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Cicely Johnston is widely recognized as the spouse of the renowned American actor and writer, Demond Wilson. Beyond her role as a wife, Cicely gained prominence as a notable model and actress during the early 1970s in Hollywood.

Her journey into the public eye was marked by her marriage to the charismatic actor, Demond Wilson. Alongside her husband’s challenges, Cicely Johnston has found herself in the spotlight due to certain controversies.

In this article, we’ll delve into the personal and professional aspects of Cicely Johnston’s life. Additionally, we’ll explore the controversies, specifically the rumors of infidelity surrounding the Wilson couple.

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Early Life

Cicely Johnston keeps the details of her birth under wraps, but we do know she gained American citizenship through marriage. With pride, she identifies as Afro-American, follows the Christian faith, and carries the Libra zodiac sign. When it comes to family, Cicely Johnston remains tight-lipped, perhaps a result of her modeling career. As for education, the specifics escape us, but it’s reasonable to assume she pursued higher studies while navigating the world of modeling. It’s all part of the intriguing tapestry that makes up Cicely Johnston’s life.


Cicely Johnston holds her birth details close to her chest, maintaining a level of secrecy about her early life. What is known, however, is that she acquired American citizenship through marriage. Proud of her Afro-American heritage, Cicely Johnston aligns herself with the Christian faith and falls under the astrological sign of Libra. The details of her family life remain undisclosed, possibly influenced by the demands of her career in modeling.

Although the specifics of her education elude us, it’s not far-fetched to assume that Cicely Johnston pursued higher studies while navigating the dynamic world of modeling. The enigmatic blend of her cultural identity, religious beliefs, and astrological sign adds layers to the captivating tapestry that is Cicely’s life. It’s a story filled with intriguing nuances and undiscovered chapters, creating an air of mystery around this remarkable individual.

What is the status of Cicely Johnston’s marriage with her husband Demond Wilson?

Together, Cicely Johnston and her husband Demond Wilson, who went from being a well-known actor to being an author and evangelist, have a wonderful adventure. Demond’s popular character on the adored NBC comedy show Sanford and Son (1972–1977) was Lamont Sanford. On May 3, 1974, they decided to get married, and over the course of their four decades together, they have handled marriage with grace and without any reported arguments or separation rumours.

Their love story, like any enduring marriage, has seen its fair share of challenges. Demond, a familiar face on TV, grappled with drug addiction, spending a staggering $1,000 weekly on cocaine during his successful acting career. Despite these turbulent times, Cicely and Demond held onto their commitment, standing by each other’s side.

In a significant turn of events in May 1982, while Cicely Johnston was in the hospital, Demond underwent a profound spiritual transformation. Feeling isolated and defeated, he turned to prayer, seeking the Lord Jesus for the reunification of his family and the restoration of his mind. This pivotal moment led Demond to immerse himself in the Bible and seek ministerial counseling. His journey led him to become an evangelist, giving up habits like drinking, smoking, and dancing. By the fall of 1984, he was ordained as an international preacher, and the family made a move from their Beverly Hills home to Orange County.

Despite the trials they faced, Cicely Johnston and Demond remained unwavering in their commitment, emerging as a resilient family over almost fifty years. Their story is a captivating and inspiring narrative for couples in newer generations.

Cicely Johnston has six children

Get ready to meet the wonderful Wilson family, led by the dynamic duo of Cicely and her life partner, Demond! Together, this husband and wife team has raised six amazing kids: three sons – Christopher, Demond Jr., and David, and three daughters – Sarah, Nicole, and Mellisa.

Even while the couple values their kids’ privacy, it’s no secret that they are all paving their own routes to success. While some are thriving in the corporate realm, others are creating waves in the entertainment sector.

The thriving journey of their children doesn’t come as a surprise, thanks to the unwavering love and encouragement from their parents. Cicely Johnston and Demond are not just life partners; they’re also the biggest cheerleaders, dedicated to lifting their kids to new heights in their professional pursuits.

