Henry Olyphant Wiki, Early Life, Education, Career, Parents, Siblings, GF, And More

Meet Henry Olyphant, the son of the talented actor Timothy Olyphant and Alexis Knief. You probably know Timothy from his amazing performances in HBO’s Deadwood and the FX series Justified. Despite having such a famous dad, Henry Olyphant prefers to keep things low-key, and that’s got everyone intrigued about his life.

Now, what does Henry Olyphant get up to? Is he into movies like his dad? And, the burning question on everyone’s mind – is he currently dating someone? Stick around with us, as we take a closer look at the life of Timothy’s only son, Henry Olyphant, and spill the beans on all the details.

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Henry Olyphant Wiki

Full Name Henry Olyphant
Nick NameHenry
Age23 years
Birth PlaceLos Angeles
Marital StatusSingle
Famous for As the son of Timothy Olyphant
Current ResidenceWestwood, Los Angeles, California

Henry grew up in Los Angeles

Born in the year 2001 in sunny California, USA, this star kid, now 22 years old, has experienced the glitzy side of life. Growing up amidst luxury, he shares his childhood memories with two sisters.

Delving into his roots, Henry Olyphant boasts a diverse ethnic background. On his father Timothy’s side, he carries a mix of English, Scottish, one-eighth Ashkenazi Jewish, along with traces of German, Dutch, Irish, and even a touch of remote French Huguenots ancestry. From his mom’s side, he proudly identifies with his English heritage.

Early Life

Picture this: Henry Olyphant, born in the sunny vibes of California back in 2001, practically grew up in the dazzling world of Hollywood. Now, his parents, Timothy Olyphant and Alexis Knief, are like a real-life love story—they met during their college days at the University of Southern California and have been partners in crime since 1991.

Now, let’s talk about Henry Olyphant’s folks. His dad, Timothy, isn’t just any guy; he’s made a name for himself in the movies, even scoring the Theatre World Award in 1996. Meanwhile, Alexis, his mom, is the force behind the scenes, rocking the role of a dedicated homemaker.

But, wait, there’s more to the Olyphant family saga. Henry Olyphant’s got an older sister, Grace, born in ’99, and a little sis, Vivian, who joined the crew in 2003. Right in the middle, Henry stands as the family’s only son, adding his own dash of charm to this Hollywood tale.

Henry Olyphant Biography

Henry Olyphant, a bit of an enigma when it comes to his birthdate in the US, but we do know it happened in 2001. Proudly hailing from Los Angeles, he’s a true-blue American citizen. Henry Olyphant shares his life journey with two sisters, Grace Katherine (born in ’99) and Vivian Olyphant (joining the crew in 2003). But here’s the twist – he’s the only son in this sibling trio.

At the age of 21, Henry Olyphant is still basking in the warmth of California’s sun. If you catch a glimpse of him, you’ll notice his fair skin, blond locks, and those piercing dark brown eyes that seem to capture every moment.

Now, onto the college chapter of his life. Henry Olyphant, with an artistic flair, took a plunge into the art scene post-high school, enrolling at Wildwood School. Notably, he earned the Julian Choji Scholarship at Brentwood Art Center in 2018—a remarkable achievement, to say the least!

But the journey didn’t halt there. In 2019, he packed his bags and headed to the trendy Parsons School of Design in New York, rubbing shoulders with The New School crew. This move followed his graduation from Wildwood in the same year. And, just for the record, he wrapped up his college adventures in 2023.

Now, let’s switch gears to his dad, Timothy. Before making waves in Hollywood, Timothy Olyphant walked the halls of Fred C. Beyer High School in Modesto. But here’s a tidbit—before the glitz and glamour, he spent a solid two years honing his acting skills at the William Esper Studio in New York. Quite the journey for both father and son, wouldn’t you agree?

Where is Henry Olyphant enrolled for college?

Following his high school graduation, Henry Olyphant took the artistic route and enrolled at Wildwood School, where he immersed himself in the world of Art. In 2018, he clinched the Julian Choji Scholarship at the Brentwood Art Center, showcasing his talent and dedication.

Subsequently, he ventured into the vibrant scene of Parsons School of Design – The New School in 2019. This move to the New York-based college came right after he completed his studies at Wildwood in the same year. Fast forward to 2023, and Henry Olyphant proudly holds his college degree.

Shifting gears to his dad, Timothy, he pursued higher education at the University of Southern California. But before the glitz of USC, he navigated the halls of Fred C. Beyer High School in Modesto. Adding a touch of the dramatic, Timothy also delved into a 2-year acting program at New York’s William Esper Studio. Quite the educational journey for both father and son!

Henry’s Family Background

Although details about his maternal grandparents remain elusive, we do have insights into Henry Olyphant’s paternal lineage. His grandfather, John Vernan Bevan Olyphant, carved his career path as the Vice President of production at Gallo Winery. Married to Katherine Olyphant, both hailed from the Continental U.S.

