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Kiki, or Korina Harrison, was once married to Corey Harrison, the familiar face known as ‘Big Hoss’ on Pawn Stars. Corey, who stars on the show alongside his dad, Rick Harrison, and his childhood buddy Chumlee Harrison, shared the limelight with his ex-wife, Kiki.

Their love story, however, had a short chapter, coming to an end in September 2018, just over a year after their wedding on May 26, 2017. Their time together is remembered for being one of the quickest celebrity marriages ever.

Korina Harrison’s Bio

Korina Harrison hails from San Diego, California, and holds American nationality with a Caucasian ethnicity. Her name, Korina, has a Greek origin, signifying “Maiden.”

During her early years, Kiki spent a significant part of her childhood in San Diego.

Despite being a private individual, Korina Harrison has never publicly discussed her family. In contrast, her former husband, Corey, is the son of Rick Harrison and his ex-wife, Kim Harrison.

Regarding her education, she completed high school.


Given that we are unsure about Korina Harrison’s birthplace and date of birth in the United States, her age is a bit of a mystery. Her ex-husband, Corey Harrison, who was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on April 27, 1983, recently turned 40. Many speculate that Kiki is most likely the same age.

Even after marrying a well-known reality TV star, Korina Harrison found herself in the public eye, but she has generally managed to keep her private life private. Thus, many facts about her life are unknown to us, including her early years, her family, and even her schooling and profession.

Basically, she’s just a regular person whose life became a public spectacle when she married a reality TV star. We were hoping to learn more about her as her story unfolded with Corey Harrison, but as it turns out, their time together was short-lived.

Kiki has Greek heritage

As mentioned earlier, Kiki is an American citizen originally from San Diego, California, born on September 17, 1982. Despite her public presence, details about her early life and family background remain undisclosed. It has come to light, though, that Kiki identifies with Greek ethnicity. Additionally, it is reported that she completed high school but chose not to pursue college, leaving her educational journey at that stage.

Korina Harrison Profession

Corey Harrison’s wife rose to fame when she discovered her close blood ties to Corey, a prominent entrepreneur based in the United States. Corey is a key figure in the renowned World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop located in Las Vegas, a partnership that has added to his success.

Beyond his business ventures, Corey is a familiar face on the History TV show, Pawn Stars. Unfortunately, little is known about Corey Harrison’s wife’s life before she crossed paths with Corey. Exploring more details about her professional background could shed light on her journey.

Despite her association with Corey’s thriving career, there is currently no information about any honors or awards she may have received. Unraveling these aspects of her life could provide a more comprehensive understanding of Corey Harrison’s wife and her unique story.

How did Korina Harrison first meet her husband, Corey?

From the beginning of their romance, the couple kept their love story under wraps, maintaining a notably private stance. Corey rarely spoke about his girlfriend, Korina Harrison, during his stint on the show.

Honestly, when the news of their marriage hit the media, it caught many by surprise. Up until that point, Corey had never openly discussed his girlfriend, and the sudden announcement of their marriage left everyone taken aback.

Regardless of the unexpected turn of events, there was widespread happiness that Corey had eventually found his life partner.

Is Korina Harrison still married to Corey Harrison?

The marriage between Corey and Korina Harrison only lasted for almost a year. Since then, they have parted ways. It’s unclear how they initially connected and fell in love, but on May 26, 2017, they decided to take the risk and were married in a small ceremony in San Diego, California. There were only a few close friends and family members present.

Even while everyone was happy at first, things changed. In August 2018, a little more than a year later, they both made the decision to end things. The next month, the divorce was finalised, despite expectations of a reconciliation.

Just like in many celebrity breakups, rumors floated around about why they split. While Korina Harrison has stayed tight-lipped, Corey mentioned that their busy work schedules played a part. Despite the challenges, they managed to part ways amicably, keeping a friendly relationship even after the divorce.

Korina and Corey Harrison welcomed a son into the world, and they named him Richard Benjamin Harrison

Korina and Corey Harrison made waves when they announced their plans to name their child Richard Benjamin Harrison in honour of Corey’s grandfather, Richard Harrison, prior to their divorce.

But before the child was born in October 2018, their divorce was officially finalised, and they parted ways. Although Richard’s current whereabouts are unknown to the public, it is thought that the ex-couple has joint custody of him. Richard and Corey are the only children of Korina Harrison that are known to the public.

