Craig Carton Wife (Kim Carton) Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Net Worth, Early Life

Kim Carton is the wonderful wife of Craig Carton, the friendly voice behind the radio and TV scenes. You might have caught him co-hosting the lively sports radio show, Carton and Roberts. Before that, he was the other half of the dynamic duo on Boomer and Carton, a show that made WFAN history as the most listened-to.

Kim and Craig’s love story is nothing short of a fairy tale. They’ve been each other’s rock for more than two decades, building a beautiful family along the way. Their journey together is a heartwarming tale of love, laughter, and lasting companionship.

Meet Kim Carton, the wife of Craig Carton

Kim Carton, the wife of Craig Carton, shares a meaningful family life with their four children – Anthony, Lucky, Sonny, and Mickey. Beyond her role as Craig’s partner, Kim has had a career in the cleaning industry, and some sources even suggest she was a successful businesswoman earlier in her life.

Born in 1975 in Huntington, Pennsylvania, Kim is known for being quite private about her personal life. While details are scarce, it is worth noting that she once managed the Tic Toc Stop Foundation, an organization reportedly created by her husband, Craig Carton.

Kim Carton Education

Kim Carton, Craig’s wife, is a woman of education, although the specific institutions she attended remain a mystery, as she values her privacy dearly. It’s known that much of her education took place in her hometown of Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania.

Kim Carton career

Kim Carton is recognized as a resilient businesswoman who has carved her path to success in the clothing industry. Before venturing into the world of fashion, Kim and her husband, Craig Carton, dedicated their efforts to running the Tic Toc Stop Foundation, a charitable organization aimed at supporting children dealing with Tourette Syndrome. This cause was particularly close to their hearts, given Craig’s personal experience with the syndrome during his childhood.

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy struck, affecting a close friend named Jackie. Seeking refuge with Kim Carton, they found a shared passion for business collaboration. This shared vision led to the inception of Valley in 2013, a boutique launched at the New York Tribe. The name Valley was a heartfelt homage to their hometown, Huntington Valley.

This venture marked the beginning of Kim’s journey as a businesswoman. Together with Jackie, they created a clothing store that reflected their personal style and preferences. Over the years, as Valley thrived, Kim gained valuable experience in the industry. The business expanded with the opening of malls and restaurants nearby, contributing to Kim’s growth as a successful entrepreneur.

Kim Carton’s Net Worth

So, when it comes to Kim Carton’s net worth, the details are kept under wraps, but it’s safe to say she enjoys a pretty comfortable life, thanks to her hubby. Craig Carton, the radio sensation, has a net worth of around $4 million, mostly raked in from his time behind the mic.

Word on the street is that Craig might be waving goodbye to WFAN for good. The scoop is that he’s eyeing a bigger paycheck over at FS1, and while we’re not sure about the exact numbers, the whispers suggest it’s a sweet deal—something in the seven figures range. Looks like Craig’s in for a potentially big-league move in his career!

Kim Carton Charity Works

Kim Carton and her husband embarked on a heartfelt journey by establishing the “Tic Toc Stop” foundation, a charity dedicated to helping children grappling with Tourette syndrome.

Now, let’s dive a bit into Tourette syndrome. It’s a neurological disorder that brings about sudden, repetitive, and sometimes rapid movements or vocal sounds known as “tics.” Picture involuntary eye blinking, shoulder movements, or even certain sounds when saying the word “tic.”

Craig Carton faced this challenge during his early childhood, as Tourette syndrome tends to affect male children. The good news is that it’s treatable with the right medications, and Craig found relief from the syndrome. This personal experience inspired him to open a charity aimed at supporting other children facing similar struggles.

As for Kim Carton’s current involvement in the charity after her divorce from Craig, that remains a mystery. The pages of their personal journey continue to unfold, and the details of Kim’s ongoing commitment to the foundation remain unknown.

Kim Carton Before Fame

Long before Kim Carton found herself in the spotlight, she had a wonderfully ordinary and happy childhood. Back then, she was just a kid with a thirst for knowledge, always curious about the world unfolding around her. Her school days were filled with the joy of learning, where she forged numerous friendships and relished her time in the classroom.

Kim, even in those early days, displayed brilliance and a strong work ethic in her studies. Beyond the books, she found joy in reading, playing sports, and cherishing moments with her family. The support and encouragement of her parents played a vital role in shaping the person she eventually became. Kim’s journey began in those formative years, laying the groundwork for the success she enjoys today. Learning new things remains a constant joy for her, a testament to the love of discovery instilled in her during her early life.

