Transporting Cars for Dealerships Information

Dealerships frequently require car transport services for various reasons, including inventory from auctions or fulfilling customer requests. When done efficiently and cost-effectively with reliable auto transport providers, shipping cars for dealerships can be both cost-effective and efficient.

Dealerships have several options for transporting their vehicles, from open and enclosed car shipping, to enclosed trailer transport – an excellent solution for classic, exotic or luxury vehicles.


Dealerships can save significant sums of money by opting for car shipping services rather than hiring in-house drivers to transport vehicles from pickup to delivery. These services offer door-to-door pickup and delivery, taking extra care in handling each vehicle with care before offering various transport options that fit within any given budget. Open or enclosed transport is available.

Dealerships frequently opt for open transport as a means of vehicle delivery, using two-tiered trailers capable of holding multiple cars at the same time. You’ve likely seen these trailers out on highways carrying sedans and SUVs alike – although open transport may expose your cars to weather elements and road debris, it is generally considered safe and cost-effective.

For classic or expensive cars, enclosed carriers are highly recommended as a safe way to transport them. While more costly, enclosed carriers protect your car from elements and road debris while offering better protection than an open carrier – worth every penny if transporting a high-end or luxury vehicle!

Dealerships can save money on storage fees by shipping their cars during non-peak periods. Summer is traditionally the busiest season for car transport. Shipping your vehicles during fall and winter could reduce overall costs by 15% – and working with a broker could even further save money!


Dealerships require auto transport services for more purposes than individuals or families do, as they frequently need to trade vehicles among themselves, ship cars to customers’ homes and acquire inventory from auctions or private sellers. 

Thankfully, dealership car transport companies offer various solutions that meet these needs. You can find professional service on sites like to assist you. Be sure to read company reviews before committing to a particular service.

Open trailer auto transport is the preferred method for dealerships to ship cars, accommodating up to 10 vehicles simultaneously with minimal costs associated with transporting them. Enclosed trailer shipping offers additional protection from the elements and road debris.

Other shipping methods used by dealerships for vehicles include terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door delivery. Terminal-to-terminal dealer shipping offers more affordable delivery by picking up and dropping off at a local terminal or storage location; for an upgraded experience, door-to-door dealer auto transport can transport cars directly to buyers’ homes or offices.


Dealerships need to transport many vehicles at once from one location to the next, which can be time-consuming and taxing. Hiring an agency offering car transport services may save them both time and effort when organizing transportation on their own.

Cost of dealership auto transport varies based on distance and type of service selected. Generally speaking, the longer a trip takes to complete will increase in cost; however, dealerships can take advantage of discounted rates by booking their transport early enough.

An open carrier is often the optimal way for dealerships to ship cars over long distances, loading multiple cars at once on two-tiered trailers that are common sights on highways. While this method exposes vehicles to weather and road debris, it offers cost-effective shipping for single or small fleet car transport over lengthy distances.

As soon as a truck driver arrives at a dealership, they will perform a careful inspection and note any existing damage on a Bill of Lading that both parties sign. Once loaded onto the trailer, their car will then head off. You can click here to learn more about how car trailers work. Dealerships can stay informed by directly contacting their driver or making arrangements for regular updates via phone calls, emails or Live Chat updates throughout its shipment journey.


Dealerships must make sure they choose a reliable car shipping service for their dealership-to-dealership transport needs, always searching for one which complies with Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations and has experience hauling dealer-to-dealership car hauling. 

Furthermore, top shipping firms offer an array of auto transport services tailored specifically to meeting individual dealership requirements.

Open carrier transport is the most cost-effective method for shipping vehicles, similar to what you see on highways, but can leave your car vulnerable to road debris and weather conditions. You can click the link: to learn more.

For more secure shipping, enclosed truck transport provides added protection for your car during transport – an ideal solution for high-end and classic models requiring special care during shipping.

Once at its destination, both parties inspect it thoroughly to note any existing damage on the Bill of Lading. Both parties sign to verify delivery before the dealership receives title and spare keys while the carrier is paid.