Taking a step back in the family tree, his great-grandfather, John Kensett Olyphant, Jr., made his mark as a banker. On the other side, his great-grandmother, Adele Sloane Hammond, was a Manhattan native and the sister of the well-known music producer John Hammond. Quite a fascinating blend of professions and backgrounds in Henry Olyphant’s family history!

Henry Olyphant has a pair of siblings

Henry Olyphant is part of a trio of siblings. His elder sister, Grace Katherine Olyphant, graced the world on June 20, 1999. Pursuing Business Administration at the California Polytechnic State University, she later interned at Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Creative Studio. At 24, Grace has found her niche in the world of Sustainable fashion creativity.

The Olyphant trio is completed by Vivian Olyphant, who entered the scene in 2003. Vivian took a different path, studying acting at the William Esper Studio in New York. Her debut on the screen came through the 2023 TV series “Justified: City Primeval,” sharing the spotlight with her renowned father, Timothy. In the series, she portrayed the character Willa Givens, Timothy’s on-screen daughter, leaving her mark in three episodes. Quite the talented and diverse Olyphant sibling squad!

Henry’s parents crossed paths at USC and have been happily married for 31 years

Timothy and Alexis, Henry Olyphant’s awesome parents, first bumped into each other during their college days at the University of Southern California. Sparks flew, and after a year of dating, they decided to make it official with a sweet wedding in July 1991.

Now, as we stroll into 2023, these lovebirds have been rocking the married life scene for over three decades. Timothy, the Deadwood actor, once spilled some wisdom about making a marriage work, saying, “You have to be with the right person, and you both have to be willing to do the work, day in and day out, to make it happen.” Their love story is a true inspiration, proving that it takes effort and the right partner to keep the flame burning bright.

Henry Olyphant Career

Henry Olyphant’s job is still a bit of a puzzle. Despite being all grown up, he’s chosen to keep a low profile, steering clear of the glitz and glam. Now, Timothy Olyphant, his dad, is a whole different story. Timothy’s a heavyweight in the American entertainment scene, making waves in movies and TV. He kicked off his acting journey at 23 in 1991 and has been turning heads ever since. Talk about two different roads these father and son have taken, don’t you think?

Henry Olyphant net worth

Navigating the details of Henry Olyphant’s career is a bit like solving a puzzle. Some media whispers hint that he might have around $50,000 tucked away.

Now, let’s talk about Timothy, who’s a bit of a maestro when it comes to success. This guy’s no stranger to financial wins. With an estimated net worth of around $20 million, he’s definitely playing in a different league. Quite the contrast between father and son, wouldn’t you say?

Has he ever appeared in films?

Henry hasn’t ventured into the world of movies or TV shows. Instead, in 2023, he proudly graduated from the Parsons School of Design – The New School. If you take a peek at his LinkedIn profile, you’ll find his specialties listed as Painting, Printmaking, and Adobe Products.

It’s clear that Henry Olyphant is forging his own artistic journey. He even showcased his creativity by designing a cover art for one of his sister’s singles. Vivian, his sister, shared the artwork on her Instagram, expressing gratitude to her talented brother, Henry. Seems like the Olyphant family has a knack for artistic collaborations!

Henry found his father’s voice role in Call of Duty quite impressive

A couple of decades back, Timothy, Henry Olyphant’s dad, spilled the beans about his son during an appearance on Conan O’Brien’s show. The Justified actor shared that Henry is a huge fan of his voice acting in the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

When Conan asked if Timothy’s kids are into video games, he responded with a chuckle, “Yeah, yeah, well, my son can’t get enough. When he’s at home playing a violent shooter game, and I’m in the game encouraging him to shoot people, he’s like, ‘Dad, it’s awesome.'”

Despite being a fan of his dad’s work, Henry Olyphant doesn’t see Timothy as a cool person, at least according to Timothy himself, who humorously describes it as “very pathetic” from his son’s perspective. Family dynamics and teenage perceptions, right?

The kid living the high life in the celebrity spotlight

Henry Olyphant, the son of the Hollywood star Timothy Olyphant and Alexis Knief, is still finding his way into the professional world, and we don’t have the inside scoop on his income or assets just yet. However, it’s pretty clear he’s enjoying the good life, all thanks to the fame and fortune his dad has earned.

Speaking of his dad, Timothy Olyphant, the seasoned actor, has stacked up a cool $20 million from his roles in movies and TV shows. Starting off as a newbie in Hollywood, he’s now a big deal, earning praise for his acting chops and leaving his mark on the world of entertainment.

It’s not just about the wealth, though. Timothy Olyphant is a force to be reckoned with in the acting scene, earning respect and admiration for his incredible talent. The Olyphant family isn’t just about the glitz and glamour; they’ve got artistic excellence running through their veins.

