Murad Williams (Meek Mill Son) Age, Height, Net Worth, Career, Parents And Siblings

The eldest child of Meek Mill goes by the name Murad Williams. From a very young age, he’s been a visible figure, garnering attention particularly through his growing presence on social media. Murad’s distinctive style and infectious smile have become noteworthy aspects of his public image.

What’s intriguing is Murad’s early interest in pursuing a career in music, a path strongly influenced by his father. Despite his youth, he’s already made strides in the music industry and displays a resolute determination to carve out his own success.

Living a life of luxury, Murad has amassed an estimated net worth of around $1 million. He’s undeniably an exceptional budding talent poised for a promising future. His dedication and achievements signal a trajectory toward continued growth and accomplishment.

Who is Murad Williams?

Murad Williams is emerging as a notable talent in the music industry. As the offspring of Meek Mill, he’s been in the limelight practically since birth. However, Murad’s recognition surpasses merely being his father’s son; he’s establishing himself as a remarkable musician with the launch of his career.

Despite his young age, Murad aspires to achieve success akin to his father’s legacy. His presence on social media continues to expand, with followers appreciating his distinct style and captivating smile. Accumulating an estimated net worth of $1 million, Murad embraces a lavish lifestyle, reflecting his growing prominence. He embodies an inspirational young personality poised for a bright future. Keep an eye on Murad Williams; his determination indicates a path toward notable accomplishments in the industry.

Early Life and Family

March 15, 2007, witnessed the birth of a budding luminary destined for remarkable achievements. Murad Williams, at a mere 15 years old, has already carved a niche for himself in the entertainment realm. His narrative commences with the jubilation surrounding his arrival and the happiness he instills in those around him.

As the proud progeny of renowned rappers Meek Mill and Fahimah Raheem, Murad’s story intertwines with the tale of his parents’ love story and subsequent separation, lending depth to the young artist’s journey. Despite facing trials, Murad embodies a spirit of love and resilience.

Central to Murad’s life are the strong family ties he shares. His bond extends to his younger brother Rihmeek, affectionately called “Papi,” and his half-brother Czar. The unity and affection prevalent within the Williams family form the bedrock of Murad’s grounded and family-oriented persona.

Traversing the complexities of familial dynamics, Murad fosters a rich network of relationships. From his aunt Nasheema Williams to his grandparents Robert Parker and Kathy Williams, these familial connections significantly shape Murad’s character. The influence derived from these relationships transcends the personal sphere and profoundly influences Murad’s journey forward.

Learning and After-School Pursuits

In the midst of his youth, Murad is already leaving a meaningful impact during his high school years. Enrolled in a Philadelphia-based high school, he embodies the essence of his city and has emerged as a familiar figure within local communities. His dedication to learning is complemented by a fervor for extracurricular engagements that reach far beyond the confines of the classroom.

Murad’s ardor for sports shines through his active involvement in pursuits like rugby and football. His high school journey isn’t solely focused on academic pursuits; it encompasses embracing the values of discipline, teamwork, and resilience inherent in sports. Through these athletic endeavors, Murad showcases not just his artistry but also his versatility and broad spectrum of interests.

Despite gaining recognition, Murad remains steadfast in prioritizing his academic responsibilities. His commitment to education manifests in his notable academic accomplishments. Striking a balance between the demands of fame and school, Murad epitomizes a relentless drive to excel in every facet of life.


Murad Williams, born on May 6, 1987, hails from South Philadelphia as the son of the renowned US rapper Meek Mill. Meek Mill initially gained traction as a battle rapper and later co-founded The BloodHounds alongside fellow rappers. His career saw a significant leap when T.I. signed him to a record deal in 2008.

Fahimah Raheem, Murad’s mother, made an impact in the realm of social media. Born in 1988, she took on the responsibility of raising her first child, Murad, single-handedly while juggling studies and employment. Later, in 2011, she welcomed Rihmeek Williams. Initially a single mother when starting her career, Fahimah worked diligently to provide her children with essential care and support.

The relationship between Meek Mill and Fahimah Raheem, after dating in 2006 and raising two sons, Murad and Rihmeek, culminated in divorce in 2012. Speculation and some evidence point to Meek Mill as a factor contributing to their separation.

Murad Williams Siblings

Murad Williams holds the position of the eldest among his two siblings. Rihmeek Williams, fondly known as “Papi,” is Murad’s biological brother, while Czar is his younger half-brother from his father’s side.

Rihmeek Williams came into the world on May 13, 2011. Murad, Rihmeek, and Fahimah form a joyful and affectionate family unit. Their bond is particularly strong between Murad and Rihmeek due to their close relationship. Presently at the age of eleven, Rihmeek has been nurtured by Fahimah into a child who embodies traits of beauty, health, intelligence, manners, and a strong focus on family values.

