Trends and opportunities in warehouse or factory leasing in Vietnam

Over the last few years, demand for warehouse or factory leasing in Vietnam has been rising fast due to the high surge in Vietnam’s economy and high levels of foreign investment. Any business on an expansion spree cannot ignore the standpoint of knowing the leasing market. This paper will work toward discovering the latest ongoing trends and opportunities within the sector to provide visibility to investors and companies setting bases in Vietnam’s growing industrial landscape.

What to Work Out for Top Considerations when Renting a Warehouse or Factory

Business Expansion

Intending to lease a warehouse or factory in Vietnam can be taken as a strategic location, though several critical considerations need to be observed to ensure that a successful lease is executed.


First is the location, the size of the facility, and the condition of the facility. You may also further add that utilities, maintenance, or such overhead are additional costs and might not be included in the lease rate. Since they can add up to a considerable amount and greatly influence the end budget.

Lease periods

Read the Terms of the Lease: Length of Lease, Terms of Lease, and Flexibility of Lease. You might also want a long lease for some degree of stability or even need a short term to change the nature of your business. Be sure you very clearly understand all the terms before signing the agreement.


It is essential to include the details of the facility. For instance, what is the size you like for applying? Infrastructure is critical here: Are there power, water, and proper waste disposal systems? All of these will depend on how well you will be able to go about your daily business routine.

Legal and regulatory requirements

Last but not least are the legal and regulatory requirements. Try to understand the laws on zoning and environmental conservation regarding your business. Failing to do this can easily result in suits and heavy fines from the authorities.

Consulting with professionals who specialize in industrial real estate services can provide valuable insights and help navigate these complexities.

Challenges and opportunities in the leasing market

The dynamic leasing warehouse or factory market in Vietnam constantly presents opportunities for changeability within the ever-evolving business. For one to get deeper into this market, there has to be a landscape analysis and strategic planning.

Common Challenges

The complexity is the most common problem faced by businesses: legal requirements, zoning laws, and environmental regulations; these are hard to navigate.

Apart from these, prime locations are also rather costly since there is much demand for them. Rents, especially for such locations, can be much higher than the budgeted amounts. From there, the businesses also have to find the condition and suitability of facilities because older warehouses may involve much upgrading to modern standards.

Emerging Trends and Opportunities

But there are opportunities everywhere in the market. Vietnam has made giant strides towards industrialization, so the country has an excellent demand for competitive industrial space according to current requirements, and it is usually given to build new, modern, well-equipped warehouses and factories capable of matching various business needs.

Other driving forces in the marketplace include the increase of e-commerce and the direction toward sustainability. Likely, businesses that can leverage these types of trends are put into an excellent position to find potentially profitable opportunities. For example, green-certified locations or facilities near freight transportation hubs are in the highest demand.

Popular locations for warehouse and factory leasing

When considering warehouse or factory leasing in Vietnam, it’s essential to focus on regions and cities with high availability of industrial spaces. These areas offer strategic advantages for businesses looking to expand or establish operations.

Key regions and cities

  • Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh City is an appropriate location to lease industrial space. It is added to the Cat Lai Port, considered the most significant in Vietnam. It is a city that is very big in terms of infrastructure and has easy access. The infrastructure of the city is open to all importers and exporters of goods, with a well-developed network of roads and highways for the movement of goods and commodities in the least of time.

  • Hanoi

The other widely known industrial renting place is the capital, Hanoi. Hanoi is very blessed in its strategic position in the north and its access to ports and highways. The industrial zone in the capital, Hanoi, is fast. Hence it creates a lot of space and opportunities for businesses since they have space, labor, and government incentives.

  • Binh Duong

The industrial parks in Binh Duong are characterized as being appropriately sized, properly equipped, respectively, and new as they are. Binh Duong, therefore, reasonably, combines both saving rents and adequate levels and availability of all facilities. The accessibility of Binh Duong to big ports and major highways makes it more appealing to companies involved in logistics and manufacturing.

  • Dong Nai

Situated contiguous to Ho Chi Minh City, it assumes a critical location—an industrial belt. With highly developed infrastructure and Long Thanh International Airport sandwiched with numerous industrial parks, it is increasingly becoming one of the most favored business spots. Dong Nai is at a strategic location that provides the facility of accessing the markets in the south and further to the international seaport system.

  • Hai Phong

A coastal city in northern Vietnam, is a key industrial center with direct access to the sea. The city’s deep-water port, Lach Huyen, and its extensive industrial zones provide exceptional opportunities for businesses involved in manufacturing and trade. Hai Phong’s connectivity to China and other northern markets adds to its strategic importance.


In summary, warehouse or factory leasing in Vietnam offers strategic benefits for business expansion. It is an opportunity realized if one can make the gains due to the possibility of conducting business in the rental market. Those who can focus on the correct regions with local expertise will be able to arrange things on competitive terms and thus succeed, which very much defines the extremely active industrial landscape of Vietnam.