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After his electrifying Super Bowl performance, curiosity surged as fans sought insights into Usher’s life, with a particular focus on his romantic history. A central point of interest for many was his former spouse, Grace Harry, prompting searches on her Wikipedia page.

American singer, songwriter, and dancer Usher Raymond IV has made a lasting impression on the world of contemporary R&B music. At the tender age of sixteen, he made his musical debut with the publication of his self-titled debut album, which catapulted him to fame in the late 1990s with the hit song “My Way.”

With an amazing career that has solidified his place among the top-selling performers, Usher has won numerous Grammy Awards, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and won Billboard Awards.

The public has always been very curious about Usher’s sexual relationships, especially his previous marriage to Grace Harry, because of his enormous popularity. Even after they split up a few years ago, people are still curious about Grace Harry’s life story, which has many looking her up on Wikipedia.

Who is Grace Harry?

Grace Harry stands as the former spouse of the iconic singer, Usher, bringing more to the table than just being in the limelight of celebrity relationships. As an American businesswoman, executive chef, and social activist, Grace has carved her own niche in various fields.

Her culinary skills were showcased notably on the set of The Cosby Show, where she served as an executive chef. Additionally, she held a significant role as the Executive Vice President of marketing and creative services for The Island Def Jam Music Group. Grace’s talents span a wide spectrum, and she consistently puts them on display, making her mark beyond her association with Usher.

Grace Harry Age

Grace Harry, born on April 2, 1969, celebrates her 54th birthday in 2023, marking a journey enriched with experiences and wisdom.

Her life’s chapters have woven a tapestry of roles, where she now stands as a seasoned businesswoman, accomplished executive chef, and dedicated social activist. The wealth of knowledge and insights she has gained over the years shapes her multifaceted contributions to various fields.

Grace Harry Early Life

Grace Michelle Harry entered the world on April 2, 1969, under the fiery sign of Aries. Originating from Brooklyn, New York, she proudly holds American nationality, embodying a rich mix of ethnicities. Born to Christian parents, Grace, too, follows the Christian faith.

Her mother, at the tender age of 17, welcomed Grace into the world with her then-boyfriend. In a candid interview with ThinkCommon, hosted by the American rapper and actor Common, Grace revealed snippets of her early life, including a period spent in foster care. Fortunately, the separation was temporary, and she was eventually reunited with her hardworking mother.

While Grace keeps her family’s names discreet, she has emphasized her mother’s commendable work ethic. Her father, an activist with a troubled past of drug addiction and incarceration, remains a more private aspect of her life.

Grace Harry Chilling

Details about Grace’s siblings, if any, are equally guarded, leaving the public unaware of their names or existence. Her educational journey unfolded in the United States, although she faced challenging circumstances during her schooling years.

In terms of ethnicity, Grace Harry boasts a diverse heritage, with African-American roots from her father’s side and Caucasian ancestry from her mother’s lineage. Despite the tough conditions she encountered during her schooling, Grace has navigated through life with resilience, choosing to keep certain aspects of her personal life under wraps.


Once the high school chapter was wrapped up, Harry decided to turn her love for all things food into a serious affair. Off she went to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, where pots, pans, and dreams simmered together. Studying the ins and outs of culinary arts and hospitality management, she rocked the academic game and graduated with honors – talk about setting the bar high!

Harry, her graduation cap still vivid in her mind, put on the chef’s hat and sauntered past many kitchens. She brought her A-game to the kitchen wherever she went, from the bustle of New York to the relaxed atmosphere of Los Angeles. The experiential journey from classes to actual kitchens, where each dish is a chapter in her flavorful story, is more important than merely credentials.

Grace Harry Career

Grace Harry, an American luminary, wears multiple hats as a social activist, executive chef, artist manager, entrepreneur, and Executive Vice President of Marketing and Creative Services. Her journey kicked off in the culinary world, where she meticulously curated the flavors and quality of food for catering firms.

Taking a new trajectory, Michelle ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing her catering business with a predominant focus on the entertainment sector. It was during this period that she secured a role in The Cosby Show, serving as the executive chef for the popular show.

