5 Key Factors to Choose an Etiquette Class

Etiquette encompasses rules and manners that a person is expected to follow in social or professional situations. It includes basic table manners, overnight guests, business protocol, gift-giving, and correspondence.

Whether your student wants to attend junior cotillion, learn about technology etiquette or master their dining skills, there are many choices for etiquette classes online. The key is to choose the right class for your student!

1. Age Group

The Lluxxall etiquette classes for kids and teens, as well as business professionals. their instructors specialize in specific topics such as teen technology etiquette, communication skills for teens or business dining etiquette.

Students who learn manners and social skills at a young age can grow into polite teenagers and well-rounded adults. Etiquette classes are a great way to teach children how to respect others and be thoughtful of their feelings.

As children enter high school, etiquette and social skills can become increasingly important for their academic success and professional future. Etiquette classes for high school students provide essential tools to succeed in any situation, whether they are applying for college or a job interview. It is also a time when they are preparing for major life changes, like moving out on their own or entering the workforce.

2. Location

Etiquette classes teach children and adults the skills needed to be poised, polished and polite. These skills can be applied to personal, professional and social situations.

A class on manners can make a difference in how people perceive you. In business and international settings, a faux pas can be costly. In one case, it caused a deal to fall through and in another, it prevented an employee from receiving a promotion.

LLUXXALL Etiquette offers a series of classes that help students develop the soft skills that are essential for success in any social, etiquette children classes, educational or professional setting. 

3. Time of Day

Etiquette professionals offer a wide variety of classes, from classic dining etiquette to newer predicaments like appropriate phone use during networking events. Many instructors also offer specialized courses for certain situations, including business lunch etiquette, romantic dinner etiquette and even online safety and “netiquette.”

While etiquette has historically served to reinforce and cement societal hierarchies (think: how low-ranking people should bow to their superiors or the proper mourning practices after losing a loved one), contemporary etiquette classes focus on respecting and valuing all individuals. Etiquette is a compass that guides us toward considerate behavior, fostering clear communication and a sense of empathy.

While it may seem that a lack of manners is no longer an issue in today’s fast-paced world, it can hold you back professionally and personally. Whether it’s learning how to properly pass a plate or navigate uncomfortable conversation topics, an etiquette class can teach skills that will last a lifetime.

4. Instructor

Good manners are essential for getting ahead in a cutthroat job market, but they’re also the “soft skills” that make us human. Understanding how to be gracious under pressure, say no diplomatically and build positive relationships can boost productivity and improve workplace happiness.

Alla Kesser Gross, an etiquette coach, shares her knowledge of the basics (such as proper handshake conventions) to help students navigate professional situations. 

She also instructs on more nuanced issues like dining with elegance and welcoming overnight guests, or navigating difficult conversations about loss.

5. Cost

The cost of an etiquette class can vary depending on the instructor and topic. Some classes are free, while others can be quite expensive.

Some instructors specialize in specific topics, such as student etiquette for distance learning or table manners for teens. Others focus on more general areas like business etiquette or communication skills.

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