Divorce was never a consideration for Demond

49 years have passed since Demond and Cicely Johnston exchanged their vows.

Demond recently spoke about their lasting connection, highlighting that divorce has never been a consideration in their relationship. Taking a trip down memory lane, he shared that Cicely Johnston comes from a two-parent home where her parents cherished 60 years of marriage. Likewise, Demond’s upbringing took place in a two-parent household.

According to Demond, divorce wasn’t a prominent subject during his formative years. It wasn’t extensively discussed, as it wasn’t as prevalent during that era.

Cicely Johnston’s overall net worth

Cicely Johnston gained recognition through her marriage to Demond Wilson, an American actor and writer. Some sources suggest she had a past career as a stewardess and model, indicating that her previous endeavors may have contributed to her financial well-being.

While the precise figure of Johnston’s net worth remains unconfirmed, an estimate places it around $300,000. Additionally, considering the average hourly wage for U.S. models is $25.45, her earnings could fall within a similar range.

Similarly, other well-known celebrity wives such as Lisa Wiehoff and Wanda Ferraton also enjoy a substantial income. The world of celebrity partnerships often brings both recognition and financial success, contributing to the overall narrative of individuals like Cicely Johnston.

The total wealth of Cicely Johnston’s husband, Demond

At a height of 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm), Demond Wilson stands tall not just in stature but also in his impressive net worth, estimated at $1.5 million. This wealth reflects his diverse talents as an actor, author, and pastor.

You might recognize Demond best for bringing the character of Lamont Sanford to life in the cherished NBC TV series Sanford and Son, which aired from 1972 to 1977.

His journey in the entertainment world goes beyond Sanford and Son, including roles in TV series like Baby, I’m Back (1977 to 1978), The New Odd Couple (1982 to 1983), and Girlfriends (2004 to 2005). Taking his talents to the big screen, Demond has left his mark in movies like Full Moon High, Me and the Kid, and Hammerlock. Estimates suggest he earned between $50,000 and $65,000 for his acting roles.

Demond Wilson’s story is not just about fame and fortune but also about resilience and dedication, making him a notable figure in the entertainment industry.

Get to know Demond Wilson, the husband of Cicely Johnston

Allow me to present to you Demond, a well-known figure in American entertainment. Perhaps he was Lamont Sanford in the beloved 1970s TV sitcom “Sanford and Son.” Demond, who was born in Valdosta, Georgia, on October 13, 1946, began his acting career in the late 1960s. He soon secured the renowned role of Lamont Sanford in 1972, which was a turning point in his professional life.

His portrayal of Lamont in “Sanford and Son” not only earned him heaps of praise but also made him a household name throughout the show’s six-season run. Even after bidding farewell to the series in 1977, Wilson continued to grace screens with his talent, featuring in projects like “The New Odd Couple,” “Baby, I’m Back” alongside Kim Fields, and “The Love Boat.” Beyond the glitz and glamour, Demond underwent a spiritual transformation, embracing a born-again Christian path in the late 1970s and dedicating a significant chunk of his time to ministry work.

Now, here’s where the story gets interesting. Demond’s journey from a popular actor to an evangelist wasn’t a walk in the park. Dealing with drug addiction during the peak of his fame in the 1970s, he turned to substances like cocaine as a way to cope with the stress and demands of celebrity life. However, the plot takes a positive turn as he conquers addiction, setting the stage for a fresh and healthier chapter in his life’s story.

Where are Cicely Johnston and her husband Demond currently located?

After facing a period of health and financial struggles, Demond embarked on a transformative journey towards a brighter life. In 1984, he made the decision to sell his Beverly Hills home, choosing instead a more modest residence in Orange County for his family.

In this new phase, the pastor openly shared that he had left behind drinking, smoking, and dancing. During an interview, he conveyed:

I am no longer the same Demond Wilson; grace delivered me from sin.

Currently, Demond actively engages in supporting troubled youth and serves as an ordained pastor. His primary focus is on his church, with his wife wholeheartedly endorsing and fostering a religious lifestyle in their household.