Her ascent in the industry continued as an activist, navigating through various roles within record labels and music corporations. Currently holding a prominent position as the Executive Vice President of Marketing and Creative Services at Island Def Jam Records, she stands at the pinnacle of her career. Michelle’s impressive career spans over 29 years, during which she has contributed to MCA, Geffen, and Jive Records, showcasing her versatility.

Notably, she has managed Usher in the past, adding another layer to her diverse professional portfolio. Wondering where Usher’s ex-wife is now? She currently finds herself as a joy strategist at Rapture & Grace, bringing her wealth of experience to new endeavors.

Grace Harry Personal Life

Grace Harry With Ex-Husband

Grace, once tied to Usher, is now in a relationship with the American songwriter and musician, Ahmir Khalib Thompson, better known as Questlove. You might recognize him as the cool co-frontman of The Roots, the hip-hop band. The exact beginning of Grace and Ahmir’s love story is a bit hazy, but they do give us sneak peeks into their world with occasional pictures on social media.

Before Ahmir entered the picture, Grace and Usher had their own love story, complete with marriage and eventual separation. It’s worth noting that despite their time together, they didn’t have kids. But Grace is a mom to two children from a different chapter in her life.

Now, when it comes to the why’s and how’s of Grace and Usher parting ways, that’s a bit of a mystery. The details are locked away, and all we’ve got are whispers of possible infidelity, with Usher being the rumored culprit. It’s tough when trust gets tangled up, and so, they decided to go their separate ways. Love can be complicated, can’t it?

Who is Usher’s current spouse?

Since his split from Grace Harry in 2018, the singer hasn’t walked down the aisle again. But, he’s been going strong with Jennifer Goicoechea since 2019. Now, here’s the scoop – Jennifer is an American music executive, rocking the title of vice president of A&R at Epic Records.

And get this, as of May 2023, word on the street is that Usher and his lovely lady, Jennifer Goicoechea, are all set to tie the knot. Love is definitely in the air!

How many children does Usher have?


Usher, the Superstar hitmaker, is rocking the dad life with a total of four awesome kiddos, each one adding their own special vibe to his world. Now, from his first chapter with Tameka Foster, Usher’s got two cool sons, Usher V and Naviyd Ely.

But wait, the family adventures don’t stop there! Usher and his girlfriend, Jennifer Goicoechea, have brought even more joy into the mix. Their daughter, Sovereign Bo, lit up their lives in September 2020 with her arrival. And guess what? The excitement continued with the birth of their son, Sire Castrello Raymond, in September 2021. Usher’s journey as a dad is like a sweet melody filled with love, growth, and precious moments shared with his amazing kiddos.

Grace Harry Current Boyfriend

Grace Harry is happily committed to Ahmir K. Thompson, the musical maestro recognized as Questlove, who drums and co-founded the legendary hip-hop band, The Roots. Their love story began in 2019, and since then, the couple hasn’t shied away from expressing their affection and backing for one another through heartfelt posts on social media.

Sharing not just a romantic connection but also a living space, Grace and Ahmir reside together in the heart of New York City. They playfully refer to their shared apartment as their “playroom in the sky,” adding a touch of charm to their shared abode. It’s not just a relationship; it’s a journey of companionship and love that they generously share with the world.


Grace Taking Picture

Grace experienced some upheaval, particularly in regards to her marriage and subsequent breakup with Usher. In 2018, the couple made news when they announced their separation, and by 2019, they had finalised their divorce and agreed to co-parent their kid.

Now, here’s where things got a bit rocky:

  1. Usher’s Alleged Herpes Lawsuits: Back in 2017, Usher found himself in a legal tangle. Three folks claimed he hadn’t been upfront about having herpes, leading to lawsuits. Even though they settled out of court, the whole mess reportedly put a strain on his marriage with Grace.
  2. Harry’s Baby Plans via Surrogacy: According to buzz from The Jasmine Brand, Grace had her heart set on growing their family through surrogacy. She was all about more little ones with Usher. The catch? Usher wasn’t feeling the surrogacy vibe; he was more into adoption. This difference in baby-making preferences became a major point of contention, adding to the challenges they faced as a couple. Relationships, huh? They can get tricky.

How many chart-topping hits does Usher have?