Kim Carton’s Husband

Meet Kim Carton’s husband, Craig Carton—the lively co-host of the Carton and Roberts sports radio program on WFAN Radio in the heart of New York City. Their love story unfolded over several years, culminating in a marriage that brought four beautiful children into their lives. Like any couple, they’ve weathered their fair share of ups and downs.

In 2017, a surprising twist shook their world when Craig faced arrest on fraud charges. The accusations hinted at financial missteps, with funds meant for other purposes allegedly diverted to cover his gambling debts. The shock deepened when he was not only found guilty but also convicted.

After spending time behind bars, Craig was released in 2021. However, the impact of this challenging period has led to rumors about the couple’s relationship status. Some sources suggest that they might be living apart, though not officially divorced. It’s a reminder that even amidst fame, love stories can be filled with twists and turns.

Kim and Craig tied the knot in Denver

Craig Carton

A year after their wedding, Carton found himself in Denver, Colorado, on Christmas Eve. Without a second thought, he decided to give Kim a call. The conversation flowed effortlessly, and as the night unfolded, Kim agreed to fly to Denver.

Around this time, Carton, alongside his friend Marc Lawrence, co-founded Vegas Experts. The day before Kim’s arrival, Marc dropped the news that they had a meeting with a major advertiser in New York, offering them a whopping $1 million. With a swift change of plans, Kim was directed to meet Carton at the New York airport. True to the arrangement, they met up and spent the night out with Craig’s friends. The pair later relocated to Denver on April 1, 1999, and remarkably, within three months, they were engaged. Their journey from a Christmas Eve call to engagement unfolded swiftly, marked by unexpected turns and exciting new beginnings.

Kim Carton Children

Kim and Craig Carton were not just partners in life but were also blessed with a beautiful family comprising three sons and one daughter. Their sons, named Lucky Carton, Anthony Carton, and Sonny Carton, bring a lively energy to the Carton household.

Their lone child, Mickey Carton, surely brings a hint of sweetness to the Carton family dynamics, adding to the family’s attractiveness. Kim and Craig, as parents, have cultivated a supportive atmosphere for their four children, each of whom adds a distinct character to the colourful fabric of their family life. The delight that each child’s uniqueness, love, and laughter bring to the family is evident in the Carton household.

Some Details About Her Ex-Husband Career

Kim’s husband has been a fixture in the radio scene since 1991, kicking off his career at WGR Radio. Over the years, he’s showcased his on-air talent at WWE, CBS Sports, and WIP, leaving his mark on the radio waves. On Fox Sports, Craig Carton took the spotlight with the “Carton Show” during weekday mornings. However, he truly made waves with the “Boomer and Carton” show, earning several accolades and claiming the title of the most listened-to show since WFAN first hit the airwaves. Beyond radio, Craig extends his reach with a podcast titled “Hello, My Name Is Craig,” a platform dedicated to helping listeners tackle gambling addictions. Despite spending time in jail, this strong radio personality has moved past that period of his life and is now committed to living each day to the fullest. It’s important to remember that Craig has experienced and overcome addiction in common with other well-known individuals like Ben Affleck, Charlie Sheen, Michael Jordan, and Charles Barkley. Craig Carton is one of those people on this path of self-improvement who has faced his difficulties head-on and then turned them into an opportunity to encourage and support others.

Kim Carton Scandal

The whole media circus around Craig Carton’s controversies and scandals hasn’t just been about him – it’s shone a bright spotlight on his wife, Kim Carton, too. Picture being the spouse of a big-name sports talk radio host and social media personality when serious allegations, involving millions of dollars, hit the fan.

These controversies have thrown Kim into the public eye, making her deal with the fallout and intense public scrutiny. Imagine being the partner of someone caught up in a scandal – it’s not just about navigating the storm, but also facing the consequences of your spouse’s actions.

Let’s be clear, though – Kim is her own person, separate from the choices Craig made. Yet, the ripples from these controversies have definitely rocked her life in different ways. Through all this mess, Kim’s shown some serious strength and resilience, handling the chaos with a lot of grace and determination.

As we dig into Kim’s story and all that she’s achieved, it’s crucial to recognize the challenges she’s faced and give credit where it’s due for her ability to stand strong during these tough times.

Kim and Jackie Brookestein

Jackie Brookstein isn’t just Kim’s business partner – she’s her ride-or-die best friend. Together, they own this fabulous shop that’s like a treasure trove, filled with women’s fashion, home goodies, and all sorts of accessories. Now, let me take you back to 2013, the year these two dynamic ladies cooked up the idea of their dream store.

Guess where they set up shop? Right in their own backyard, Huntingdon Valley, and they gave it the perfect name – “The Valley,” a sweet tribute to their hometown roots. Now, here’s the heartwarming part: the whole idea of starting a clothing store sparked when Hurricane Sandy hit Jackie hard in 2012. She needed shelter, turned to Kim, and voila, a business idea was born.

