Who Is Dennis Tissington And Is He Alive?

Dennis Tissington, a Canadian individual, gained widespread attention in 2016 when a video captured him engaging in what some deemed as a controversial act. This elderly gentleman, who gained notoriety for smashing a car window, has once again become a topic of discussion following reports of his recent passing circulating on the internet. While the details remain unverified, it’s suggested that Dennis passed away due to declining health.

The Rise to Fame of Dennis Tissington

In 2016, social media was abuzz with commotion sparked by a viral video. A 67-year-old man named Dennis, later labeled the “psycho old man” by some online users, was captured on camera smashing the windows of a car with another man, Damian Dallyn, inside it. According to Damian, he had approached Tyler Stojan, Dennis’ stepson, for a simple discussion about a landscaping dispute. After their conversation, Damian returned to his car, only to be confronted by the elderly man wielding a baton. Damian started recording as Dennis furiously shattered two of his car windows, causing him injuries.

Initially silent, Dennis’ family eventually released a statement titled “The Other Side.” In their account, Tyler, the stepson, asserted that the ongoing dispute with Damian had roots dating back to 2014. Tyler claimed Damian had previously threatened him, and his stepfather took action when Damian visited their family home. Tyler expressed intentions to hire a lawyer to sue Damian for defamation.

The subsequent events between the conflicting parties and whether Tyler followed through with legal action against Damian remain unclear.

The Resounding Quietness Since 2016

Unexpectedly, a shroud of silence descended upon Dennis Tissington after the incident. The media, the public, and online communities were left in the shadows, yearning for more details about his life and the aftermath of the window-smashing event. The mystery surrounding Dennis Tissington only deepened, leaving a trail of unanswered questions.

In the aftermath of the incident, a vacuum of information was created, leaving the public eager for insights. However, Dennis Tissington chose to fade into obscurity. As the initial media frenzy gradually waned, the absence of information persisted. Did he grapple with the repercussions of that day, or did he navigate the aftermath away from prying eyes? The silence became a breeding ground for speculation, with each unanswered question echoing in the emptiness.

Notoriety for Disturbing Causes

Dennis James Tissington, a figure largely unnoticed prior to 2016, suddenly became the center of attention for less-than-favorable reasons. The viral video, depicting a heated encounter with Damian Dallyn, showcased Dennis smashing windows in a burst of anger at the age of 67. Despite the sudden spotlight, minimal details have emerged about his life, aside from his connection to a home-building company in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Contradictory Accounts Regarding Dennis Tissington’s Destiny

Recent updates have added a fresh layer of complexity to the Dennis Tissington saga, introducing conflicting accounts of his purported fate. Some sources claim he passed away in 2018, while others insist he is alive and thriving. The lack of an official statement from his family has only heightened the confusion, leaving many skeptical about the accuracy of these reports.

The mystery surrounding Dennis Tissington’s present circumstances adds to the intrigue. Did he succumb to the consequences of his actions, or is he leading a discreet life away from public scrutiny? The contradictory reports contribute to a narrative filled with uncertainty, sparking more questions than answers.

Whether Dennis received a prison sentence for the assault is unclear

Has Dennis Tissington faced legal consequences? Well, it’s been four years since he was arrested and charged with mischief for assaulting Damian Dallyn. The public’s dissatisfaction with the charges led to widespread discussions in online communities, with many suggesting that weapons and assault charges should have been brought against him.

As we fast-forward to the present, lingering questions persist: Was he sentenced to jail? Has he been held accountable for his actions? Throughout this time, the court proceedings have remained a mystery, and it feels like he vanished without a trace. Though, perhaps that’s too generous an assessment – the public remains eagerly engaged, poised for closure in this unfolding story.

Dennis Tissington’s Death

In January 2022, just six years after the infamous incident, reports circulated suggesting that Dennis Tissington had passed away, with rumors speculating that he died while in jail. However, there has been no confirmation from any credible source or any member of his family.

At present, the rumor appears to be unfounded. Given the lack of information about the elderly man since the viral 2016 car-window-smashing video, it raises the possibility that this rumor might be a tactic by someone to prompt Dennis or his family to speak out about him and the incident that brought him into the spotlight.

If his demise is indeed accurate, he would have been at least 70 years old at the time

Back in August 2016, when Dennis’ video went viral, they mentioned he was around 67 years old, born in 1949. Now, if the rumors swirling around his supposed passing in January 2022 hold true, that would put him at either 73 at the time of his passing or about to hit that milestone later that year.

Honestly, it would be great to hear directly from Dennis or his family, just to clear up the uncertainty about whether he’s really gone or still among us. The relief would be real if we could confirm he’s alive and doing well.

The Impact of an Unsettled Viral Phenomenon

In the realm of viral sensations, Dennis Tissington’s story is a unique and unresolved narrative. The incident that brought him into the spotlight also left behind a myriad of unanswered questions. With conflicting reports about his fate circulating, the mystery surrounding him deepens, keeping the public eager for more details. Whether he is remembered as the man who smashed windows or as a symbol of the unpredictable nature of human behavior, Dennis Tissington’s legacy remains an incomplete tale—a digital enigma ingrained in the collective memory of those who witnessed the unfolding saga.

Reflecting on this peculiar chapter in the world of viral phenomena, the story of Dennis Tissington serves as a reminder that, in the age of instant fame, some narratives resist neat conclusions. The mystery endures, and the questions persist, inviting us to contemplate the untold chapters of Dennis Tissington’s life and the lasting legacy he leaves behind.


In the enigmatic legacy of Dennis Tissington, conflicting reports and a shroud of mystery persist, leaving the public yearning for closure. Whether he faced legal consequences or succumbed to the consequences of his actions remains uncertain.

Recent rumors surrounding his death have stirred the narrative, yet official confirmation is elusive. Dennis Tissington’s tale, marked by a viral sensation in 2016, continues to captivate, embodying the unpredictability of human behavior and the enduring allure of unresolved stories.

As we ponder his digital enigma, the unanswered questions linger, inviting reflection on the lasting impact of fleeting fame and the untold chapters that shape our collective memory.


Who is Dennis Tissington?

Dennis Tissington gained attention in 2016 for a viral video depicting him smashing a car window in a confrontation with Damian Dallyn.

What was the incident in 2016 about?

The incident involved a dispute between Dennis’s stepson, Tyler Stojan, and Damian Dallyn over a landscaping issue, leading to Dennis smashing Damian’s car windows.

Was there any official response from Dennis’s family?

Yes, Tyler Stojan, Dennis’s stepson, released a statement titled “The Other Side,” providing their perspective on the ongoing dispute.

What happened after the 2016 incident?

Dennis Tissington largely retreated from the public eye, creating a vacuum of information about his life post-incident.

Did Dennis face legal consequences for the assault?

As of now, details about any legal consequences, such as jail time or court proceedings, remain unclear.

Is Dennis Tissington still alive?

Rumors of his death circulated in January 2022, but there’s been no official confirmation. The conflicting reports contribute to the uncertainty.

How old would Dennis Tissington be if alive today?

Born in 1949, if he is alive, he would be around 73 or approaching that age as of the latest rumors in 2022.

Why does Dennis Tissington’s story remain unresolved?

The lack of official statements, conflicting reports, and Dennis’s choice to remain silent contribute to the ongoing mystery, leaving many questions unanswered.

What is the lasting impact of Dennis Tissington’s viral story?

His tale serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of fame in the digital age and the enduring fascination with unresolved narratives.

Will there be further updates on Dennis Tissington’s story?

The uncertain nature of the situation makes it challenging to predict, but any developments will likely capture public attention and prompt renewed interest in his enigmatic story.

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