The maestro behind Confessions boasts an impressive record with nine chart-topping hit singles on the Billboard Hot 100 and four on the Billboard 200. Usher’s musical journey includes eight studio albums, ten compilation albums, eight EPs, and a whopping 80 singles.

Now, shifting gears to Grace Harry, her story is all about finding joy in what she loves. According to her book, she’s discovered her happy place by helping others embrace joy. It seems like her connection with Questlove has created a beautiful synergy, bringing out the best in each other.

Grace Harry Net Worth

While concrete details about her net worth are elusive, The Personage claims that as of 2023, Grace’s wealth hovers around $3 million.

Her financial journey weaves through entrepreneurship and the music industry, with various career avenues contributing to her income. Notably, Usher’s alimony payments following their divorce have also played a role in her financial portfolio.

Adding a modern touch, Grace has monetized her presence on social media, with an Instagram handle (@graceharry) where she shares her journey and possibly adds a bit more to her financial well-being.

Physical Appearance

Grace Harry isn’t just a number on a height chart; she’s got that easygoing vibe at a cool 5 feet 6 inches or around 168 centimeters. Weighing in at about 60 kilograms (that’s 132 pounds for you), she’s rocking a body with stats like 34-27-36, and trust me, it’s impressive, especially considering her years of wisdom.

Let’s talk looks – picture this: light brown hair, sparkling light brown eyes, and a face that beams with brightness. But it’s not just about the exterior; her personality matches the radiance.

Now, when it comes to making a name, Grace Harry isn’t a stranger to the entertainment scene. She’s been putting in the hard yards for over 29 years in the music biz. And here’s the kicker – after her chapter with Usher, she’s taken on the role of a “joy specialist,” helping people find that sweet spot of happiness in their lives. It’s not just a career; it’s a journey of resilience, charm, and spreading joy.

What’s Grace Harry currently involved in?

Grace Harry, the girlfriend of Questlove, has found her calling as a joy specialist. With a personal studio nestled in Lower Manhattan, Grace is dedicated to guiding her clients on the path to happiness. Her approach revolves around prioritizing emotions over goals to cultivate a joyful life. Adding a unique touch to her practice, she assists individuals in visualizing how they aspire to feel five years down the road.

Beyond her work with everyday folks, Grace has collaborated with notable personalities, including celebrities like Common. Her footprint in the entertainment industry is well-established, with a remarkable career spanning over 29 years in the music scene. Post her chapter with Usher, she continues to thrive as a joy specialist, passionately aiding her clients in discovering and embracing joy in their lives.

Grace Harry Facts

  • Grace Harry, known as Usher’s former spouse, wears multiple hats as an American businesswoman, executive chef, and social activist.
  • Her roots reflect a mixed ethnicity, drawing from both African-American and Caucasian backgrounds.
  • While the names of Grace Harry’s parents remain undisclosed, she has shared that her mother was a resilient and hardworking woman, while her father, an activist, had a troubled history.
  • In the year 2023, Grace Harry celebrates her 54th birthday.
  • Grace experienced a stint in foster care but later found her way back to her mother’s embrace.
  • Her professional journey is marked by success, having excelled as an executive chef, artist manager, and executive in the music industry.

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Final Words

Grace Harry, once the wife of the renowned singer Usher, is far more than a mere celebrity companion. Her diverse background has shaped her into a successful businesswoman, accomplished executive chef, and dedicated social activist. From a challenging early life, Grace’s journey to becoming a seasoned professional exemplifies resilience and tenacity.

Beyond her role alongside Usher, Grace has left an enduring legacy in the culinary and entertainment realms, as well as in her newfound passion as a joy specialist. Her unique approach to guiding others toward happiness places emphasis on emotions over specific goals.

As she enters her 54th year in 2023, Grace Harry’s story is one of overcoming adversity, marked by achievements in the culinary arts, entrepreneurship, and a significant role at Island Def Jam Records. Her romantic connection with Questlove adds a delightful twist to her narrative, showcasing that life’s journey is replete with surprises and fresh starts.

In her ongoing personal and professional success, Grace’s story stands as an inspiration for those in search of fulfillment in various aspects of life. With an estimated net worth of $3 million, a thriving career spanning nearly three decades, and a commitment to spreading joy, Grace Harry emerges as a captivating and influential figure in her own right.

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