Hair Color Blocking: The Fun And Creative Hair Trend

Hair color blocking is one of the most playful and vibrant hair color trends that has emerged in recent years. As the name suggests, color blocking involves sectioning the hair and applying blocks of vivid, contrasting hair colors for a funky, eye-catching look. As per experts at BeckYb, this hair painting technique allows for tons of creativity when it comes to choosing color combinations and patterns. Keep reading to learn all about the origins of hair color blocking and why it has become a major hair craze.

Where Did Hair Color Blocking Come From?

Hair color blocking is often credited as being pioneered by Australian celebrity hairstylist Paul McCartney in the early 2010s. However, the technique really seemed to take off and gain widespread popularity around 2015. Creative and bold hair color trends were hugely popular at the time, from ombre and sombre to dip-dye. Hair color blocking emerged as an even more artistic way to apply multiple hair colors. 

Social media has also contributed majorly to hair color blocking and other similar trends becoming so huge. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok allow people to share their stylish, eye-catching hair looks with a wide audience. When a vivid hair color blocking hairdo goes viral, it inspires others to try out the creative look for themselves.

Why Has Hair Color Blocking Become Such a Big Trend? 

There are several reasons why hair color blocking has become such an in-demand hair color trend over the past several years:

It allows for self-expression – The color block technique is all about letting your personality shine through with fun, playful colors. You aren’t limited to normal hair shades.

It’s eye-catching – Multiple blocks of contrasting vivid hues are guaranteed to grab attention. Blocked hair announces itself in a crowd. 

It’s customizable – With color blocking, where you place the colors and how many shades you use is totally up to you. Get creative.

It works with natural or dyed hair – You can create a color blocked look without fully committing to bleached or dyed hair. Use colorful hair chalk, semi-permanent coloring, or hair mascara to get the look. 

It photographs beautifully – The defined blocks of color look amazing in photos and selfies, especially Instagram-worthy shots. No wonder social media went wild for the trend.

How to Achieve the Hair Color Blocking Look

Want to try out this artistic hair trend for yourself? Here are some top tips for achieving a gorgeous color blocked hair look:

  • Decide on 2-4 vivid, complementary colors such as electric blue and orange or purple and green. Remember color theory basics.
  • Section clean, dry hair out into the color blocks you want. Use foils between sections. 
  • Apply the semi-permanent or temporary hair colors carefully within the sections only. 
  • Once done coloring, rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. Finish with a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner.  
  • Style your freshly color blocked locks with volumizing products and texture sprays. Show off the crisp color blocks by wearing hair up or to the side. 

Have Fun with Color Blocked Hair.

Hair color blocking puts a completely artistic, salon-worthy spin on playing with vibrant hair colors. Sectioning out and applying sharply defined blocks of different bright shades results in hair that resembles a funky paint-by-numbers masterpiece. It’s all about embracing creativity, self-expression and having some colorful fun with your hair.

What hair color combo will you choose for your next color blocking adventure? The options are endless. Let your inner stylist run wild.