Kross Ermias Asghedom Biography, Career, Height, Parents, Siblings And More

Kross Ermias Asghedom, born on August 31, 2016, in Los Angeles, California, holds a special place in the hearts of many admirers, particularly those who cherished his late father, the renowned rapper Nipsey Hussle, and his mother, actress Lauren London. His zodiac sign is Virgo.

Asghedom’s presence has captivated numerous fans, a testament not only to his family legacy but also to the influence of his mother, London, who commands her devoted following. Through her support and love, she continues to shape and contribute to her son’s burgeoning prominence and achievements.

Who Is Kross Ermias Asghedom?

Kross Ermias Asghedom was born on August 31, 2016, into a beautiful blend of African American and Jewish heritage from his grandparents. He is the beloved child of Airmiess Asghedom, the late rapper and visionary entrepreneur, better known by his stage name Nipsey Hussle, and Lauren London, his longtime partner and accomplished actress, model, and TV personality.

With the untimely death of Hussle on March 31, 2019, Kross tragically lost his father at the age of two. Despite this setback, Hussle left behind a remarkable legacy that continues to inspire many.

At his young age, Kross doesn’t possess personal wealth or net worth. However, his mother, Lauren, has an estimated net worth of around 9 million dollars, while his late father’s worth was approximated at 8 million dollars before his passing. The focus remains on nurturing Kross amidst the legacies left by his loving parents, as he grows and flourishes into the future.

Kross Ermias Asghedom Parents

Kross Ermias Asghedom was born in Los Angeles on August 31, 2016. His dad was Nipsey Hussle, who was a famous rapper, entrepreneur, and someone who cared a lot about helping his community. Sadly, Nipsey Hussle was shot and passed away in LA on March 31, 2019. He left behind a big impact on music and helping others.

His mom, Lauren London, is an actress and model. You might have seen her in movies like “ATL,” and shows like “The Game” and “Single Ladies.” She’s also the mom of Kross’s older sister, Emani Asghedom. She’s respected in the entertainment world.

Even though Kross is young, he’s already showing an interest in music and starting businesses, just like his dad did. He looks up to his dad and his older sister and is curious about music and business stuff.

Know About Lauren London

Lauren London

Lauren London, an accomplished American actress, was born on December 5, 1984, and kickstarted her acting journey as a child performer during the late 1990s. Her career gained traction through appearances in music videos and commercials.

Her breakthrough came in 2006 when she portrayed Erin “New New” Garnett in the movie ATL, a performance that earned her a nomination for “Best Supporting Actress” at the Black Movie Awards.

Subsequently, she graced screens in productions such as This Christmas, 90210, The Game, and featured in Netflix’s You People.

Beyond her acting endeavors, London ventured into modeling for brands like Sean John, Rocawear, and Apple Bottoms. Following the tragic passing of her boyfriend, Nipsey Hussle, she actively advocated for mental health awareness, using her platform to promote conversations about mental well-being.

The passing of Nipsey Hussle, Asghedom’s father

Nipsey Hussle

Asghedom’s story holds both moments of fortune and sorrow. Born to renowned parents, he faces the blessing of a notable lineage yet endures the heartbreaking reality of never meeting his father. Asghedom was just two years old when his father, Nipsey Hussle, tragically passed away.

Nipsey’s death stemmed from a gunshot, a sadly common occurrence among American hip-hop artists. It’s a stark reminder of the loss when someone vibrant and young is taken prematurely. At only 33, Nipsey had much life ahead.

The man accountable for Nipsey’s passing, Eric R. Holder, was convicted three years after the fateful incident that unfolded on March 31, 2019, near his clothing store in South Los Angeles.

In the aftermath, Asghedom’s mother, London, shared her journey of healing and moving forward with the media, particularly with E! News. She reflected on her path to healing and spoke of carrying forward Nipsey’s legacy. She expressed:

My choices now carry deep purpose and intention. I hope he’ll be proud that I’m taking steps for myself. Every action I take will forever hold his influence in my heart.

What was the story behind their parents’ meeting?

Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London first connected through social media back in 2013. Lauren became interested in Nipsey’s music and began following him online after purchasing his new tape. Their bond deepened when she acquired something from him in person.

Nipsey Hussle With His Wife Lauren London

Kross has two older half-siblings, with Nipsey having Emani Asghedom in 200. They agreed to go on a date, which marked the beginning of their relationship. Over six years, they spent time together, culminating in the birth of Kross. While Kross is their only child together, he isn’t their first child as a couple.

Before, Asghedom’s mother was in an engagement with Lil Wayne

Kross Ermias Asghedom’s family history reveals not just his father’s past relationships but also his mother’s. Lauren London, recognized for her role in “Madea’s Big Happy Family,” had previous connections with notable hip-hop artists. Before her relationship with Nipsey Hussle, she was romantically involved with the renowned rapper Lil Wayne.