There were no kids from Corey’s first marriage to Charlene Harrison, his high school sweetheart. They got married in 2009, and after more than five years together, they decided to get a divorce in 2015. As far as the general public is aware, Korina Harrison’s union with Corey was her first.

Is Korina Harrison currently in a relationship after her divorce?

Korina Harrison maintains a private and reserved lifestyle, making it difficult to uncover specific details about her personal life. Since her split from Corey, she appears to have retreated from the public spotlight.

Meanwhile, Corey has embarked on a new chapter and is currently in a relationship with Tara Pasley. Their connection has been enduring and has stood the test of time.

Before marrying Korina Harrison, Corey had already been through the institution of marriage. His previous marriage was with Charlene Harrison, and they went their separate ways in 2015.

One year after exchanging vows, they ended their marriage

Their love story began on a positive note, but unfortunately, it took a different turn, leading to the decision of Corey and his wife, Korina Harrison, to part ways after just a year of marriage.

Citing their busy schedules as the primary reason for their separation, Corey expressed his sentiments in an interview with the Blast, stating,

“Karina and I share an unbreakable bond of love. Our conflicting work commitments made it challenging to sustain our marriage, but we continue to hold a strong friendship and wish nothing but the best for each other.”

The divorce process was initiated by Corey in August 2018, and the legal proceedings concluded on September 10th of the same year.

Both Corey and his good friend, Chumlee, have had encounters with the law

Corey and his good friend Chumlee Harrison have had their fair share of encounters with the law, each with its own distinct tale. Corey’s run-in happened in 2011 during a night out at a bar, where things took an intense turn. The situation escalated, prompting a call to the police. When the dust settled, Corey found himself in handcuffs after a physical altercation with a police officer. Fortunately, he was eventually released.

On the flip side, Chumlee faced a more serious legal ordeal. During a police raid on March 9, 2016, initially related to an unrelated sexual assault case, authorities uncovered illegal weapons and drugs at Chumlee’s residence. Despite the sexual assault case not moving forward, he ended up with a three-year probation due to the charges related to possession.

When Corey, the former husband of Korina, publicly urinated in a bar

Back in 2014, there’s this noteworthy incident involving Corey, the ex-husband of Korina Harrison. It happened during one of his motorcycle escapades with friends, where a heavily intoxicated Corey decided to publicly relieve himself in a bar. Surprisingly, he had no memory of the whole incident afterward.

Corey’s past is marked by instances of causing a ruckus while under the influence. On a separate occasion, he found himself in a scuffle with the police at a bar, resulting in his arrest. According to Nicki Swift’s report from an eyewitness, the scene unfolded with Big Hoss pulling down his pants and urinating on a bar stool.

Corey Harrison, her former spouse, gained fame through his notable contributions to the television show Pawn Stars

Ever since the History Channel introduced us to the fascinating world of Pawn Stars in 2009, it has become a beloved source of entertainment for many.

The inception of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, courtesy of Richard ‘Old Man’ Harris and Rick Harrison in 1989, paved the way for the behind-the-scenes exploration provided by the show.

Corey, along with his childhood friend Austin Russell (Chumlee), was an early enthusiast of Pawn Stars. Over time, the show has climbed the ranks of History’s ratings, securing the second spot, just behind Jersey Shore in reality TV ratings.

Now, let’s dive into Corey’s journey. While he is now the one in charge at the shop, his involvement started at a tender age of 9, undertaking simple tasks like brushing knobs. In a poignant moment during the 7th season, Corey expressed his desire for a 10% stake in the shop to his grandpa and dad, or he’d consider exploring other job opportunities. The negotiations concluded with a salary raise and a 5% partnership in the business.

Details Regarding the Pawn Stars Show

Pawn Stars is a captivating show that follows the daily lives of the Harrison family, proud owners of a Las Vegas pawn shop. The series unfolds as they navigate interactions with a diverse array of people, such as Annie Bakes, who come to the shop with the belief that their old artifacts hold significant value.

What ensues are negotiations and discussions as both parties attempt to find common ground. However, Pawn Stars is far from being merely transactional. Many viewers are drawn to the show not only to explore the world of artifacts but also to gain insights into history.

However, the show’s drama and controversy are what really elevate it and provide viewers a fun experience. With more than 20 seasons under its belt, Pawn Stars has become one of the longest-running TV series thanks to this successful model. Along the way, the show has produced many noteworthy moments and helped to create some of the most recognisable memes on the internet.

