Miranda Manasiadis Age, Bio, Husband, Kids, Parents, Career

Miranda Manasiadis, a highly regarded actress, hails from New Zealand, born in 1970. She gained notable recognition for her portrayal of Nicola in the television series “Girl Vs. Boy.” Beyond her acting prowess, she embraces Christianity as her faith.

Moreover, Miranda is recognized not only for her accomplishments in the entertainment industry but also as the cherished partner of Jemaine Clement. Jemaine is a multifaceted figure, engaging as a filmmaker, producer, and actor within the entertainment realm.

Discover more about Miranda Manasiadis, an accomplished actress whose talents extend beyond her roles, as well as her significant presence as a prominent figure in the entertainment world as Jemaine Clement’s beloved partner.

Quick Facts

Full NameMiranda Manasiadis
NationalityNew Zealand
Gender IdentityNew Zealand
Sexual OrientationStraight
No Of Children1
Active Year2006-present
Eye ColourBrown
Body MeasurementSlim
Net Worth$1 million estimated

Miranda Manasiadis Biography

Miranda Manasiadis, born in New Zealand during the 1970s, has called the country home since her early years. Proud of her New Zealand heritage, she holds a deep connection to her Maori roots, contributing to the diverse cultural fabric of the nation. Despite her strong ties to her background, detailed insights into her life are somewhat scarce.

Her spouse pursued his high school education at Makoura College in Masterton, New Zealand, before delving into an art-focused academic journey at Victoria University of Wellington. Fascinatingly, he maintained close ties to the university and Wellington’s vibrant arts scene, engaging in theater productions alongside luminaries like Taika Waititi and Bret McKenzie.

While available information about Miranda Manasiadis remains somewhat limited, her New Zealand roots, Maori heritage, and her husband’s involvement in the arts offer glimpses into her life. She retains an air of mystery, leaving much to the imagination for those curious about her unique story.

Miranda Manasiadis Education

Apologies, at this moment, we lack public information about Miranda Manasiadis’s high school or college education. We aim to furnish more comprehensive details in this section as soon as such information becomes accessible.

Miranda Manasiadis Marriage And Husband

Miranda Manasiadis And Her Husband Togeather

Miranda Manasiadis, a native of New Zealand, was born and raised there during the 1970s, embracing her Kiwi nationality. Her lineage traces back to the Maori heritage, adding to the cultural richness of her background.

Her life took a significant turn in 2007 when she crossed paths with her future spouse on the set of “Eagle vs. Shark.” Their professional collaboration quickly blossomed into a romantic relationship within a few months. Jemaine Clement, known for his roles as an actor, comedian, musician, director, and singer, proposed to Miranda, and she happily accepted.

Their wedding reception predominantly comprised coworkers and family members, a celebration uniting their closest circles. In August 2008, Miranda exchanged vows with Jemaine Clement, her beloved partner, known for his comedic prowess and co-founding the acclaimed comedic ensemble Flight of the Conchords alongside Bret McKenzie. Just two months after tying the knot, the couple joyously welcomed their first child in New York in October 2008.

Miranda Manasiadis Husband’s Job

Her partner is deeply entrenched in the entertainment industry, wearing multiple hats as an actor, singer, director, and comedian. Renowned globally, his contributions span various mediums, showcasing his versatile talent. Notable among his achievements are programs like “I Told You I Was Freaky,” “Flight of the Conchords,” and “Distant Feature,” which have garnered widespread acclaim for their comedic brilliance.

His presence extends to television, featuring in well-received shows like “Another Period,” “Legion,” and “Divorce,” maintaining a strong connection with audiences. Additionally, Jemaine Clement has lent his distinctive voice to renowned films including “Rio,” “The Simpsons,” “Rick and Morty,” and “Robot Chicken,” among others. His remarkable voice-acting prowess earned him an Annie Award nomination, further solidifying his standing in the industry. Moreover, he’s been recognized with a Primetime Emmy nomination for his outstanding contributions to a series.

Jemaine does not have his father involved in his life

There’s been an acknowledgment that Jemaine’s father hasn’t been a part of his life so far. Instead, he shared that his upbringing was alongside his mom and grandmother in the Wairarapa region of Masterton, New Zealand.

His education took place at Makoura College in that area, where he highlighted his family’s Maori heritage, deeply rooted in his mother and grandmother. Jemaine frequently reflects on his cultural background and upbringing.

During that period, Jemaine initiated his printing press and school, a time marked by strict restrictions for Maori individuals engaged in business activities.

In keeping with the whanau tradition, Jemaine named his son after himself. Additionally, he emphasized that Maori names have been a significant part of his family’s heritage for generations, a legacy he continues.

His son carries the middle names Atea and Mahana, signifying “universe” and “heat,” reflecting the profound meanings within Maori culture.

Miranda Manasiadis Career

Miranda Manasiadis embarked on her acting journey in 2006, making her debut with a cameo appearance in the New Zealand sci-fi horror comedy, “Black Sheep.”

A year later, she secured a role in the romantic comedy “Eagle vs Shark,” starring alongside Madeleine Sami. In this film, Miranda portrayed a character working at a burger joint.

Her acting portfolio expanded with appearances in productions like “Girl vs. Boy” (2012) and “Realiti” (2014). Not limited to screen roles, Manasiadis also showcased her talent in theater adaptations, notably participating in productions like “The Great Gatsby.”

