How Much Does a Laser Welding Machine Cost?

 Laser welding machines are helpful for both routine weldings and industrial scale. However, these machines are costly. If you are considering buying such a laser machine, you would like to know the price and cost of these machines.

The portable handheld laser welding machine costs around $6000 – $10000, depending on its power. However, larger machines used at the commercial or industrial level are much more expensive and range between $10000 and $50000.

 In this article, we will explore different sizes of laser machines and how they vary in terms of prices and performance. So, let’s get started!

Cost of a Laser Welding Machine

Notably, different sizes of laser welders are available in the market. Their prices vary with their power, size, and capabilities. For example, portable and handheld machines are cheaper than large ones.

Generally, you can get brand new laser welding machines on a budget starting from $6000 to $15000. If you are new to the field, I suggest you avoid buying larger machines. Instead, spend between $7000 and $8000 and get an excellent portable machine.

 As I said, the pricing cost depends on your machine’s power output. A machine with 1000W power will be inexpensive – and a machine with power of 2000-3000W would be more expensive and vice versa.

If you aim to get maximum power and use the machine at a larger scale, you’ll have to buy a big machine that costs around $15000. Here is a table comparing the prices of laser welders of different sizes:

Type of Laser Welding MachinePrice Range
Handheld Laser Welding Machines$6000 – $10,000+
Benchtop or Small Industrial Machines$8000 – $15000+
Industrial Laser Welding Machines$10000 – $30000+
High-End or Specialized SystemsStart from $40000 and go to several million dollars

What Factors Influence the Pricing of Laser Welding Machines?

Many factors define the prices of laser machines. Before you go into the market to buy one, ensure you know these factors. Understanding the price-defining factors will help you better analyze the machine.

Power: The laser welding machines with lower power outputs are inexpensive and are generally used for routine work. Machines with greater power, such as 2000W, are more expensive and used at the industrial level. Power is one of the most essential factors that you must consider while making a buying decision.

Warranty: Those laser welding machines with some years of warranty are more expensive and vice versa. I recommend you buy only those machines that are secured with some warranty. It will save you if the machine you buy proves faulty.

Size and Type: Portable and handheld machines are inexpensive. However, the giant machines used at the industrial scale are more costly. You can view more of the prices of different sizes available.

Cooling Systems: Some modern laser machines’ costs with integrated cooling systems are more expensive and considered premium among those who don’t have built-in cooling systems.

Automation Features: Those machines with automated robotic systems and integrated CNC capabilities are generally more expensive. You won’t need these features if you aim to use the welding for lower scales. I would suggest you avoid buying machines with such automation features. They are only good when you are operating at a larger scale.

Portable VS Stationary Laser Welding Machines: Usability and Purposes

As I said earlier, portable laser machines are less expensive than stationary ones. However, stationary machines offer better power and performance. They are usually used on a larger scale.

Someone new to this field should buy something other than stationary machines. The reason is that they cannot be moved from one location to another easily. On the other hand, the portable or handheld machines are easy to move. You’ll be able to carry them along with you.

However, stationary and larger machines are more powerful. They can offer excellent performance in a very short time and are used every day in big factories and industries. Whether you should buy handheld or stationary machines depends on your needs.

Is a Laser Welding Machine worth the investment?

Yes, the laser welding machine is worth the investment. These machines offer decent performance and weld any material within seconds. Their laser power is so focused that they don’t produce a wide HAZ.

Compared to the old-fashioned welding method, the laser welder offers a better, quicker solution to welding any metal. Their initial cost (during purchase) is high – but they consume less power and work quickly to reduce their cost later. In the long run, the investment in the welding machine was worth it.

However, I stress one thing: buy the machine that suits your needs. The power and performance can be gimmicky. If you only aim to use the machine on a lower level, you don’t need to buy those powerful, high-end machines.


A decent laser welder will cost you around $7000 to $1000. The machine available in this price range will provide optimal performance. However, if you aim to use the machine on a larger scale, you’ll need a more powerful machine that will cost more than $150,000.