At present, the couple is relishing a peaceful and joyful life together. Beyond their roles as caring parents, the Wilsons have warmly embraced the responsibilities of being grandparents to three grandchildren. Their journey echoes a commitment to positive transformation and the joys derived from a rewarding family life.

Public appearances in the role of an ordained pastor

Throughout the years, Demond has made appearances on the show “Praise the Lord” on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, sharing the stage with Clifton Davis. In these special appearances, he passionately preaches and encourages individuals to embrace Christianity.

During his preaching sessions, Demond frequently draws from his own life experiences, using them as a source of inspiration for the audience. In 2011, he took on a role alongside Nina Nicole in the play “The Measure of a Man,” written by Matt Hardwick. Set in South Georgia, this faith-based production aims to deliver a powerful and meaningful message.

Cicely Johnston was once an American model!

Introducing Cicely Johnston, a captivating African-American personality whose journey goes beyond being recognized as Demond’s celebrity spouse. She boasts a fascinating history as a former model and actress in the entertainment industry, contributing notably with modest roles in Hollywood.

Cicely Johnston’s climb to fame didn’t commence amidst the glitz of Hollywood. Her journey began with excellence as an airplane stewardess before making a splash as a model in the fashion industry.

This gorgeous woman broadened her acting portfolio by giving an outstanding performance in Jonathan Demme’s action-packed comedy-drama “Caged Heat” (1974). Cicely Johnston had a minor part, but her unquestionable talent and captivating presence made a lasting impression.

It’s essential to clarify that rumors circulated about her demise, which are entirely false. Cicely Johnston is very much alive today, relishing every precious moment with her family.

Height And Weight

While precise details regarding Cicely Johnston’s body measurements remain undisclosed, clues from her modeling career suggest she possesses a tall and slender physique, characteristics highly coveted in the industry.

At a height of 5 feet 5 inches, Cicely Johnston presents herself with dark skin, lustrous black hair, and mesmerizing black eyes that perfectly harmonize with her enchanting smile. The combination of these features adds to her distinct charm and allure.

Social Media

In the current year of 2023, it’s uncertain whether Cicely Johnston is actively using social media platforms. It appears plausible that she values the privacy of her personal life, potentially leading to a choice of not being actively involved in public social media accounts. This decision aligns with a desire to keep certain aspects of her life more private and away from the public eye.

The public image of Cicely Johnston

Despite being linked with a public figure, Cicely Johnston has adeptly preserved an air of mystery surrounding her personal life. Infrequent public appearances unveil a woman exuding understated elegance, with her fashion choices embodying a timeless grace. Johnston’s skill in maneuvering the public eye, striking a delicate balance between supporting her husband’s career and safeguarding her privacy, serves as a testament to her character and cherished values. This ability to navigate the limelight while preserving personal boundaries reflects her strong sense of self and commitment to maintaining a genuine and authentic presence.


Cicely Johnston has masterfully maintained a low-key presence throughout her career, steering away from notable rumors or controversies. Rather than actively pursuing the spotlight, she chooses to focus on her professional pursuits and personal life, successfully avoiding unwarranted attention.

This deliberate approach has enabled her to craft a favorable public image, garnering admiration and respect from both her colleagues and the wider public. Her dedication to preserving a private and down-to-earth lifestyle has played a significant role in building a positive reputation across both her professional and personal realms.

Final Words

Cicely Johnston’s life unfolds as a captivating narrative, from her intriguing journey as a model and actress to her enduring marriage with Demond Wilson. Despite facing challenges, the couple’s commitment has stood the test of time for almost five decades.

Cicely, a proud mother of six, has successfully navigated the complexities of fame while maintaining a private and dignified existence. Her husband, Demond Wilson, transitioned from a celebrated actor to a dedicated evangelist, embodying resilience and transformation. Together, they have embraced family, faith, and personal growth. Cicely Johnston remains an enigmatic figure, gracefully balancing her public image with a commitment to authenticity and privacy.