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Jerry Buss, whose real name was Gerald Hatten Buss, was a late American businessman, investor, and scientist. In the 1980s, Karen Demel was romantically involved with him. Being the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Sparks, two professional basketball clubs, made Jerry Buss well-known.

Their connection went beyond romance, as Karen and Jerry were also proud parents of two sons. If you’re curious about their children and their current pursuits, or perhaps wondering about Karen Demel’s present endeavors, let’s delve into those details.

Karen Demel Bio

In the year 2024, Karen Demel is 69 years old, born in October 1954 in the United States. Her upbringing was marked by a decent childhood, spent primarily with her parents. As for her nationality, she holds American citizenship and likely comes from a white ethnic background.

While her early life was quite ordinary, Karen Demel garnered significant recognition due to her connection with Jerry Buss.

What is Karen Demel’s occupation?

Karen Demel was actively engaged in the health, wellness, and fitness industry throughout her professional career, but she has since retired.

Meanwhile, Jerry, her late ex-partner, began his journey as a chemist at the Bureau of Mines before transitioning to the aerospace industry. Over time, he ventured into real estate and co-founded the real estate investment company Mariani-Buss Associates.

Beyond his business endeavors, Jerry owned the Playboy Club nightclub and held ownership of the professional basketball teams, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Sparks. Noteworthy as a poker player, he achieved the second position in the 2003 World Poker Tour Freeroll Invitational. Additionally, Jerry Buss was actively involved in philanthropy.

Karen Demel Life

Karen Demel, once romantically involved with Jerry Buss, is the proud mother of two grown kids, Joey and Jesse, from their time together. Jerry Buss, a man of many hats—businessman, investor, scholar, and generous soul—was widely known for his ownership of the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers, embodying the essence of the American Dream with his rags-to-riches story.

Jerry faced tough times during the Great Depression, working hard from a young age. His journey to wealth was shaped by savvy real estate deals, ultimately leading him to own not only the iconic Los Angeles Lakers but also other sports teams.

Joey is currently about 37 years old, and Jesse is about 34. Thinking back on Jerry Buss’s legacy, his estimated net worth at the time of his death was roughly $600 million, mostly from his ownership of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Karen Demel is a mother; who comprises her family?

Joey and Jesse Buss, Karen Demel’s two boys, are also under her parental care. As of 2024, the eldest son, Joey, who was born in 1985, is 39 years old. Joey, who has been blissfully married to Nicole Goff since 2008, is a prominent member of the Lakers organisation, owning an estimated 66% of the team.

However, in 1988, Karen Demel gave birth to her younger son, Jesse. Jesse is engaged to Sarah and lists himself on Instagram as the assistant general manager and co-owner of the Los Angeles Lakers. Jaden and Ashton are the two proud children they have together.

In addition to Joey and Jesse, Jerry, Karen Demel’s former partner, also fathered five more children with his ex-wife Mueller. The Buss family includes Lee Buss, Johnny Buss, Jeanie Buss, Jim Buss, and Janie Buss.

Beyond the Relationship

Karen Demel found her passion and made a name for herself in the fields of health, wellness, and fitness both before and after her time with Jerry Buss. Her career was marked by years of commitment before she eventually retired.

In contrast, Jerry Buss’s life took on diverse roles – starting as a chemist, evolving into a real estate tycoon, and becoming the respected owner of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Sparks. His interests also extended into nightlife and poker, all woven together with a commendable dedication to philanthropy.

Continuing Heritage: Karen’s Family and Current Journey

The connection between Karen Demel and Jerry Buss resulted in the birth of two sons, Joey and Jesse. Both sons play pivotal roles within the Lakers organization, carrying forward their father’s legacy.

The older son, Joey, is not only married but also actively engaged in Lakers’ operations, holding a significant ownership stake. Meanwhile, Jesse serves as the Lakers’ assistant general manager and co-owner, underscoring the family’s deep ties to the esteemed basketball franchise.

As for Karen Demel’s present life and activities, she deliberately maintains a veil of privacy, making recent updates scarce. It is believed that she resides in Los Angeles, savoring moments with her family, including children and grandchildren, away from the public eye.

Did Karen tie the knot following her split with Jerry?

Despite her brief connection with Jerry, Karen now goes by the name “Karen D Buss.” While she incorporates her former lover’s surname into her own, there is no indication in the media suggesting that Karen Demel entered into matrimony or engaged in any romantic affairs following her separation from Jerry.