Conversely, her husband, Jemaine, has been actively involved in acting since 1995, accumulating a repertoire of over 60 acting credits. His notable roles include appearances in films such as “Dinner for Schmucks” (2010), “What We Do in the Shadows” (2014), “Muppets Most Wanted” (2014), “People Places Things” (2015), among others.

Beyond his acting career, Jemaine is most recognized as a member of the acclaimed comedy group, Flight of the Conchords. His contributions to the group have earned them three nominations for Best Comedy Album Grammys, highlighting their comedic prowess and musical talents.

Manasiadis starred in the film Eagle vs. Shark

“Eagle vs. Shark,” a romantic comedy, delves into the lives of two socially awkward misfits seeking love in unconventional ways—fueled by themes of high-school bullies, burgers, and video games. Crafted by Taika Waititi, the film debuted on June 15, 2007, in New Zealand.

The movie’s central characters include Loren Taylor as Lily, Craig Hall as Doug, and Brain Sergent as Jonah. Additionally, Joel Tobeck, Rachel House, Morag Hills, and Bernad Stewart contribute to the ensemble cast. In this tale, Miranda Manasiadis assumes the role of a burger staff member, while her husband, Jemaine Clement, also features in the movie as Jarrod.

Manasiadis is the proud mother of an adorable daughter

The couple, Manasiadis and Clement, joyfully welcomed their child into the world in October 2008. They shared the wonderful news of Miranda’s pregnancy through their social media platform. Their beautiful child was given the name Sophocles Iraia Clement.

Manasiadis Daughter

Sophocles Iraia is affectionately called Sopho, a nickname lovingly given by Manasiadis. It’s a combination that represents the amalgamation of both parents’ names.

Net worth

As 2023, Miranda Manasiadis is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $1 million. Her primary sources of income stem from her acting career and family earnings. Her compensation typically aligns with the complexity and significance of her roles, ranging between $500,000 to $800,000 annually. Meanwhile, her spouse, Jemaine Clement, is purported to have a net worth of $2 million, twice the value of Miranda’s assets. Despite this financial contrast, the couple finds contentment and happiness in their relationship.

Their combined wealth enables them to lead a comfortable lifestyle, although specific details regarding their assets, such as vehicles, homes, or properties, remain undisclosed in the media.

Body Measurements

Miranda Manasiadis, a talented actress hailing from New Zealand, possesses an appealing and charismatic persona. Despite her alluring presence, specific details regarding her body measurements remain undisclosed.

She complements her features with captivating brown eyes that harmonize well with her dark brown hair. While glimpses from her pictures suggest a well-proportioned physique, she hasn’t shared explicit details about her body weight in any media outlet as of now.

Rumors And Controversy

Miranda consciously maintains a private distance from the media spotlight.

Throughout her career, she has notably avoided being entangled in any rumors or controversies that typically capture widespread attention in the media.

Social Media

When it comes to Miranda Manasiadis’s online presence, she maintains an absence from popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There are no official or verified accounts attributed to her on these platforms. It appears that she might be prioritizing her career and choosing to steer clear of unnecessary attention by not engaging on social media.

Final Words

Miranda Manasiadis, an enigmatic yet accomplished actress of New Zealand descent, has captivated audiences with her talent and presence in the entertainment industry. Her portrayal of Nicola in “Girl Vs. Boy” and her contributions to various film and theater productions showcase her versatility and skill as an actress.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Miranda shares a cherished partnership with the multi-talented figure, Jemaine Clement. His involvement in filmmaking, acting, and comedy further accentuates the couple’s prominent status in the entertainment world. Their union, marked by their love, brought forth the birth of their cherished daughter, adding to the richness of their lives.

Despite maintaining a low profile and keeping her personal life private, Miranda’s dedication to her craft and her cultural heritage remains evident. Her Maori roots and connection to New Zealand contribute to her unique identity, enriching the diverse fabric of her background.

While her public presence might be scarce, Miranda Manasiadis’s impact in the entertainment realm and her role as Jemaine Clement’s beloved partner remain significant aspects of her intriguing narrative.


Who is Miranda Manasiadis?

Miranda Manasiadis is a talented actress from New Zealand. She gained recognition for her roles in TV series like “Girl Vs. Boy” and the movie “Eagle vs. Shark.”

What is Miranda Manasiadis’s background?

Miranda was born in New Zealand in the 1970s and has a connection to her Maori heritage, which adds to the cultural diversity of her background.

Who is Miranda Manasiadis married to?

Miranda is married to Jemaine Clement, a versatile figure in the entertainment industry known for his work as an actor, comedian, musician, and director.

How did Miranda Manasiadis and Jemaine Clement meet?

They met on the set of “Eagle vs. Shark” in 2007 and began dating shortly afterward. They got married in August 2008 and have a child together.

What is Jemaine Clement known for?

Jemaine Clement is well-known for his work in the comedy duo Flight of the Conchords, where he displayed his comedic skills. He’s also made a name for himself through acting in movies and TV shows, and he’s been involved in a variety of entertainment projects throughout his career.

Does Miranda Manasiadis have social media accounts?

As of now, there are no official or verified social media accounts attributed to Miranda Manasiadis. She seems to maintain a private life away from social media.