Amanda Kate Lambert Biography, Kids, Husband, Parents, Siblings, Career, Net Worth

Celebrated for her versatility and skill in photography, literature, and the arts, Amanda Kate Lambert is an accomplished artist. She comes from a wealthy family; her parents are the well-known Nancy Sinatra and Hugh Lambert.

Amanda is the granddaughter of the renowned Frank Sinatra, and her artistic abilities have brought her international recognition. Discover the amazing journey and accomplishments of this incredibly gifted person as she continues to leave a lasting artistic legacy on a global scale.

Quick Stats

Full Name Amanda Kate Lambert
Age 47 Years
Birth Place United States
Date Of Birth March 17, 1976
Famous For Nancy Sinatra’s Daughter
Marital Status Married
Huband Michael Erlinger
Ethnicity Mixed
Zodiac Pisces

Amanda Kate Lambert’s Early Life

Amanda Kate Lambert With His Sister

Born on March 17, 1976, Amanda Kate Lambert is 47 years old as of right now. She is a Pisces, which is known for its fiery and independent characteristics. Piscese people are known for their strong will, adventurous spirit, and adventurous attitude. They also tend to be naturally born leaders.

Amanda, with a mixed ethnic background and American nationality, experienced a joyous childhood marked by a close bond with her grandfather, the legendary Frank Sinatra.

While information about her education is not publicly disclosed, Amanda nurtured her passion for the arts through studies in art history and fine art, concentrating on painting and photography.

Amanda Kate Lambert Background

Amanda Lambert is the second daughter of Nancy Jr. and Hugh Lambert, born on March 17, 1976, as per her birth certificate. From the very beginning, her mother saw her as a “perfect little girl” and a “delight,” forming an instant and deep connection with her. Amanda later attended Beverly Hills High School.

Her relationship with her father, Hugh Lambert, was particularly close. He, a versatile individual with roles as a dancer, choreographer, producer, and military veteran, instilled in her a love for photography. Hugh gained recognition for his contributions to “The Ed Sullivan Show.” Sadly, he passed away at the age of 55 from cancer on August 18, 1985.

Nancy, deeply affected by the loss, referred to Hugh as the “love of her life” and chose not to remarry. Despite her flourishing career as a talented singer with multi-million-record sales, she decided to retire to prioritize being there for her two children. Nevertheless, Nancy has made several comebacks over the years.

Is she connected to the Sinatra family?

Amanda Kate Lambert holds a significant place within the esteemed Sinatra family, as the cherished granddaughter of the iconic vocalist, Frank Sinatra.

Her association with the Sinatra family suggests not just familial relations but also a shared passion for creativity, given her remarkable talents in photography, writing, and the arts.

This familial connection has undeniably shaped and influenced her artistic pursuits and personal growth over the years.

Frank Sinatra is the grandfather of Amanda Kate Lambert

Frank Sinatra

Amanda Kate Lambert’s grandfather was the legendary American singer and actor, Frank Sinatra. He held a prominent position as one of the most iconic and influential entertainers of the 20th century, celebrated for his velvety voice, captivating performances, and substantial contributions to the realms of music and film.

She shared a unique and special connection with her grandfather

Amanda Kate Lambert cherished a unique connection with her grandfather, Frank Sinatra, who, aside from his musical prowess, was also a passionate painter. He imparted his knowledge of painting techniques and photography to her in his Palm Springs art studio.

Amanda’s creative journey is a reflection of herself, influenced by her grandfather’s teachings and her academic focus on fine arts, painting, photography, and art history in college. This amalgamation of personal mentorship and formal education underscores the depth and diversity of her artistic pursuits.

Amanda Kate Lambert’s Parents

Amanda Kate Lambert is the daughter of Nancy Sinatra, a renowned singer and actress, and Hugh Lambert, a talented actor, producer, and director. Nancy Sinatra, herself the daughter of the legendary singer Frank Sinatra, adds another layer of artistic heritage to Amanda’s lineage.

From her accomplished parents, Amanda inherits a rich artistic legacy that undoubtedly shapes her own creative journey as a photographer, writer, and artist. The profound influence of her parents on her artistic pursuits is evident, creating a compelling narrative of inherited talent and creative inspiration.

Nancy Sinatra, her mother, is a renowned and celebrated singer

Nancy Sinatra

Nancy Sinatra, born on June 8, 1940, in Jersey City, USA, is a well-known American singer, actress, and philanthropist. Her hits like “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” and “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” made her a star in the 1960s. Coming from the famous Frank Sinatra and Nancy Barbato, she carries on a rich musical legacy.

Nancy’s successful music career and her efforts in giving back to society make her a true icon in entertainment. You can see her influence on her daughter, Amanda Kate Lambert, who’s making her mark in the creative world as a photographer, writer, and artist.

Hugh Lambert, her father, had a distinguished career as a notable talent manager

Hugh Lambert, born on June 29, 1929, in New York City, USA, stood as a notable American talent manager and producer. His influential contributions to the entertainment industry included steering the careers of well-known artists, among them his wife, Nancy Sinatra, and father-in-law, Frank Sinatra.

