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Frances Burrell, the daughter of the Emmy-winning actor Ty Burrell, maintains a low profile in contrast to her father’s private nature. Ty, known for his role as a loving and modern dad on the ABC sitcom Modern Family, tends to keep his personal life out of the media’s spotlight, and it seems his daughter follows a similar path.

Fans intrigued by Ty’s on-screen portrayal as a devoted father often wonder about his real-life parenting. In exploring Frances Burrell’s relationships with her father, mother, and siblings, we gain a glimpse into the private life of this family.

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Quick Information About Frances Burrell

Full NameFrances Burrell
Age13 Years
Birth Year2010
Famous ForAdopted daughter of Ty Burrell
Sexual OrientationStraight

Frances Burrell Age

Frances Burrell’s mother revealed in a 2020 interview that, at that time, Frances was 10 years old and opted to keep her specific birth date confidential.

Based on this disclosure, one can reasonably estimate Frances’ birth year to be around 2010, placing her at approximately 13 years old in 2023.

The mystery surrounding her zodiac sign persists due to the undisclosed details of her birth month and day. Frances’ adoptive parents, well-known public figures, have deliberately chosen not to disclose information about her birth parents or place of birth. This decision underscores their commitment to preserving her privacy.

Educational Details

Frances Burrell With Her Father Ty Burrell

Frances Burrell’s educational journey is deliberately kept private, a clear testament to her parents’ dedicated efforts in preserving her privacy. Specifics about the primary educational institutions she attended remain confidential.

Presently, Frances is engaged in her academic pursuits. There is speculation that her family’s financial support may play a role in facilitating her higher education ambitions. However, the details of her educational path remain undisclosed, highlighting her family’s unwavering commitment to leading a discreet lifestyle, away from public scrutiny.

Frances Burrell is an adopted individual

After adopting Frances Burrell as a daughter, Ty Burrell and his wife Holly Burrell joyfully embraced motherhood.

But inside their family, the precise details of Frances’ adoption—the date and the circumstances—are kept as closely-kept secrets. Public persons, including celebrities, frequently exercise this discretion because they value protecting their families’ privacy, particularly when it comes to very important and highly personal issues like adoption.

Frances Burrell’s Parents

Frances Burrell’s parents are the dynamic duo – Ty Burrell and Holly Burrell.

Meet Ty Burrell, born on August 22, 1967, in Grants Pass, Oregon. You’ve probably chuckled along with him as Phil Dunphy on “Modern Family.” He’s not just an actor; he’s the guy who made us fall in love with the goofy dad character. Ty’s shelf is lined with awards, including a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor, thanks to his heartwarming performance. But he’s not just about TV; he’s sprinkled his talent across movies and other shows, proving his acting and comedic prowess.

Ty Burrell and Holly Burrell Togeather

Now, Holly Burrell, born on November 25, 1975, in Fruit Heights, Utah, isn’t just Ty’s better half – she’s got her own flavor. Growing up in a tight-knit Mormon family, Holly’s a magician in the kitchen. While she usually keeps a low profile, you might catch a glimpse of her life on Instagram (@hollyannburrell). The love story of Holly and Ty began in 2000 when they tied the knot, creating their own recipe for a happy life together.

Frances Burrell’s Grandparents

Frances Burrell’s grandparents are known as Sheri Burrell and Gary Burrell. While they are an integral part of her family’s history, specific details about them are currently not readily available. Much like other aspects of Frances’ family, their lives and stories are kept somewhat private, adding a layer of mystery to their background.

She possesses a younger sister

Frances has a younger sister named Greta, and much like Frances, Greta is also adopted. Ty and Holly adopted Greta in 2012, and interestingly, Greta, like Frances, is of African American descent. Just like with Frances, the details about Greta’s biological parents are not disclosed by her actor parents.

The Burrell siblings, with a one-year age gap, share a tight bond as they navigate their childhood in Utah.

Ty Burrell is an affectionate father

Ty Burrell is wholeheartedly dedicated to providing love and support to his daughters, embodying the role of a caring parent, much like any other. Drawing from his experience portraying a father to two girls on “Modern Family,” Ty likely gained valuable insights into the joys and challenges of real-life parenthood.

In a candid chat with E News, Ty openly shared, saying, “I guess if Phil can raise kids, so can I!” Expressing admiration for Phil’s sincere efforts, he added, “I do love how much he tries, you know what I mean? I hope I can try as hard as Phil. Maybe not quite as hard as Phil, but I hope I can try.” This heartfelt sentiment reflects his genuine commitment to being the best father he can be.

Frances Burrell Career

Frances Burrell is currently immersed in her studies and hasn’t committed to a specific professional path just yet. Considering her parents’ successful and admirable careers, she might be inspired to follow a similar trajectory.

