Marley is making some solid dough. Projections for his 2024 net worth estimate it to hit $800,000. Now, when you compare that to his mom, Lauryn Hill, sitting at a cool $9 million, and his dad, Rohan Marley, holding strong at $20 million, it’s clear the Marley family has some serious financial weight.

These numbers not only showcase the financial strides of each family member but also hint at Joshua’s promising future in the music scene, especially considering his family’s deep roots in entertainment. The Marley legacy is not just about fame; it’s about making some serious bank too.

Physical Characteristics

Details about Joshua Omaru Marley’s height, weight, and other personal stats are currently undisclosed. Joshua is widely recognized for his musical talent and creative endeavors, with a preference for keeping aspects of his personal life, especially physical traits, private. Respecting Joshua’s wish for confidentiality regarding such details is crucial.

The decision to share information about his measurements or appearance rests entirely with Joshua Omaru Marley. It is important to honor his choice and allow him to reveal these details on his terms. For the most accurate and up-to-date information about Joshua’s physical attributes, it is recommended to refer to his official social media platforms or await any future interviews or statements where he may choose to share such information.

Social Media

Joshua Omaru Marley is no stranger to the online scene, and while he keeps a low profile, he’s quite active on social media. Interestingly, he’s a bit selective about his platforms, choosing to stick exclusively to Instagram and skipping the other social media giants.

As the third son of Lauryn and Rohan, Joshua has managed to build a decent fan base on Instagram. Going by the handle @ygmarley, he’s got over fifty thousand followers. It’s worth noting that, as of now, his account hasn’t received the official blue verification tick, but who knows, that might change in the near future. The Marley charm is working its magic online!

Final Words

Joshua Omaru Marley, with his unique blend of musical talent and family legacy, stands as a rising star in the music industry. Born into the illustrious Marley family, he carries the torch of his legendary grandfather, Bob Marley, while carving his own path in the rap genre.

From collaborations with his mother, Lauryn Hill, to the rhythm of his solo hits, Joshua’s journey reflects a commitment to musical excellence. Despite the challenges of being recognized independently, he embraces his diverse heritage and cultural influences. As a father to Caleb Messiah Marley, Joshua finds joy in both family and music. With a projected net worth of $800,000 and a growing fan base on Instagram, Joshua Omaru Marley’s journey promises continued success, echoing the timeless beats of the Marley legacy.


Who is Joshua Omaru Marley?

Joshua Omaru Marley is a talented American rapper and songwriter, born on December 5, 2001. He is the son of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley, and the grandson of the legendary Bob Marley.

What is Joshua Omaru Marley famous for?

Joshua Omaru Marley is famous for his musical talents, influenced by his family’s rich legacy in the music industry. He has gained recognition for his rap songs and collaborations.

What are some of Joshua Omaru Marley’s notable hits?

Some of Joshua Omaru Marley’s notable hits include “Put it on Me,” “We Good,” and “This Thing Called Life.”

What is Joshua Omaru Marley’s net worth?

As of 2024, Joshua Omaru Marley’s net worth is projected to be around $800,000.

Does Joshua Omaru Marley have any siblings?

Yes, Joshua Omaru Marley has four siblings: Zion David, Selah Louise, John Nesta, and Sara.

Is Joshua Omaru Marley married?

While Joshua Omaru Marley’s relationship status is not explicitly confirmed, there are indications that he might be married or in a committed partnership.

Does Joshua Omaru Marley have children?

Yes, Joshua Omaru Marley has a son named Caleb Messiah Marley.

What is Joshua Omaru Marley’s presence on social media?

Joshua Omaru Marley is active on Instagram with the handle @ygmarley, where he shares updates and interacts with his fans.

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