Body Measurements of Corey Harrison’s Wife

Korina Harrison is a person of duality, navigating two distinct lives. Unfortunately, specific details about her physical attributes, including height, weight, and bra size, remain undisclosed. Examining her photographs, it becomes evident that Korina Harrison possesses dark brown hair, captivating dark blue eyes, and a fair complexion, adding to the enigmatic aura surrounding her.

Korina Harrison’s Net Worth

Korina Harrison’s profession remains undisclosed, a deliberate choice that reflects her commitment to preserving her privacy. Corey, her ex-husband, acknowledged in an interview that their demanding schedules played a role in their divorce. Although the specifics are unknown, it’s reasonable to assume that Korina Harrison is in a financially stable position.

Korina Harrison’s journey highlights the delicate balance required to navigate personal life amidst the challenges of fame. While her marriage to Corey was brief, her ascent to fame underscores the profound impact that association with a celebrity can have on one’s life. It’s a testament to the complexities of managing personal and public spheres in the spotlight.

Social Media

Korina Harrison not on instagram, While her ex-husband boasts a substantial following of over 440k fans user name is @realcoreyharrison. Interestingly, it appears that she does not actively engage on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

What is Korina Harrison’s current whereabouts?

Korina Harrison has intentionally stepped away from the public eye, and word has it that she’s presently residing and working in Las Vegas. It appears she has opted for a quieter and more private lifestyle since her marriage came to an end.

Despite being very active on social media, Korina Harrison decided to remove her account after her breakup from Corey, especially on Instagram where she had a respectable following. She hasn’t been very active on the internet since then.

While information regarding Korina Harrison’s personal life is still unknown, particularly her present romantic status, Corey has been romantically associated with other women throughout the years. He hasn’t, however, decided to be married once more.

Speculation about a potential reunion between Korina and Corey surfaced post-divorce, fueled by their maintained friendly relationship and intimate pictures shared by Corey on Instagram. Yet, as time passed, it became apparent that both have moved forward with their lives.

Corey remains actively involved in the Pawn Stars series, overseeing the family business, but Korina Harrison’s current pursuits are less transparent. Despite the uncertainty, it’s evident that she has chosen a more private path, steering clear of the spotlight.

Final Words

Korina Harrison, also known as Kiki, had a brief but impactful chapter in the public eye due to her marriage to Corey Harrison, the ‘Big Hoss’ of Pawn Stars fame. Despite the mystery surrounding her early life, family, and profession, her connection with Corey brought her into the limelight.

Their whirlwind romance led to a quick marriage, which unfortunately ended in divorce after just over a year. The couple shares a son, Richard Benjamin Harrison. Since the divorce, Korina Harrison has chosen a private life, stepping away from social media and the public eye. Corey has moved on, but Korina’s current whereabouts and endeavors remain a mystery.

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Who is Korina Harrison?

Korina Harrison, also known as Kiki, gained attention through her marriage to Corey Harrison, popularly known as ‘Big Hoss’ from Pawn Stars.

When did Korina Harrison and Corey get married?

Korina Harrison and Corey tied the knot on May 26, 2017, in a small ceremony in San Diego, California.

How long did their marriage last?

Unfortunately, their marriage lasted for just over a year, coming to an end in September 2018.

Do Korina Harrison and Corey have children together?

Yes, they have a son named Richard Benjamin Harrison, born in October 2018, after their divorce was finalized.

Why did Korina Harrison and Corey get divorced?

The official reason stated by Corey was their conflicting work schedules, making it challenging to sustain their marriage.

Is Korina Harrison currently in a relationship?

Korina Harrison has maintained a private life since her divorce, and details about her current relationship status remain unknown.

What is Korina Harrison’s profession?

Details about Korina’s profession are undisclosed. Her association with Corey, a reality TV star and entrepreneur, brought her into the public eye.

Where is Korina Harrison now?

Korina has intentionally stepped away from the public eye. It is reported that she resides and works in Las Vegas, choosing a more private lifestyle.

Are there rumors of a reunion between Korina Harrison and Corey?

Speculation arose post-divorce, but both have moved forward with their lives. While Corey remains active on Pawn Stars, Korina Harrison has chosen a more private path.

Does Korina Harrison have a social media presence?

Although she was active on Instagram, Korina Harrison removed her account after her breakup from Corey and has since been less active on the internet.

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