Henry Olyphant Relationship Status

Henry Olyphant might be at that age where relationships start becoming a thing. However, a sneak peek into his Facebook profile reveals no hints about his current romantic status. It looks like he’s fully occupied with his career, leaving little room for serious relationship endeavors.

Being quite the expert at keeping his personal life private, he’s not one to spill secrets to the media. Unless he decides to share some details himself, it’s safe to assume that he’s flying solo for the time being. Privacy is clearly his forte!

Physical Appearance

Height1.83 Metres
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourRed


Back in the day, Henry Olyphant had quite the sports spirit as a kid, and his dad spilled the playful details in an interview with SI magazine back in 2014.

According to Timothy, “My son was a huge fan of Clippers games. We’d go together, and he’d spend the whole time playing spot-the-cotton-candy-guy. ‘Look, Dad! There he is!'”

Then came a playoff game, and amid all the chaos and excitement, Henry Olyphant, with a mischievous grin, turned to his dad and cracked a joke: “‘You know, this would make it really good… Waldo where?'” As they both grew older, these game nights became even more fun. It’s these kinds of moments that truly build strong bonds, you know?

Henry Olyphant On Social Media

Guess what? Henry Olyphant is hanging out on Facebook, but here’s the twist—he goes by a different name in the social media realm, introducing himself as “Hank Olyphant.” And you know what’s even more intriguing? He’s been rocking this alias for quite some time. Even during his Parsons days, that’s the name he stuck with. Quite the enigma in the world of social media, isn’t he?

Future Plans

Henry Olyphant is currently in the student phase, yet to take the plunge into his professional journey. Unlike his father and sisters who have ventured into acting, fashion, and business, Henry seems to have kept his passions and future aspirations under wraps, away from the public eye.

The fans are buzzing with curiosity about whether Henry will tread the same paths as his family members and step into the entertainment industry. The mystery surrounding his career choice adds an element of anticipation, and only time will unveil whether he follows a well-trodden path or opts for a more private life, surprising everyone along the way.

Final Words

Henry Olyphant, the talented offspring of actor Timothy Olyphant and Alexis Knief, weaves a captivating narrative that intertwines Hollywood glamour with artistic pursuits. Born in 2001 and nurtured in the vibrant surroundings of Los Angeles, the now 23-year-old Henry Olyphant stands as the sole son amidst his two sisters, Grace and Vivian.

Embracing his artistic inclinations, Henry Olyphant embarked on studies at Wildwood School and culminated his educational journey at Parsons School of Design – The New School in 2023. While the specifics of his professional endeavors remain elusive, his creative prowess shines through, manifesting in paintings and designs. Notably, he even lent his artistic touch to create cover art for his sister Vivian’s single.

When it comes to matters of the heart, Henry Olyphant maintains a discreet profile, and his presence on social media, particularly on Facebook, adopts the intriguing alias “Hank Olyphant,” adding an element of mystery to his persona.

As the son of Timothy Olyphant, celebrated for his roles in Deadwood and Justified, Henry Olyphant charts his own course, emphasizing privacy and the freedom of artistic expression. With his distinctive features—fair skin, blond locks, and those piercing dark brown eyes—Henry Olyphant continues to captivate the curiosity of those eager to unravel the next chapter in his journey.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who is Henry Olyphant?

Henry Olyphant is the cool kid in town, the son of actor Timothy Olyphant and Alexis Knief. Born in 2001, he’s basically Hollywood royalty.

What’s Henry’s deal with education?

Henry Olyphant did the school thing at Wildwood and then graduated from Parsons School of Design – The New School in 2023. He’s got this artsy side with painting and design.

Does Henry have siblings?

Yeah, he’s got two sisters, Grace and Vivian. Henry Olyphant’s the lone wolf, being the only son in the Olyphant gang.

Any scoop on Henry’s career?

Not much gossip on that front. He did flex his creative muscles by whipping up cover art for his sister Vivian’s single.

Is Henry a social media star?

Catch him on Facebook as “Hank Olyphant.” He keeps things mysterious and low-key.

How old is Henry Olyphant?

The dude’s 23, born in 2001.

What’s the 411 on Henry Olyphant’s personal life?

He’s like a vault – private and tight-lipped. No juicy deets on his relationships or personal stuff.

Who are Henry’s folks?

Meet the parental unit: Timothy Olyphant, the actor extraordinaire, and Alexis Knief, the other half. They said “I do” in 1991.

What did Henry study at Parsons School of Design?

He got artsy with it—specialized in Painting, Printmaking, and Adobe Products.

How rich is Timothy Olyphant?

Papa Olyphant is rolling in it, estimated around $20 million. That’s the Hollywood life for you!