Similarly, Jerry Buss, Karen’s well-known ex-boyfriend, appears to have had a post-breakup relationship with Puppi Buss but did not remarry. Unfortunately, his association with Puppi ended on a challenging note, involving legal procedures.

Jerry Buss tragically departed this life on February 18, 2013, at the age of 80. He was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on January 27, 1933, and made a lasting impression. Cancer and kidney failure were given credit for his death. The public was unaware of his cancer battle until four days prior to his death, even though he had been fighting it since 2012. In Hollywood Hills, on February 22, he was laid to rest in Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

Choosing a Life Focused on Privacy and Family

Karen Demel’s decision to envelop her life in privacy following her connection with Jerry Buss is a testament to her deeply held priorities and values. It seems that she discovers comfort and satisfaction in the serenity of a private existence, savoring precious moments with her dear ones shielded from the intrusive gaze of the public. This deliberate retreat from the spotlight indicates a desire for genuine connections and a deliberate focus on the warmth of personal relationships, allowing her to craft a life that aligns with her own authentic sense of fulfillment and happiness.

Jerry Buss: Iconic Figure of the Lakers

Back in 1979, Jerry Buss took the reins of the Los Angeles Lakers, kickstarting an incredible era of success. His leadership saw the Lakers clinch a remarkable 10 NBA championships. What set Buss apart was his unique touch, infusing theatrical flair into the sporting experience and birthing the legendary “Showtime” era. This not only turned the team into a basketball powerhouse but also an entertainment spectacle.

With his brilliant ideas, astute commercial decisions, and captivating leadership, Buss became a beloved figure in the NBA. Regretfully, he passed away on February 18, 2013, due to renal disease, at the age of 80. Jerry Buss’s journey is worth reading, regardless of your interest in business strategies, basketball, or inspiring tales of life.

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Where Is Karen Demel Now?

Following her separation from Buss, the visionary owner of the Lakers, Karen Demel chose to embrace a life of privacy, making it a bit challenging to catch up on the latest details about her.

According to available records, it appears that Karen currently calls Los Angeles, California, home. In her 60s, she seems to be thoroughly enjoying her time, cherishing moments with her family, including her children and grandchildren. Despite the limited public updates, it’s evident that Karen Demel has found joy and contentment in the closeness of her loved ones in the vibrant backdrop of Los Angeles.

Final Words

In the realm of privacy and family, Karen Demel gracefully navigates life post-connection with Jerry Buss. Embracing a serene existence in Los Angeles, she revels in cherished moments with her family, including sons Joey and Jesse, who carry forward their father’s Lakers legacy. With a deliberate retreat from the public eye, Karen crafts a fulfilling life focused on genuine connections. As Jerry Buss’s iconic Lakers era echoes in history, Karen’s journey showcases resilience and a commitment to personal happiness. In her 60s, she continues to find joy amid loved ones, maintaining a dignified and private presence that resonates with the essence of a life well-lived.


Who exactly is Karen Demel?

Karen Demel gained recognition through her connection with the late Jerry Buss, famed owner of the Los Angeles Lakers. She had a career in health and fitness before retiring.

How old is Karen Demel now?

In 2024, Karen Demel is 69 years young.

What was Jerry Buss’s wealth?

Jerry Buss left an estate of approximately $600 million, mostly from his ownership of the Los Angeles Lakers.

How many kids does Karen Demel share with Jerry Buss?

Karen and Jerry are proud parents to two sons: Joey (39) and Jesse (34).

What’s keeping Joey and Jesse Buss busy nowadays?

Joey owns a chunk of the Lakers and is deeply involved, while Jesse serves as the team’s assistant general manager and co-owner.

Did Karen Demel find love again after Jerry Buss?

There’s no evidence suggesting Karen Demel entered another romantic chapter after her split from Jerry.

Where does Karen Demel call home these days?

Karen Demel resides in Los Angeles, finding happiness in quiet moments with her loved ones.

How did Jerry Buss leave us?

Jerry Buss passed away at 80 due to renal disease on February 18, 2013.

What’s Karen Demel’s focus in life now?

Karen treasures a private life, embracing joy with her family in Los Angeles.

What’s Jerry Buss’s enduring legacy with the Lakers?

Jerry Buss left an indelible mark on the Lakers, winning 10 NBA championships and creating the iconic “Showtime” era. His legacy echoes in the team’s rich history.

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