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Norma Gibson rose to fame as a British personality, notably recognized as the initial wife of Tyrese Gibson, a renowned American actor and singer celebrated for his performances in major film franchises such as Fast & Furious and Transformers.

Her public presence experienced a notable surge when the couple went through a challenging separation, prompting them to involve legal measures in determining custody arrangements for their 12-year-old daughter.

In the following text, we will delve into different facets of Norma Gibson’s life, covering topics such as her financial standing, early upbringing, professional journey, and various other aspects worth exploring. Continue reading for a more comprehensive insight into her life.

Quick Facts About Norma Gibson

Real NameNorma Mitchell Gibson
NickNorma Gibson
Age42 years old
BirthdateMarch 1, 1981
BirthplaceLondon, England
Current ResidenceUK
Marital StatusDivorced

Norma Gibson’s Early Life

Norma Gibson, even though she’s known as the former spouse of a celebrity, has managed to keep much of her life before marrying Tyrese Gibson private. Born on March 1, 1981, in London, she is currently 42 years old as of the time of writing this post. Additional details include her height at 5 feet 6 inches and a weight of approximately 117 lbs. Despite the public attention, Norma has maintained a level of privacy about her early life and background.

Norma Gibson’s biography

Norma Gibson, who used to go by Norma Mitchell, was born in 1981, making her 42 years old now. Before getting hitched to Tyrese, she wasn’t really a public figure. You know Tyrese, the six-time Grammy nominee who made it big in the music scene.

Besides being Tyrese’s ex, Norma is actually quite the artist. She’s got this knack for painting, though it’s more of a low-key thing appreciated by a niche crowd. Every now and then, she gives us a peek into her artistic world through her social media.

So, Tyrese’s first wife is Norma. He made a name for himself in movies like “Fast and Furious” and “Four Brothers.” After they split, they each went their own way. In 2021, their daughter Shayla turned 14. Tyrese moved on and is now married to Samantha Lee. She’s the one he’s building a new life with after things ended with Norma.

Norma Gibson Family

Norma is a resilient and independent person who holds her privacy in high regard. She deliberately stays away from social media and maintains a low-key lifestyle, making details about her early life a bit mysterious. While she shares aspects of her married life on social platforms, she remains cautious about divulging personal details.

She cherishes the close bond she has with her father and feels that their relationship is genuinely unique. In addition to being her father, he is also her closest friend and a mentor who has consistently supported her.

I would like to convey my sincere appreciation for your steadfast assistance throughout these trying times. Your tolerance as I confided in you and offered my heart to you over the course of hours gave me the courage to confront challenges head-on.

Those moments are priceless. You stepped up to help me raise Shayla. Thank you for spending countless hours on FaceTime with her while I prepared dinner or tucked us in at night. Even when it was the wee hours of the morning in London, you stayed awake every night to read to her, embodying the role of a devoted father. We hold you in the highest regard, popsicles.

Norma Gibson’s Husband

Prior to being married to Tyrese Gibson, Norma was not well-known. That makes sense, though, given Tyrese’s prominence in the public eye.

Tyrese is truly a master of all trades now. In the music business, he has established himself by producing hits that have achieved platinum and gold status.

Most likely, you are most familiar with him from the “Fast and Furious” films. His resume does not end with action pictures, though; he has appeared in films such as “Baby Boy,” “Legion,” and “Death Race.”

But here’s the thing – Tyrese isn’t just about the glitz and glamour of showbiz. He’s got his hands in some serious writing too. Check out “How to Get Out of Your Own Way,” where he dives into identity and self-redefinition. And he co-wrote “Manology,” a deep dive into life and relationship lessons.

Now, despite Tyrese having a killer career with loads of accomplishments, we can’t really say the same about his relationship with Norma. It had its bumps, to say the least.

When did Norma Gibson cross paths with Tyrese Gibson?

Norma Gibson, the actor’s former wife, was a student in London back in 2002 when she first crossed paths with Tyrese. The specific field of her studies remains unknown. The two lovebirds began dating shortly after their initial meeting, and not long after, Norma made the decision to move with Tyrese to Los Angeles. Their relationship, initially kept under wraps, lasted for five years.