Connections within the Family and Personal History

Murad’s life tapestry is intricately woven from the experiences of his parents. Meek Mill, the renowned rapper, and Fahimah Raheem, a notable influencer in the realm of social media, share a narrative that’s both captivating and intricate. Despite the twists in their romantic journey, their unwavering dedication to nurturing Murad in a nurturing atmosphere stands as a testament to their enduring bond.

Expanding beyond the immediate family, Murad finds enrichment in the presence of grandparents Robert Parker and Kathy Williams. Their influence on Murad and their family’s achievements pay homage to the timeless values transmitted across generations. The extended familial network, which includes Aunt Nasheema Williams, forms a support system pivotal in guiding Murad’s path with affection, direction, and mutual jubilations.

The Williams family saga isn’t merely a backdrop to Murad’s life; it serves as a guiding beacon. The untimely loss of Murad’s grandfather, Robert Parker, during his early years, and the subsequent determination of his grandmother, Kathy Williams, to foster success for her grandchildren, among them Meek Mill and Nasheema Williams, layers complexity into Murad’s narrative. The family’s influence weaves through the fabric of Murad’s character, contributing significantly to his resilience, core values, and pursuit of excellence.

Murad Appearance and personal life

The young and stunning celebrity, Murad Williams, possesses not only striking features but also a fulfilling personal life alongside a flourishing career. Inheriting his father’s charisma, Murad’s perpetual smile lights up his brown eyes, adding an extra sparkle to his charm. His hairstyles, ranging from trendy buzz cuts to stylish braids, echo his unique fashion sense and artistic flair.

Amidst his success, Murad finds unwavering support and love from his close-knit family, cherishing moments spent with his parents during delightful outings. Maintaining strong connections with his siblings, he revels in joyful interactions and playful moments, a testament to the enduring bond they share. Despite his youth, Murad exudes an unwavering sense of optimism.

His infectious positivity and generosity have a ripple effect, uplifting everyone in his vicinity. Murad thrives on exploring new experiences during his leisure time, indulging in his passions for dance, art, and sports. Beyond his undeniable physical allure, the young luminary Murad Williams resonates with a kind-hearted nature and an irresistible charm.

Murad Williams, the son of Meek Mill, is involved in athletics

Murad Williams, the son of Meek Mill, is a high school student who actively participates in football. Currently in his sophomore year, he’s on track to graduate in 2025.

If you want to know more about Murad’s sports stats, you can find his profile on MaxPreps. He stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighing 195 pounds. During the 2022–2023 season, he averaged 3.6 receiving yards per game, 73.7 running yards per game, and scored a total of 4 touchdowns each game—1 receiving and 3 rushing touchdowns.

Murad had a great time during his visit to Universal Studios Florida in August 2020. He returned in 2021 to stay at Universal Orlando, enjoying his time there.

Back in October 2019, Murad and his dad, Meek, had an awesome trip to the Turks & Caicos Islands. They played basketball, relaxed on the beach, and swam in the beautiful waters. Meek’s partner, Milano Di Rouge, joined them on this memorable trip.

Murad really enjoys going to his dad’s concerts and often shares his excitement about them on social media.

Fahimah, Murad’s mom, loves traveling with her sons and frequently posts photos of their adventures on social media. They had a fantastic trip to Jamaica in 2020, staying at the Moon Palace Jamaica in Ocho Rios and creating wonderful memories together.

Murad Williams’s Net worth

Despite being young, Murad Williams is rapidly carving a niche for himself in the music realm. His trajectory toward success is attributed to his exceptional skills and unwavering determination. Naturally, success in his field has brought him considerable wealth, with his estimated net worth already surpassing $1 million despite being in the early stages of his career.

Anticipations suggest a further surge in Murad’s net worth as he continues to refine his craft and solidify his position within the industry. However, Murad’s primary focus isn’t solely on financial gain. His true passion lies in composing songs that deeply resonate with his generation, serving as the driving force behind his musical journey. Despite his significant net worth, it’s his genuine passion and exceptional talent that set him apart.

Murad Williams is poised for a bright future in the industry, owing to his dedication and talent. His success isn’t just an expectation but a certainty, propelled by his passion and commitment to creating music that resonates profoundly with audiences.

Travel Experiences

Murad Williams extends beyond the boundaries of stages and recording studios; he’s an avid explorer, venturing across the globe with an innate sense of curiosity and admiration. His travels are more than just leisurely escapes; they represent journeys exposing him to diverse cultures, landscapes, and varying perspectives. Whether immersed in Jamaica’s vibrant energy or indulging in the tranquil beauty of the Turks & Caicos Islands, Murad’s passport narrates a life enriched by immersive global escapades.

For Murad, traveling isn’t merely a solitary pursuit; it’s an avenue for nurturing connections, particularly with his father, Meek Mill. Their joint expeditions to destinations like the Turks & Caicos Islands become cherished moments of shared laughter, engaging in beach basketball games, and commemorating the invaluable father-son bond. These travels not only broaden Murad’s worldview but also serve as a canvas for etching enduring family memories.

