Who Is Carolyn Chambers? Everything You Need To Know About Her

Carolyn Chambers gained recognition as the former spouse of Deion Sanders, the renowned American football coach and a retired player known as Deion Luwynn Sanders Sr. Their union endured for nine years, spanning from 1989 to 1998. Following her separation from Coach Prime, there were speculations linking her romantically with former NBA basketball player Erick Strickland.

Rumors circulated asserting a marriage between Chambers and Erick. However, the veracity of this claim remains uncertain.

Let’s explore Carolyn Chambers’ current marital status after her divorce from Deion Sanders. Additionally, we’ll delve into her early life, career, her children, and other pertinent details. This information aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of her life beyond her association with Deion Sanders.

Some Quick Details About Carolyn Chambers

Full Name Carolyn Chambers
Age 52 years
Birth Place Texas
Birthday April 15, 1971
Profession Real Estate Agent/Tax Spec
Sexuality Straight
Father Ray Chambers
Mother Yvonne Chambers
Net Worth $2 Million

Carolyn Chambers Sanders’ biography

Carolyn Chambers Sanders

The entrepreneur is a native of Texas, USA, where she spent her formative years. She proudly identifies as an American with African-American heritage and holds steadfast beliefs in the Christian faith. Her familial connections include a sister named Sherri Nichelson.

Her academic journey culminated in the attainment of a Master’s degree in Business Administration, specializing in Tax, from a reputable Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) within the United States. This educational background contributes to her expertise in the business realm, aligning with her entrepreneurial endeavors and accomplishments.

Carolyn Chambers Parents

Carolyn Chambers was born on April 15, 1965, in Texas, United States, to Ray and Yvonne Chambers. She is noted as the youngest among three siblings and had a sister named Sherri Nichelson. Regrettably, her parents and sister have passed away. Chambers spent her formative years in Wurzburg, Germany, before relocating to West Palm Beach, Florida, alongside her family.

Educational Details

In terms of education, Chambers holds an MBA from Texas Southern University, an esteemed Historically Black College and University (HBCU), where she specialized in Business Administration focusing on Tax.

During her undergraduate years, she pursued her studies at Florida A&M University, which contributed to her foundational knowledge and skills in preparation for her advanced studies at Texas Southern University.


Carolyne is a professional businesswoman who has built her career upon the foundation of her formal education. She holds a license as a stockbroker, aiding clients in financial planning. Additionally, she possesses expertise in tax matters and is recognized as an author. Among her published works is “Sins, Secrets and Success,” a book that narrates the intertwined lives of three friends—Candice, Toi, and Amber—as they navigate through life’s challenges and temptations.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Chambers is committed to philanthropy. She initiated a non-profit organization in Dallas, Texas, United States, showcasing her dedication to giving back to the community and making a positive impact in society.

What occupation does Carolyn Chambers currently hold?

At present, Carolyn Chambers is employed in the United States as a notary signing agent. Her responsibilities in this capacity encompass signing loan documents on behalf of clients and overseeing diverse legal tasks such as recording affidavits, depositions, and declarations.

Carolyn Chambers was previously married to Deion Sanders: Exploring Their Relationship

On September 14th, 1989, Carolyn entered into marriage with the former NFL cornerback and MLB outfielder, Deion Sanders. Their courtship reportedly spanned a year before their wedding.

Carolyn Chambers Ex-Husband Deion Sanders

During the initial years of their union, the couple enjoyed a harmonious relationship, welcoming two children together, a son and a daughter.

Within the duration of their marriage, Deion notably presented his wife with a splendid $2 million residence located in Plano, Texas.


Their relationship faced turmoil as reports surfaced of Deion’s alleged extramarital involvement. Carolyn initiated divorce proceedings on September 11th, 1996, merely three days before their 7th wedding anniversary.

Shortly after, they reconciled and withdrew the divorce filing, attempting to salvage their marriage. However, their efforts proved futile as Carolyn filed for divorce once more in 1997, ultimately signaling the definitive end of their nine-year marital journey in 1998.

Sanders candidly discussed the challenging period following his separation from Carolyn in his autobiography “Power, Money & Sex: How Success Almost Ruined My Life.” He recounted a time of profound struggle, feeling emotionally drained and devoid of peace and joy, expressing a sense of hopelessness during that phase of his life.

Acknowledging his distress, Deion confessed to grappling with thoughts of suicide. Yet, he found solace and healing through his faith in the Lord, which played a pivotal role in his recovery.

Presently, the former couple maintains an amicable relationship, presumably for the well-being of their children.

Children with Deion Sanders

Following her marriage to ex-husband Deion Sanders, Carolyn became a mother to two children: a son named Deion Ossacin Sanders Jr. and a daughter, Deiondra Sanders. Amid the divorce proceedings, she sought temporary sole custody of their children.

Deiondra, their first child, was born on April 17, 1992, making her 31 years old in 2023. Presently, she serves as the director of communications at Sc3 Sports Management, showcasing her professional prowess in this role.

