How To Find The Cheapest Skip Bin Company?

Do you have a lot of waste and rubbish piling up that needs clearing? Are you planning a big clean-up or demolition project and need an affordable way to haul away the junk? Renting a skip bin is often the most budget-friendly option for large-scale rubbish removal. However, skip bin rental prices can vary widely between companies. Follow this guide to learn how to find the cheapest skip bin company like Best Price Skip Bins in your area.

Compare Quotes from Multiple Companies

The first step is obtaining quotes from several skip bin firms that service your locality. Search online for “skip bin rental [your city]” and compile a list of companies. Visit their websites or give them a call to get price estimates. Provide details like:

  • Expected waste type and volume
  • Rental duration needed 
  • Drop-off and pick-up locations

Make sure to get itemized quotes that break down fuel fees, rental fees per day, weight limits, etc. Gather at least 3-5 quotes to compare.

Consider Bin Size and Rental Length 

Key factors that affect price are bin size and rental duration. A smaller 2-cubic-metre bin costs less than a large 10-cubic-metre one. Also, the longer you rent it, the more it usually costs overall. Think about how much junk you actually need to clear and for how long. Don’t overestimate and pay for excess capacity or days.

Compare rental fees per day and determine total cost based on the minimum rental time you need. Then opt for the most cost-effective bin size and duration combo.

Check Weight Limits

Skip bins have weight restrictions, anywhere from 500kg for a small one up to 5000kg for a very large container. Going over will lead to extra overweight load fees of $50 or more per tonne over the limit. Understand the standard weight allowance and avoid overfilling.

It’s hard to precisely estimate the weight of random waste. So when comparing quotes, check what overweight fees apply and try to choose a company with higher weight limits to have more of a buffer.

Consider Drop-off/Pick-up Fees

If your location is not near a main road or challenging to access, some companies may charge extra drop-off and pick-up fees. These could range from $30 to $300+ depending on distance and difficulty. Always inquire if additional fees apply and account for total delivery/haul-away costs when deciding between rental companies.

Inquire About Discounts

Don’t shy away from asking if they offer any discounts. Many companies provide 10% off or more for long-term rentals (one week or longer). There are also first-timer deals, seasonal specials, or loyalty rewards programs offering 5-15% off. Grab discount codes online whenever available to save. Senior, student, nonprofit, and corporate discounts may exist too.

Compare Other Fees

Other less obvious fees to compare: environmental fees (around $30) for eco-friendly disposal, locks/lids if needing extra security, tarps to protect contents from rain, trailer access for loading, and insurance costs in case of any damage or incidents. These can quickly add $50-100+ onto bills. Read the fine print.

Read Reviews

Before choosing a cheap skip company, check online reviews. Affordable pricing means nothing if the service proves unreliable or disappointing. Verify reasonable customer satisfaction with the provider via sites like Yelp. This avoids getting stuck with hidden fees, slow delivery/pick-up, billing issues, lax security procedures, poor container condition, reckless driving, illegal dumping, or other headaches that end up costing you in time, stress, or money down the road.


With these tips, you can identify and hire the most reasonably priced skip bin rental with the best value in your area. Taking the time to compare multiple detailed quotes, weigh all costs, and check reviews will lead you to an affordable hauling solution for your rubbish removal needs. So go ahead and request those estimates – your junk-free property awaits.