Personality Traits and Appearance

Central to Murad Williams’ allure is his captivating personality. Whether performing on stage, engaging on social media, or among close circles of family and friends, Murad effortlessly emanates a charm that captivates others. His knack for establishing personal connections, paired with an authentic warmth, distinguishes him not only as an emerging music talent but as a personable and magnetic individual.

Murad’s physical appearance serves as a medium for self-expression. His hairstyles, ranging from trendy buzz cuts showcasing his daring side to meticulously styled braids reflecting his uniqueness, serve as an embodiment of his evolving style. Collaboratively curated with his mother, Milano Harris, his wardrobe choices transcend fashion; they stand as a celebration of creativity and personal identity.

Speaking of Murad Williams inevitably involves highlighting his infectious smile—a trademark that exudes positivity and happiness. His optimism isn’t a facade; it genuinely shapes his outlook on life, resonating with those in his presence. In a world often filled with challenges, Murad’s smile becomes a guiding light, inspiring others to embrace positivity and cherish joy in every moment.

Social Media Engagement

In the realm of social media, Murad Williams is far from a passive figure; he actively engages with his followers, fostering a sense of community. Whether it’s acknowledging comments, offering glimpses behind the scenes of his life, or taking time to appreciate fan-created art, Murad’s interactions transcend the digital realm. This genuine engagement creates a connection that delves deeper than mere fame, establishing a virtual space where fans feel acknowledged and valued.

Murad’s Instagram accounts serve as a vivid canvas portraying the essence of his life. From capturing electrifying performances to candid moments shared with family and friends, each post contributes as a brushstroke adding to the mural of his personal journey. The thoughtfully curated content not only highlights the glamorous aspects of his life but also embraces moments of vulnerability, presenting a more authentic and relatable online presence.

While fame often projects a carefully crafted public image, Murad also unveils glimpses of his private life on social media. Beyond the spotlight, there are instances of introspection, moments of joy shared with loved ones, and the everyday delights of life. This duality, showcasing his public persona alongside private moments, humanizes Murad, shaping him not just as an idol but as a person navigating the intricate facets of life.

Murad William’s major interest

From an early age, Murad displayed a profound interest in both music and sports. Embracing his diverse passions, he actively pursued hobbies that resonated with his inner drive. Starting with rugby during his school days, Murad’s competitive spirit and unwavering dedication earned him numerous achievements, excelling in running yards and touchdowns.

While thriving in rugby, Murad’s enthusiasm for football also garnered attention, leaving a lasting impression on many. His versatility and athletic prowess underscore Murad Williams’ steadfast commitment to his interests, showcasing his remarkable dedication.

Having delved into Murad’s impact on education and career, let’s now uncover the intriguing details of his social media presence—a subject that undoubtedly captivates fans. For those who admire Murad, exploring his social media presence is a delightful journey. It’s time to delve into the vibrant world of Murad Williams’ online presence.

Social Media Presence

Maintaining two active Instagram profiles, namely @muradc3_ and @yung.za1, Murad provides a window into his daily life, sharing insights into his sporting triumphs, personal style, and various interests.

Boasting a substantial following of over 7,800 on his primary Instagram account, Murad’s presence in the realm of social media continues to gain traction. The engaging content he shares resonates profoundly with his followers, contributing significantly to the expansion of his online presence.

Murad’s digital footprint transcends mere popularity; it echoes genuineness and an authentic rapport with his audience. His posts, often centered around sports, fashion, and family dynamics, contribute to crafting a relatable and vibrant online identity.

Future Outlook

Murad Williams shows promising potential as he forges ahead in the music industry, driven by determination and skill. Forecasts point toward sustained success and progression as he solidifies his presence as a notable figure.

His focus on leveraging music for constructive change aligns with the anticipation surrounding his upcoming projects. Murad’s dedication to crafting impactful and meaningful content resonates strongly with his passion, amplifying the excitement for what lies ahead.

With each step forward in his career, Murad Williams demonstrates the potential to influence and impact the industry significantly. His unwavering commitment to fostering positive change positions him as an emerging force in the dynamic landscape of the music scene.

Final Words

In the midst of his youth, Murad Williams stands as a beacon of promise in the music industry, propelled by his unwavering dedication and exceptional talent. Beyond the spotlight cast by his illustrious parentage, Murad’s emergence as a distinct musical talent is marked by his genuine passion for crafting resonant melodies that echo the pulse of his generation. With an estimated net worth exceeding $1 million and a steadfast commitment to his craft, Murad embodies a convergence of charisma, versatility, and an infectious positivity that extends beyond his music. As he navigates the limelight with grace and authenticity, Murad Williams paves a trail of inspiration, destined for a luminous journey and an enduring impact on the musical landscape.