The pair later went on to take a big step ahead by being married in a private ceremony in 2007. At that point, they were divorced. Norma and her ex-husband made sporadic appearances together but, like many celebrity couples, they preferred to keep their marriage private.

However, the arrival of their daughter, Shayla Gibson, in 2007, marked a turning point in their marital journey. The once-private struggles became more apparent, leading to the dissolution of their marriage in 2009, as the couple officially filed for divorce.

What was the process of Norma and Tyrese’s divorce like?

Many were taken aback when Norma and Tyrese unexpectedly announced their divorce in 2009, given how short their marriage had been. Even though their marriage was brief, both people handled their divorce with grace and expressed a desire to work together for Shyla’s welfare.

But the friendly post-divorce situation was short-lived. Norma made the decision to disclose their reasons for splitting up to the public in 2015. She levelled severe charges against Tyrese, saying he had abused their daughter and suffered emotional and physical harm. After being profoundly impacted by a domestic abuse incident involving Ray Rice, a professional football player, Norma took this action.

Her motive was to shed light on domestic violence survivors, providing a platform for them to share their stories and be heard. Eventually, Norma decided to take legal action against Tyrese.

Upon discovering that Tyrese had hired a private investigator to monitor their daughter and her, the court granted Norma temporary custody of Shyla. It also issued a restraining order against Tyrese.

In response to these accusations, Tyrese admitted to spanking Shyla once but vehemently denied ever laying a hand on Norma. The situation unfolded as a complex and challenging chapter in their relationship.

Norma Gibson’s Legal Struggle for Custody Against Her Spouse

The quest for full custody of Shyla turned into a tumultuous legal showdown. Alongside allegations of physical and emotional abuse, Norma asserted that Tyrese grappled with bipolar disorder. She claimed that he frequently engaged in confrontations with others and pressured her to conceal his violent behavior.

Tyrese’s response to these accusations was assertive. In an interview, he asserted that he had married Norma solely to keep her in the U.S. Given her London origins, he was adamant about not wanting his daughter to live in another country with her mother.

As the legal battle unfolded, the court eventually granted both parents equal custody. However, this wasn’t the conclusion of the saga. Another court appearance ensued because Shyla expressed a desire to partake in extracurricular activities.

Tyrese disapproved, citing concerns about her academic performance. In contrast, Norma believed Shyla’s academic standing was satisfactory and supported her involvement in school plays and sports. In the end, the court sided with Norma in this matter.

Life with Tyrese before the divorce with the hubby

Tyrese and Norma first crossed paths in 2002. Back then, Norma, a college student, was residing in London with her mother. Sparks flew between them, and they quickly discovered a genuine connection. Tyrese, an artist, showered Norma with gifts, whisked her away on romantic getaways, and granted her unrestricted access to credit cards. A year later, Tyrese proposed that Norma join him in Los Angeles, and she agreed. Opting to be with him meant leaving behind her family and college life.

When they learned they would soon become parents in 2007, they set up a prenuptial agreement before getting married. Tyrese and Norma made a commitment to keep their personal affairs hidden from prying eyes throughout their relationship. Regretfully, their little period of bliss ended, leading to a civil separation.

Norma Gibson Career

Norma Gibson has chosen to keep her professional endeavors largely private. She is widely recognized, however, as the former spouse of Tyrese Gibson, a highly accomplished American actor and singer.

In 2018, there was a report shedding light on Norma Gibson’s perspective regarding employment. According to the report, despite a court-mandated child support arrangement with her ex-husband, which legally required her to seek employment, Norma made the decision not to pursue a job. It was reported that documents presented by her legal representatives in court argued that her seven hours of childcare support for her daughter should be considered active involvement in the everyday demands of life.

Norma expressed, “I am indeed occupied. I’m dedicated to completing my book, making positive changes in my life, and managing household responsibilities.”

Norma Gibson Net Worth

As of 2023, Norma Gibson’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Her ex-husband, on the other hand, boasts substantial wealth with a staggering $22 million. He earns a substantial chunk of this, approximately $5 million, from his performances in individual movies. Tyrese’s financial portfolio is quite diverse, involving investments in the stock market, a real estate business, and the purchase of a lavish $4 million dollar house.