However, as she grows and discovers her own passions, Frances has the freedom to carve out a unique and entirely individual journey. The future holds a myriad of possibilities for Frances, and she has the liberty to explore and shape her path at her own pace.

Is Frances set to walk in her father’s footsteps?

At 13 years old in 2023, Frances hasn’t embarked on her career journey yet. Being a celebrity’s child often leads to speculation, but for now, she’s focusing on her education and attending school.

It could be a while before she decides to pursue a professional path. If Frances chooses to pursue acting, she might have an easier time thanks to her father’s experience as a producer and director, potentially offering her guidance and support along the way.

Frances Burrell Net Worth

Frances Burrell is currently in the process of discovering her career path, so details about her net worth are not available. On the other hand, her father, Ty Burrell, is estimated to possess a net worth of approximately $30 million, primarily earned through his prosperous entertainment career.

Ty’s financial success is a result of his extensive work in acting and other ventures, showcasing his years of experience and steadfast commitment to his profession. Much like any young adult, Frances has the chance to forge her own journey when it comes to her career and financial accomplishments.

Frances Burrell Instagram

As Frances is still quite young, she opts not to use social media platforms, including Instagram.

Regrettably, her parents, Ty and Holly, have chosen to keep their family life away from the public eye and have refrained from sharing any pictures of their daughters on Instagram.

While her father, Ty Burrell, maintains an Instagram account (@tygburrell) with 297 thousand followers and 59 posts, it primarily revolves around promoting his shows. Occasionally, he shares pictures featuring one of his on-screen daughters. Their dedication to preserving their family’s privacy is evident through their limited presence on social media.


  • Frances became a part of the family through adoption in 2010, which means she is approximately 13 years old in 2023.
  • Frances is of Black ethnicity and holds American citizenship.
  • Ty and Holly, Frances’ parents, have nurtured their daughters with love and care.
  • Being at a young age, Frances is currently single.
  • Holly Burrell, Frances’ mother, is a skilled professional chef.
  • Frances’s grandparents are Sheri Burrell and Gary Burrell, but detailed information about them is limited.

Final Words

Frances Burrell, the adopted daughter of Emmy-winning actor Ty Burrell and his wife Holly, maintains a private and low-key lifestyle in line with her family’s commitment to privacy. At approximately 13 years old in 2023, Frances navigates her adolescence with her younger adopted sister Greta. Raised by loving and dedicated parents, Ty and Holly Burrell, Frances enjoys a close-knit family bond, shielded from public scrutiny.

While details about her personal life, including her birthdate and educational journey, remain confidential, her parents’ emphasis on privacy is evident. As Frances explores her academic pursuits and contemplates her future, her parents’ successful careers in the entertainment industry may influence her path.

However, at this stage, Frances’ focus remains on education, with her parents safeguarding her privacy on social media. As she matures, Frances Burrell has the opportunity to carve her own unique path, free from the public eye, while Ty Burrell continues to be an affectionate and dedicated father.

(FAQs) About Frances Burrell

Who is Frances Burrell?

Frances Burrell is the adopted daughter of Emmy-winning actor Ty Burrell, known for his role in “Modern Family,” and his wife Holly Burrell.

How old is Frances Burrell?

Born around 2010, Frances is estimated to be around 13 years old in 2023.

Are there details about Frances Burrell’s birth date and place?

No, the specifics of her birth date and place are deliberately kept private by her parents to respect her privacy.

What about Frances Burrell’s education?

Details about her educational journey are confidential, reflecting her family’s commitment to maintaining a low profile.

Is Frances Burrell active on social media, especially Instagram?

No, Frances is not active on social media platforms like Instagram. Her family, including Ty and Holly Burrell, prioritizes privacy and refrains from sharing personal details online.

Does Frances have siblings?

Yes, Frances has a younger adopted sister named Greta. The details of their adoptions, including birth parents, are not disclosed.

What is known about Frances Burrell’s parents, Ty and Holly Burrell?

Ty Burrell, born in 1967, is an Emmy-winning actor, while Holly Burrell, born in 1975, is a professional chef. The couple, married since 2000, is dedicated to maintaining a private family life.

Any information about Frances Burrell’s grandparents?

Frances’ grandparents are Sheri Burrell and Gary Burrell. Specific details about them are currently not readily available.

What is Frances Burrell’s current focus or career path?

At 13, Frances is focusing on her education, and her career path is yet to be determined. Her parents’ successful careers may influence her choices in the future.

What is Ty Burrell’s estimated net worth?

Ty Burrell is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $30 million, earned through his successful acting career.