The Global Impact of That Which Flows By: A Cultural Phenomenon

Nowadays, manga, or manhwa, has gained immense popularity due to its unique characters, engaging storylines, and diverse themes. A standout among the current trending manga series is “That Which Flows By,” penned by South Korean author Eunbi Lee. This series has captured the hearts of many readers, standing out in the world of comics with its compelling narrative and artistically crafted graphics.

Han Woo Jin and Do Ga Young, two childhood friends navigating growing up while maintaining their close friendship, are at the centre of the narrative. The story explores the complexities of friendship, love, and personal development against the backdrop of daily existence. The series’ compelling artwork and original storytelling technique have piqued the curiosity and appreciation of many readers.

In this post, you’ll find a brief overview of “That Which Flows By,” including introductions to key characters, a glimpse into the storyline, and insights from readers through user reviews. Dive into this captivating world for an enriching experience – let’s explore together!

What Is That Which Flows By?

“That Which Flows By” is a captivating Korean comic initially illustrated by Irang and adapted from a web book by Eunbi Lee, also known as “Dabi, flowing dizzyingly.” Originally debuting on “Naver Webtoon” in Korean, the project is under the ownership of Soft Cone.

Due to its widespread popularity, translators felt compelled to share an English version of this manhwa on various platforms. Fortunately, the translated edition comprises 27 episodes out of the total 40. The storyline is a unique blend of historical, dramatic, romantic, and fantasy elements, defying easy classification into a single genre.

Every Friday, Webtoon treats fans to new episodes, which are subsequently shared across various online manga platforms. Explore the enchanting world of “That Which Flows By” and immerse yourself in its rich narrative and diverse genres.

What exactly is manhwa or manga?

Manhwa and manga have their roots in East Asian countries like Japan, Korea, and China, emerging in the early twentieth century. Initially influenced by Western comics, these illustrated stories have evolved to become a significant reflection of Asian culture, featuring diverse characters and intricate storylines. The global surge in their popularity began around the 1960s.

These comics are crafted both in black and white and vibrant colors, with releases on a weekly or monthly basis. Upon completion, they find a home in specialized manga magazines. “That Which Flows By” manga, for example, unveils a new episode every week and has garnered millions of views across various webtoon platforms. These comics have become closely associated with Korean culture, exploring a wide array of themes such as comedy, romance, thriller, adventure, science fiction, fantasy, horror, and more.

Summary of the plot and characters

Enter the enthralling realm of “That Which Flows By” Manhwa, where a compelling story is told as dreams and reality collide. Discover more about our captivating protagonist, whose identity is currently unknown, as they work through the secrets of this unusual world. They will encounter a wide range of people along the route, each with their own backstory and motivations.

“That Which Flows By” is distinguished by its intricate and multi-layered plot. Prepare yourself for shocking disclosures and unanticipated alliances at every step. You’re intrigued and left wanting more as the plot develops like an amazing journey.

But it’s not just about the plot – the characters in “That Which Flows By” are equally captivating. Each one is carefully crafted, with distinct personalities and motivations. Whether it’s the mysterious antagonist or the loyal companions, each character adds depth and complexity, making the narrative truly immersive and engaging.

What makes “That Which Flows By” Manhwa worth your time?

The Manhwa “That Which Flows By” is a must-read if you enjoy a magnificent fusion of romance, intrigue, and fantasy. You’ll be itching for more as this series masterfully blends different genres together to produce an engrossing reading experience. You are taken to a world full of wonder and mystery by the engrossing tale and the magnificent artwork.

Why should you dive into “That Which Flows By” Manhwa? Well, it goes beyond just an entertaining story. This series takes on deep and thought-provoking themes, exploring the struggles of identity and the journey to find one’s place in the world. It doesn’t shy away from the complexities of love and relationships, offering a heartfelt look at the ties that connect us. In essence, reading “That Which Flows By” Manhwa is an immersive and reflective journey.

But the outstanding character development is what really makes it stand out. Real connections with the protagonist are easy to create when you follow their development. Each of the intriguing supporting characters has a distinct role to play in the story as it develops. To put it simply, “That Which Flows By” Manhwa is an examination of deep topics and masterfully developed characters that speak to the human condition rather than merely being a story.

The underlying themes and messages presented in “That Which Flows By” Manhwa

You’re in for a profound voyage with “That Which Flows By” Manhwa, touching on subjects that truly resonate with you. Finding your true self and going on a journey of self-discovery is one of the main themes it addresses. The protagonist’s journey of self-discovery serves as a metaphor for the common struggle we all have to comprehend who we are and where we fit in.

Additionally, the focus of “That Which Flows By” Manhwa is on relationships and love. It delves into the complex and wonderful aspects of interpersonal relationships rather than merely skimming the surface. The show examines all forms of love—romantic, platonic, whatever—and how they profoundly impact our lives, from the highs to the lows.