While Norma’s net worth is notable, it’s clear that Tyrese’s financial standing is significantly higher, owing to his successful career and various investment ventures.

Norma Gibson Height, And Weight

Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight53 kg
Body Measurements35 – 29 – 36
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBrown

At forty-two, Norma Gibson has built a tapestry of tales, with each chapter narrating her own journey. She effortlessly satisfies the greatest criteria of beauty with her mesmerising charm and statuesque elegance, standing at 5’7″ and weighing 117 pounds.

Norma’s magnetic aura seems to enhance the features of a model’s face. Her facial elements come together to create a memorable and intriguing look, especially her captivating eyebrows and eyes.

Her dark, wavy hair is not just a style; it’s a reflection of her life. Each curl seems to tell a story of strength and energy, unveiling her vibrant personality. With thick hair and brown eyes, Norma’s appearance mirrors the depth of her experiences.

But it’s not just about the external. Norma’s figure is a testament to her commitment to health and wellness. Her self-care regimen is evident in her physique, earning her admiration.

Having entered the realm of Hollywood through marriage to an actor, Norma Gibson has navigated the highs and lows of a celebrity union, adding rich layers to her life story.

Every passing year marks another brushstroke on the canvas of Norma Gibson’s life, each story contributing to the vibrant masterpiece that defines her.

Norma Gibson steers clear of the media spotlight

It’s unclear how Norma has been managing her life in the wake of her divorce and the difficult custody dispute. On Valentine’s Day of 2017, her ex-husband Tyrese entered into a new marriage with Samantha Lee. Regretfully, their marriage ended in December 2020. They welcomed Soraya Lee Gibson as a daughter when they were together.

While their separation was initially announced amicably, the tone changed during the divorce proceedings. Samantha claimed that Tyrese had confined her and Soraya in his residence and cut off her financial support. Tyrese denied these allegations, and he reportedly considered her request for $20,000 in child support as “unreasonably high.” The post-marital situation turned contentious, adding another layer of complexity to their already intricate relationship dynamics.

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Where Is Norma Gibson Now?

Norma Gibson decided to disappear from the public eye following her custody battle with the “Fast and Furious” actor. In 2017, her ex-husband married Samantha Lee, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

After Soraya Lee Gibson was born, Tyrese and Samantha Lee’s relationship took a turn for the worst, ultimately leading to their divorce in December 2020.

Starring in “Family Matters,” Jaleel White pays homage to Tyrese and Norma Gibson’s common experiences by taking the stage. A turbulent custody dispute with his former girlfriend, Bridget Hardy, was a part of his personal journey.

However, time has altered their narrative, bringing forth a sense of shared responsibility. As co-guardians, Jaleel White and Bridget Hardy navigate the complexities of life while raising their daughter, Samaya White.

A common thread weaving through these stories is the intricate connection between personal challenges, legal systems, and human relationships. These narratives encapsulate the human experience, illustrating how one person’s choices and struggles ripple through the lives of many. Their stories delve into the complexities of evolving families, the pursuit of equilibrium, and the journey through progress and adversity.

Final Words

Norma Gibson’s life is a captivating journey with its fair share of highs and lows. From her early days in London to being Tyrese Gibson’s partner and facing the challenges that came their way, Norma’s story is one of resilience and strength.

She’s made a conscious choice to keep her early life private, showing her dedication to her daughter Shayla and her passion for the arts. Even in the midst of public scrutiny during her divorce and custody battle, Norma stayed true to her preference for a low-key lifestyle.

Though her net worth may not be on par with her ex-husband Tyrese’s, it speaks volumes about her independence and the decisions she’s made. Norma’s intentional step back from the public eye after the legal battles is a clear indication of her desire for a more private and peaceful life.

In simple terms, Norma Gibson’s story reminds us that behind the headlines and legal dramas, there’s a person navigating a unique journey—one marked by personal growth, challenges, and the pursuit of a meaningful life. As she continues to steer away from the media spotlight, Norma stands as a symbol of grace and resilience, adding her own authentic strokes to the diverse canvas of human experiences.