London’s bond with Lil Wayne, known for songs like “How To Love,” endured from 1998 to 2009, marked by various highs and lows. They shared a son named Cameron Carter and experienced multiple separations and reconciliations during their time together. However, it seems there’s no animosity between them.

In an interview cited by Nicki Swift on, London reflected on her past with the rapper, expressing, “We had a relationship that didn’t endure. We attempted to reconcile multiple times and had a brief engagement years ago, but eventually went our separate ways. My son’s father is a thoughtful, caring, and affectionate individual who remains a cherished friend. That sums it up.”

Nipsey Hussle’s Past Connection with Tanisha Foster

Rapper Nipsey Hussle’s connection with Asghedom’s mother has been widely acknowledged, yet it wasn’t his sole experience with love. His significant relationship with Tanisha Foster extended over several years, beginning in July 2003 and concluding in August 2011.

Tanisha Foster

Tanisha, often maintaining distance from the media spotlight, became a subject of public discussion during her custody dispute with the acclaimed rapper over their daughter. This legal contention garnered considerable attention due to their prior enduring relationship.

What is the financial status of Asghedom’s mother?

Kross Ermias Asghedom, being of a young age, isn’t yet involved in employment or generating income. However, his mother, Lauren London, has established herself as an actress and has attained substantial financial success through her career. Her estimated net worth is approximately $8 Million, derived from her work in movies, modeling, and various fashion endorsements. Notably, her collaboration with US Puma and the success of her LA Love Story collection has significantly contributed to her financial standing.

As for Asghedom’s father, the late Nipsey Hussle, before his passing, amassed wealth predominantly from his prosperous rap career, accumulating a net worth of $8 Million. Beyond music, he also owned a strip mall in South Los Angeles, further adding to his financial portfolio.

Kross Ermias Asghedom Siblings

Kross Ermias Asghedom is the sole child born to Hussle and London as a couple, but they each have children from prior relationships.

Nipsey Hussle, the artist behind tracks like “Last Time That I Checc’d,” has a daughter named Emani Asghedom from his previous relationship with Tanisha Foster. Their custody battle for Emani was notably publicized some time ago.

Lauren London, Asghedom’s mother, had prior parenting experience before Asghedom’s birth, as she was already raising a son named Kameron Carter. Kameron’s father is Lil Wayne, and he was born in 2009.

Know About Kross Ermias Asghedom’s career

Ermias is currently a student and has not embarked on his professional path yet. Nipsey Hussle, his father, had reached the pinnacle of his career before his passing. Among Nipsey Hussle’s notable accomplishments was his Grammy nomination in 2019 for Best Rap Album. In addition to his musical success, Nipsey Hussle’s wife, Lauren London, commenced her acting career in 2003. (Author-modified image credits: Dimitrios Kambouris, Robin L Marshall)

Facts About Kross Ermias A sghedom

  • His name, “Ermias Asghedom,” carries the meaning of “cross” in Hebrew.
  • He is a member of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church.
  • As an American-Eritrean citizen, he holds dual citizenship.
  • A Lakers enthusiast, he has a deep affection for the team.
  • His name, “Ermias Asghedom,” pays tribute to his paternal great-grandfather.

Where is Kross Ermias Asghedom Now?

Currently, Kross Ermias Asghedom resides under the exclusive guardianship of his mother, Lauren London. Following Nipsey Hussle’s passing, it took nearly seven months for London to secure sole custody of her son. Presently, London holds full custody and manages her son’s inheritance from his deceased father.

Final Words

Kross Ermias Asghedom, born into a legacy of artistic brilliance and community impact, symbolizes the union between his late father, the esteemed rapper Nipsey Hussle, and his accomplished mother, actress Lauren London. His birth on August 31, 2016, marked the beginning of a story entwined with tragedy and resilience.

While Kross, being a young child, doesn’t possess personal wealth, he’s surrounded by the enduring legacies left by his parents. His father, Nipsey Hussle, a visionary rapper and entrepreneur, had a profound impact on music and community service until his untimely passing in 2019.

Lauren London, a talented actress and model, serves as both a guiding force and a nurturing figure in Kross’s life. Despite the loss of his father at a tender age of two, Kross continues to grow under his mother’s devoted care.

Amidst the fame and legacy of his parents, Kross is yet to forge his own path. However, his lineage and family history, coupled with his budding interests in music and business, indicate a potential future influenced by his parents’ remarkable journey.

Kross Ermias Asghedom, with his distinctive heritage, stands as a beacon of hope and possibility, a young soul poised to carve his unique mark on the world.