And then there’s this cool exploration of dreams and reality, where the lines get all blurry. It makes you think about how we see things and how our dreams shape our view of the world. Digging into these themes gives the story a whole extra layer, making “That Which Flows By” Manhwa not just a read but a journey that makes you ponder and feel.

Impact of Manga

Manga stories continue to have a significant impact on people from all walks of life, as seen by the growing community of manga enthusiasts. Manga has had a profound impact on people of all ages, imparting lessons in life and creating unforgettable characters. Many people are greatly influenced by the iconic characters from well-known manga series, which adds to the varied and captivating narrative that has come to define the genre. In addition to receiving a lot of attention, this cultural phenomena has assimilated into many facets of Korean culture.

The fictional characters within manga narratives inspire us through their unwavering belief in overcoming the unexpected challenges that life throws at them. These stories encourage us to pause, express gratitude, savor the present moment, and explore themes that mirror our real-life experiences. The influence of manga extends beyond entertainment, shaping perspectives and imparting valuable insights into the complexities of our own journeys.

International Impact of Manga

Works such as That Which Flows By have made a significant impact worldwide. Manga has garnered a massive following, particularly among readers aged 13 to 29, while those in their thirties occasionally indulge in these captivating stories. In Japan, a remarkable 52% of individuals across various age brackets enjoy manga. The global manga market is estimated to be around $11.45 billion, reflecting the widespread popularity of these comics.

Thanks to extensive translation efforts, readers from diverse corners of the globe are connected, sharing and discussing their favorite comics. This global network highlights the universal appeal of manga, bringing people together through a shared passion for these engaging narratives.

Manga Series Similar to “That Which Flows By”

If you’re a fan of romantic comedy webcomics like That Which Flows By, then these manga recommendations are perfect for you. Delve into captivating storylines similar to your favorite with titles such as Taeyanguijuin, Gopge Kiwotdeoni, Jimseung, Agyeogui Guwonja, and Baekjakgaui Sasaengaga Gyeolhonhamyeon. These well-known romantic dramas feature fantasy characters, promising an enjoyable and immersive experience for readers who appreciate the charm of That Which Flows By.

Trending fan theories and discussions circulating “That Which Flows By” Manhwa

“That Which Flows By” Manhwa has sparked a myriad of fan theories and arguments, much like any other renowned series. Enthusiastic fans have poured into social media and internet forums, giving their interpretations and predictions of the story with emotion. The fan community has grown into a thriving centre of curiosity and excitement, with members speculating on anything from discovering the protagonist’s true identity to figuring out the artwork’s hidden symbolism.

The mysterious antagonist in the series is the subject of one especially well-liked fan theory. Admirers have engaged in conjecture on their actual intentions and their crucial function in the overall story. The complex plot has sparked many conversations and arguments, and readers are excitedly examining every chapter in search of nuances that could hint to what might happen next.

The influence and reception of “That Which Flows By” Manhwa

The comic book business has been forever changed by “That Which Flows By” Manhwa since its debut. The series has developed a loyal following that looks forward to the publication of each new chapter. Readers from a wide range of backgrounds and interests have been drawn to it by its unique blend of romance, mystery, and fantasy.

Manhwa “That Which Flows By” has received an extremely favourable review from critics who have praised its beautiful artwork and engrossing tale. Numerous honours and prizes have been bestowed upon the series, solidifying its standing as a must-read for fans of the genre. Its impact on the industry goes beyond its particular achievements; it also helps manhwa gain traction as a whole. The comic book industry is still being profoundly impacted by “That Which Flows By” as more fans come to appreciate its distinct storytelling and graphic aesthetic.

Where can I find That Which Flows to read online?

There are several great places online where you can dive into That Which Flows. Check out these top options:


Another site to explore is Mangakakalot. Here, you can binge-read all the available chapters of That Which Flows. Keep in mind that the site has some ads, so using an ad blocker is recommended. They also offer a mobile app called Manga Rock for easy access to That Which Flows.


Webtoon is a well-known website where comics, like That Which Flows, are hosted. Following the author’s release of new chapters and updates, you can watch the series on Webtoon for free. They also provide a smartphone app for reading while on the go.


If you prefer a clean layout with minimal ads, Mangasee123 is worth checking out. They quickly upload all available chapters of That Which Flows, allowing you to stay current with the story. The site is also mobile-friendly for reading on the go.


For a variety of manhwa and manga, including That Which Flows, KissManga is a long-standing choice. They update regularly with the newest chapters, often shortly after they’re released on Webtoon. KissManga works well on both desktop and mobile, though some chapters may load a bit slowly.

To put it briefly, there are many great ways for you to locate and follow That Which Flows on the internet. You may stay up to speed with the latest updates and get access to all released chapters of Webtoon, Mangakakalot, KissManga, or Mangasee123. Have fun reading this!

Embracing the Act of Moving On

The profound idea of learning to let go is fundamental to comprehending impermanence. Adhering firmly to belongings, connections, or established identities might serve as a hindrance, impeding our individual development and upsetting the organic tides of existence.