But let me tell you, these two aren’t just business partners; they’re practically inseparable besties who go way back to their childhood days. Their friendship is the secret sauce that makes “The Valley” not just a store but a place where the community gathers, and the good vibes flow.

Kim Carton Measurements

Kim has this effortlessly chic vibe, standing tall at about 5 feet 8 inches and rocking a weight of around 121 lbs. She’s got this killer slim figure that boasts measurements of 34-24-35 inches.

Just to break it down a bit, her bust is a confident 34 inches, waist a tiny 24 inches, and hips a fabulous 35 inches. In the bra department, she comfortably wears a 33B, and when it comes to shoes, she’s strutting around in a stylish size 6.5.

And let’s talk about those captivating features – she’s got these mesmerizing hazel eyes that just draw you in, complemented perfectly by her naturally straight blonde hair. It’s that kind of effortlessly cool and put-together look that adds a whole lot of charm to her persona.

Kim on Instagram

It’s difficult to find a lot of information on Kim Carton in the media because she appreciates her privacy. She has taken the conscious decision to shield her private life from prying eyes. Furthermore, she has explicitly instructed her spouse not to provide any information about their kids to the press, stressing the value of protecting their family’s privacy.

It’s noteworthy that Kim goes over and beyond for privacy by abstaining from social media. You won’t find her on Instagram or any other social media platform since she prefers to live her life out of the public eye. Kim’s lifestyle is further enhanced by this deliberate choice, which gives her more privacy and freedom to live her life as she pleases.

Kim Carton’s Hobbies

  • Carton is a book lover, diving into all sorts of reads, from self-improvement to fascinating biographies and business tales.
  • Now, Kim? She’s a kitchen wizard, whipping up tasty creations and always up for trying new recipes. It’s her way of spreading joy through delicious meals, especially for her family and friends.
  • When she’s not ruling the kitchen, Kim’s in her creative zone, dabbling in painting and drawing. And get this – her artwork? It’s not just for show; she weaves it into her home decor, making her space uniquely hers.
  • But wait, there’s more to Kim’s story. Gardening is her happy place. Planting vibrant flowers and fresh veggies, she finds peace outdoors, surrounded by nature’s beauty.
  • And let’s talk fitness. Kim takes it seriously, blending in everything from easygoing walks to refreshing runs and calming yoga sessions. It’s not just about staying active; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that keeps her feeling her best.

Where Is Kim Carton Now?

Kim Carton has managed to keep a tight lid on her current whereabouts, and there’s not a whisper online about the details of her personal life. Questions about what the celebrity spouse is up to these days or where Kim might be right now remain unanswered.

However, according to some sources, it’s suggested that Carton currently calls New York, New York, home. Despite the lack of concrete information, it seems like Kim is keeping things private and maintaining a low profile in the bustling city.

Fun Facts about Kim Carton

  • Kim is not just a football fan; she’s all in for the Philadelphia Eagles. You can feel her passion when she cheers for her team.
  • But her love for creating extends beyond the football field. Kim’s kitchen is like a sweet haven where she whips up mouthwatering desserts, with cookies and cakes taking the spotlight.
  • Now, about her favorite color – it’s purple. From her wardrobe choices to the decor in her space, hints of purple paint a vibrant picture of Kim’s personality.
  • And the woman is quite the globetrotter. Italy, France, Japan – you name it, she’s been there, soaking in the beauty and culture of various countries.
  • Kim is not just about savoring life; she’s an artist in her downtime. Painting and drawing are her creative outlets, adding a personal touch to her world.
  • When it’s movie night, you’ll find her diving into comedies and romantic films, enjoying a good laugh or a heartwarming story.
  • Family is where her heart is. Spending time with her daughter is a treasure, filled with moments of joy and the excitement of teaching her new things. That’s Kim – a fan, a creator, a traveler, and most importantly, a loving mom.

Final Words

In the enigmatic world of Kim Carton, a woman of resilience, grace, and privacy, her journey intertwines with love, family, and a successful career. From her early days in Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania, to building a thriving clothing business with friend Jackie Brookstein, Kim’s story reflects strength amid controversies surrounding her husband, Craig Carton.

As a dedicated mother to Anthony, Lucky, Sonny, and Mickey, Kim navigates life’s challenges with unwavering poise. Beyond the media storm, Kim remains a private force, indulging in her passions for art, cooking, and travel. Her commitment to the “Tic Toc Stop” foundation, coupled with her love for family, paints a portrait of a woman embracing life’s diverse colors, all while maintaining a discreet presence in the bustling heart of New York City.

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