Beyond his professional achievements, Lambert’s dedication and paternal love extended into his personal life. With Nancy Sinatra, he had two daughters, one of whom is Amanda Kate Lambert. Amanda, in her role as a gifted photographer, writer, and artist, continues the family’s creative legacy. The impact of Hugh Lambert on both the entertainment world and the artistic pursuits of his descendants creates a lasting and meaningful legacy.

She experienced the loss of her father at the age of nine

Amanda experienced the devastating loss of her father, Hugh Lambert, at the age of nine in 1985. Hugh Lambert was fifty-five when he passed away from cancer. Following this catastrophe, Amanda’s mother Nancy decided not to be married again. Rather, she accepted her situation as a single mother and gave her all to raising her two girls.

Nancy decided to put her children’s welfare before her work and took a leave of absence. When Amanda was twelve, the family moved to Beverly Hills. Despite the big adjustment from LA, Amanda and her sister AJ made the adjustment well, adjusting and establishing themselves in their new surroundings.

She shares a sisterly bond with AJ Lambert

Amanda Kate Lambert is blessed with a sister, AJ Lambert, born on May 22, 1974. AJ, an accomplished American musician, inherits her musical lineage as the daughter of Nancy Sinatra and the granddaughter of the legendary Frank Sinatra.

Initially recognized for her bassist role in various bands, AJ later carved her own solo musical journey, delivering albums like “Dirt Soda” and “Careful You.” Her soulful and expressive vocals, coupled with a versatile musical style, showcase her exceptional talent, establishing her as a notable artist in her own right.

Is Amanda Kate Lambert in a marital union?

In a departure from the common narrative of many searching for their life partners for years after reaching adulthood, Amanda’s story took a different turn. She encountered Michael, the man she would fall in love with, during her teenage years at the age of 19. The talented artist attributes him as one of the most significant and positive aspects of her life.

Expressing her intimate connection, Amanda remarked, “The best thing is that I have an amazing husband. He is the love of my life; he is my best friend. I’m fortunate to have known him since I was 19 years old, and he has always supported me.

Amanda has spent her entire life in Los Angeles, which she considers home. She loves to swim, surf, and take leisurely strolls along the beaches when she’s not working on her artistic projects.

It’s important to remember that Frank Sinatra had two more grandchildren besides Amanda. His sole grandchild was named Michael Sinatra, and his oldest grandchild was Angela Jennifer Lambert Paparozzi.

Amanda Kate Lambert Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight Kilograms62 Kg
Body Measurements34-24-37
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue

Amanda Lambert’s Net Worth

Amanda follows her passion as a professional photographer and artist, keeping details about her salary or net worth private. Nonetheless, it’s public knowledge that she, along with her sister, inherited $1 million from their grandfather, Frank Sinatra. This inheritance came through a trust fund he set up for them back in 1983.

Amanda Kate Lambert finds fascination in the realms of art and painting

Painting and the arts have always been Amanda Kate Lambert’s great passions. Art runs in her family’s veins; she is the great-granddaughter of the renowned Frank Sinatra and the granddaughter of Nancy Sinatra and Hugh Lambert.

Her work as a photographer and visual artist has flourished, earning her respect both domestically and worldwide. With a sharp compositional sense and painstaking attention to detail, Amanda captures beauty, depth, and emotion in her artwork that is a true representation of her creativity.

In honor of Frank Sinatra, she penned a book

However, her creative pursuits extended beyond photography and visual arts. Amanda Lambert, in collaboration with Robin Morgan, authored a book titled “SINATRA.” This publication serves as a heartfelt tribute to her grandfather, marking 100 years since his birth.

It wasn’t just a celebration of Frank Sinatra; it was a unique avenue where fine arts photography played a central role. Amanda drew inspiration from her entire family in this endeavor. The book, comprising 1000 copies, was a limited edition, reflecting its exclusivity with a higher price point.

Favorite Things

Favorite CountryUnited States.
Favorite Sports Football And Tennis

Final Words

In wrapping up Amanda Kate Lambert’s story, she emerges as a truly exceptional artist with talents spanning photography, literature, and the arts. Born into the renowned Sinatra family, her journey reflects a deep connection with her legendary grandfather, Frank Sinatra, and her accomplished parents, Nancy Sinatra and Hugh Lambert.

Amanda’s artistic roots trace back to her father, who fueled her love for photography, and her mother, who passed on a rich musical legacy. Despite facing the loss of her father at a young age, Amanda forged her unique creative path, earning international recognition for her diverse talents.

Married to Michael Erlinger since her teenage years, Amanda values his unwavering support, describing him as her life’s love and best friend. Her creative ventures include a notable collaboration with Robin Morgan for the book “SINATRA,” a heartfelt tribute marking 100 years since her grandfather’s birth.

While specifics about her net worth remain private, Amanda, along with her sister AJ Lambert, inherited a significant sum from their grandfather’s trust fund. With a focus on fine arts photography and writing, Amanda continues to make a lasting impact on the global artistic scene, leaving behind a rich legacy in the process.