Not only can we free ourselves from needless responsibilities when we muster the fortitude to let go of these attachments and accept the fleeting nature of life, but we also create a vast opening in our lives for new experiences and chances. Letting go opens the door to personal growth and lets the constantly shifting fabric of life take on shapes we could not have predicted.

Different Views on Culture

Different cultures offer unique insights into the idea of impermanence, each expressing it in their own distinctive ways. In Japanese culture, the philosophy of “Mono no Aware” beautifully captures an admiration for the transient beauty inherent in life.

Meanwhile, Native American traditions convey the belief that the Great Spirit is present in everything, underscoring the profound interconnectedness of all living things. Delving into these cultural perspectives goes beyond enriching our understanding of the concept of “that which flows by”; it also nurtures a more comprehensive and interconnected worldview.

How Does “That Which Flows By” Conclude?

The conclusive chapter of this manhwa remains shrouded in mystery due to the incomplete English version, with the last available episode being number 27. Let’s delve into a discussion about it.

Without giving away crucial plot points and spoiling the suspense, there’s a notable scene featuring Gyeol and Dani in the market that I can’t resist sharing.

In this moment, a lady at a stall is selling expensive accessories for women. Dani is drawn to a particular hairpin but finds it beyond her budget. Gyeol Seo steps in and purchases it for her, placing it delicately in her hair. The unexpected act catches the attention of the shopkeeper, who is visibly surprised and begins spreading the tale to those around.

That Which Flows By Review

“That Which Flows By” has earned global acclaim for several compelling reasons:

Heartfelt Romance:

Its widespread popularity is fueled by the enchanting love story set in historical times. The writer skillfully weaves romantic elements, resonating deeply with the emotions of readers.

Historical Authenticity:

The manhwa stands out for its meticulous attention to historical accuracy, seamlessly incorporating realistic references to Korean history and culture.

Webtoons Phenomenon:

With a staggering 2.9 million readers on Webtoons, the manhwa has become a sensation. It boasts consistently high ratings, exceeding 4 stars on renowned platforms like Harimanga, Kunmanga, and more.

Captivating Writing Style:

A pivotal factor in its success lies in the engaging writing style. The narrative is emotionally rich, ensuring that readers remain captivated with every unfolding chapter.

The International Expansion of Korean Webtoons

Who would’ve thought that Korean webtoons would become a hit worldwide? Webtoons like “That Which Flows By” have captured hearts globally, thanks to platforms like Naver making them accessible to everyone.

The Exciting: Friday Fresh Episodes Every Week

There’s something unique about anticipating a new episode every Friday; it’s similar to the thrill of knowing your best TV show is going to return. Given all the fan conjecture and anticipation, don’t you think the wait will be worthwhile?

Establishing Communities Internationally

Readers of “That Which Flows By” come from all over the world and all walks of life thanks to the internet’s widespread reach. The webtoon’s ability to draw in such a varied audience is testament to its broad appeal, since it has established a global fan base.

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When is the release date for Season 2 of That Which Flows?

The first season of That Which Flows concluded quite some time ago, and viewers are eager to see when Season 2 will premiere. Regretfully, the release date has not yet been officially announced, but we can attempt to estimate it based on past experiences.

The 12 episode first season ran from April to June of 2021. If they follow a similar schedule, Season 2 might debut in 2022 at roughly the same time. However, given how many shows’ schedules were thrown off by the epidemic, we may need to be a little lenient with that timeline.

Now, let’s talk about why it’s taking a bit:

  • The manga—the original material for the show—needs to churn out more chapters so the animators have enough to work with. As of early 2022, we’re only a few chapters away from where Season 1 left off, and the manga is dropping new chapters every week.
  • Making animated shows, especially ones with top-notch animation like That Which Flows, is no quick job. It takes time and a whole bunch of resources.
  • Getting voice actors, music composers, and other talented folks on board is a whole process that needs careful planning and time.
  • As the new season approaches, you’ll start seeing more buzz—trailers, teasers, character reveals—building up on the show’s official social media pages.

While we hang tight for an official announcement, why not revisit Season 1? Pick up on those details you might have missed, dive into the manga to get a peek into what’s coming up, or check out the fan theories on what Season 2 might have in store. The awesome fanbase of That Which Flows makes the wait for new episodes totally worth it!

Final Words

In the enchanting world of “That Which Flows By,” readers are captivated by the intricate dance of friendship, love, and self-discovery. Eunbi Lee’s masterful storytelling, coupled with Irang’s artistic brilliance, has propelled this manhwa into a global phenomenon.

The series not only explores the complexities of relationships and identity but also delves into profound themes of impermanence, resonating universally. Its impact extends beyond entertainment, fostering a sense of community among diverse readers. As we eagerly await Season 2, the anticipation heightens, fueled by fan theories and discussions that add an extra layer of excitement to this extraordinary journey. “That Which Flows By” stands as a testament to the enduring power of manga in shaping our perspectives and connecting us through shared narratives.

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