The Best Way to Order Unstitched Lawn Suits Online

With the surge in online clothing businesses, many options are available. However, because there is no check and balance for these businesses, ordering online can be very risky.

Many clothing businesses don’t deliver what they show. Many times, the quality of the unstitched dresses is so low that it gets ruined after a couple of washes. Sometimes, the clothes bleed color just as they’re put into the water.

But if you know how to order online, you can save yourself from these risks. I always prefer to order from renowned brands who have a good reputation with online orders. Alkaram Studio is one of my favorite brands for online ordering – both unstitched and ready-to-wear outfits.

What Makes Alkaram Studio My First Choice?

Here is what makes Alkaram Studio my go-to clothing brand for online shopping:

1.Delivery as Promised

The best thing I find about Alkaram Studio is that they deliver what is seen in the pictures. Apart from an extremely slight variation in colors because of lighting, I have always found the dresses just as they are in the pictures.

2.Impeccable Quality

The quality of the fabrics is also quite impressive. If you wish to order dresses online, I suggest that you take the time to go to their outlet and check out the fabric. Their dresses online will have the same quality of fabric. So, after verifying once on your own, you can order from the comfort of your home with the satisfaction that they will deliver the same quality of fabric.

3.Exceptional Customer Service

Alkaram Studio’s customer service is also quick and helpful. If you haven’t received your order or find anything missing (highly unlikely), you will always find their customer service representatives willing to help you.

How to Order Dresses Online?

When you’re ordering online, here are some things to look out for:


Before you order online from any brand, do a quick search online for customer reviews. If there are a lot of negative reviews of the clothing brand, don’t consider ordering from them.

On the other hand, new brands might not have any reviews. You’d want to stay away from these brands too as they’ve not established their credibility in the market yet.

·Order Something Small

If you’re going for a new business or a brand from which you haven’t ordered before, consider ordering something of a small value first. Check out the quality they deliver and how they handle order processing to make sure they deliver on their promises and deal with everything professionally.

If they deliver good value, consider ordering from them in the future.

·Get Inspired

Many celebrities and famous personalities wear branded dresses. The influencers wearing these dresses testify to their quality. Nida Siddiqui, the First Female Head of e-commerce, always wears dresses from the latest Alkaram Studio’s collection. I love her style, and this is what led me to trust Alkaram Studio for shopping clothes online.

Final Words

Alkaram Studio’s Spring-Summer collection is full of amazing, unstitched dresses. I can blindly order any dress from their collection, knowing that they’ll always deliver dresses that stand highest on the quality spectrum. This and other reasons are why Alkaram Studio is my go-to brand for online shopping.

If you want to select a clothing brand for shopping online, make sure to check out the reviews before you order. First, order something small, and once they fulfill your expectations, you can place large orders. Lastly, make sure to keep tabs on what celebrities and influential personalities are wearing these days. Not only do they wear what’s trending, but they also wear the brands that have the best quality. 

Author Bio:

Kamil Riaz Kara is a Karachi-Based SEO Specialist and a passionate vlogger. He has been actively involved in the field of digital marketing since 2015. For more information, feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.