Likewise, Carolyn’s son, Deion Jr., entered the world on December 1, 1993, in Texas and is currently 30 years old in 2023. Formerly recognized for his athletic abilities as a cornerback and wide receiver for the Southern Methodist University Mustangs football team, he has transitioned away from football. He presently operates in the fashion industry and manages a streetwear clothing brand known as Well Off.

Additionally, Chambers’ youngest child has ventured into music, releasing rap tracks and songs like “Swaggin,” “Money Old,” and “Kandy.” This multifaceted involvement displays their creative pursuits beyond the realms of sports and business.

Who is presently married to Deion Sanders?

Former Carolyn Chambers’ husband, currently involved romantically with Tracey Edmonds, first met in 2012 at the premiere of a film produced by Edmonds. They now reside at their ranch in Canton, Texas, yet split their time between different locations. Sanders spends time in Boulder, Colorado, coaching collegiate football, while Edmonds is often in Atlanta and Los Angeles for filming.

Both Carolyn and Tracey Edmonds are ardent supporters of the Colorado Buffaloes. They recently showed their support for the team’s head coach at Folsom Field in Boulder. Unfortunately, the Buffaloes faced a defeat of 48-41 against USC last Saturday. The couple posed for a photo in front of a mural showcasing the Buffaloes, with Chambers wearing a cowboy hat and a Colorado T-shirt, and Edmonds dressed in an all-white outfit.

Has Carolyn Chambers entered into a new marriage following her divorce? Is she married to Erick Strickland?

Erick Strickland Is On Left Site

The well-known public figure Carolyn entered her second marriage with the accomplished American basketball player, Erick Strickland, marking their union on April 16, 2014.

Celebrating their fifth anniversary, Erick commemorated their journey together by sharing a heartfelt message on his Facebook profile:

“Happy Anniversary to my beloved partner, marking five incredible years together filled with grace. Looking forward to many more shared moments. Your kindness, warmth, and exceptional qualities shine brightly. — with Carolyne Chambers Sanders.”

As of [current_age], there’s uncertainty about Carolyn and Erick’s relationship status. Recently, there hasn’t been any public display of their togetherness. Additionally, both individuals list themselves as single on their Facebook profiles.

Meanwhile, Carolyn’s former spouse, Deion, ventured into a subsequent marriage post their divorce in 1999. He remarried Pilar Biggers-Sanders and had three children—Shilo, Shedeur, and Shelomi Sanders—before their marriage concluded in 2015. Presently, the former football player is in a relationship with Tracey Edmonds.

Chambers has a positive relationship with Deion’s fiancée

Carolyn maintains a positive relationship not only with her former husband Sanders but also with his current fiancée, Tracey. Chambers and Edmonds frequently attend events together, showing support for Deion, who serves as the head coach in Colorado.

In early October 2023, both Carolyn and Tracey shared an Instagram story depicting their presence at Folsom Field in Boulder, cheering on Sanders during an event.

Carolyn Chambers Height, Weight

Carolyn Chambers stands approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall, equivalent to 1.72 meters, and carries a weight of around 68 kilograms, approximately 149 pounds. She possesses dark brown eyes and hair of the same hue.

Besides these details, Chambers has chosen not to share additional specifics regarding her body measurements, including dress size, shoe size, or chest-waist-hip measurements.

Carolyn Chambers Net Worth

It is estimated that Carolyn Chambers possesses a net worth of approximately $2 million. She has accumulated this wealth through her diverse professional pursuits, including involvement in real estate, finance, and writing. Additionally, Chambers serves as the founder of a non-profit organization based in Dallas, Texas, dedicated to assisting underprivileged children and families.

Social Media

Being a social media influencer, Chambers actively utilized Instagram to promote her business, capture family moments, and showcase her fitness routines.

However, despite amassing a substantial following of over 9,000 individuals, Chambers hasn’t posted on her Instagram account recently, leaving followers unsure of the reason behind her hiatus.

Final Words

Beyond her prior marriage to Deion Sanders, Carolyn Chambers Sanders is resilient and accomplished. Her life exemplifies determination, resilience, and achievement in business, finance, philanthropy, and literature.

Carolyn has excelled as a real estate agent, tax specialist, author, and notary signing agent outside of Deion Sanders. Her nonprofit organization’s donation reflects her dedication to community improvement.

Carolyn’s life goes beyond her public marriage to Deion Sanders. She has grown personally, overcome obstacles, and pursued success in various sectors.

Carolyn cares deeply about her children, Deiondra and Deion Jr., despite her busy schedule.

Marriage to Erick Strickland opened a new chapter in her life, demonstrating her love and commitment. Recent information concerning her relationship with Erick are unclear.

Despite her struggles, Carolyn Chambers Sanders inspires with her strength, perseverance, and capacity to survive independently while maintaining strong relationships with her past and present. Her narrative inspires resilience, empowerment, and self-made success.

Carolyn Chambers Sanders represents perseverance, elegance, and persistence as she navigates life’s path, proving the potential of personal growth and pursuing one’s ambitions beyond past associations.