Mastering the Maze: Trace Cool Math Games Hints Unleashed

Embark on an intriguing adventure into the captivating universe of cool math games known as Trace. As you navigate through this mysterious, almost surreal science-fiction landscape, your primary objective is to find an escape route from its enthralling grasp. However, within the fascinating features of Trace lie an array of perplexing puzzles that require your sharp intellect to unravel. Your key to freedom lies in conquering these intricate challenges. Prepare yourself for a challenging journey as we provide a comprehensive, conversational-style walkthrough in Trace, offering Trace Cool Math Games Hints and guidance for your escape quest through the world of Cool Math Games.

Navigating the Bathroom: An Adventure of Puzzles in Trace Cool Math Games Hints

Alright, let’s dive into the exciting challenge of breaking free from the bathroom in Trace Cool Math Games Hints! Your first task is to unlock the bathroom door, opening up the exploration of the entire house. Ready for this mind-bending journey? Perfect, let’s get started!

As you stand in front of the toilet, check near the floor for a small panel with colored arrows. This panel holds the key to your bathroom escape. Here’s a technical tip: arrange those arrows precisely to create the shape of a star. Once that’s done, open the cabinet on your left to find a half pair of scissors.

But there’s more to it! To progress, combine the half pair of scissors with the other half from the bathroom sink. Use the complete pair to cut the string attached to the key near the mirror. You’ll need that key to unlock the lockbox on the shelf.

Inside the lockbox, you’ll discover a cryptic note revealing the hidden tile’s secret location near the bathroom mirror. Intriguing, right? Behind the tile, a picture of a fish appears. Pay attention to the dots and lines within the picture – they hold crucial clues! Match these dots and lines with the arrows on the earlier panel.

Now, turn your focus back to the mirror. Examine the picture frame at the bottom of the floor – it’s more than meets the eye! Inspect the frame to uncover a concealed safe. Your next challenge is figuring out the combination: 5, 4, 7, 2.

But we’re not done! Grab a lightbulb and insert it into the nearby pumpkin. Voilà! The pumpkin reveals the final arrow puzzle combination. Align the arrows to match the eyes and nose of the pumpkin.

Congratulations! As you solve this intricate puzzle, the cabinet beneath the sink opens, providing the key to the bathroom door. However, hold your excitement, as you’re not entirely free yet. To exit the bathroom, insert the key into the door panel and skillfully rearrange the blocks, ensuring the key overlaps the green lock.

You’re doing fantastic! Keep going, and soon you’ll be one step closer to escaping the bathroom and exploring the captivating world of Trace Cool Math Games Hints. If you need more Trace Cool Math Games Hints or assistance, feel free to ask. Happy solving!

Breaking Free from the House: The Adventure Unfolds!

Now, let’s shift our focus to a new challenge – venturing outside the house and reaching the intriguing nearby tower. However, before we tackle more intricate puzzles, let’s start by gathering items without solving any puzzles. These items include:

  • An action figure discreetly tucked between the potted plant and the couch.
  • A battery cleverly concealed underneath the couch cushion.
  • A mysterious star, both visible on the painting and secretly tucked under the couch.
  • A delightful toy horse hidden within the top desk drawer.

By collecting these items, you’re already making significant progress! Stay alert and keep an eye out for additional clues and puzzles that lie ahead. If you require any Trace Cool Math Games Hints or assistance on your journey to escape the house and explore the nearby tower in Trace Cool Math Games Hints, feel free to ask in the comment section. Best of luck!

Mastering Trace Escape Room – A Comprehensive Guide through Trace Walkthrough

Successfully navigating the Trace escape room hinges on understanding the mechanics of clicking. In contrast to numerous point-and-click games, you won’t receive Trace Cool Math Games Hints by hovering over scene elements. Instead, you must click on an area to zoom in, often requiring multiple clicks, before interacting with an object becomes possible. Moreover, there are no on-screen pointers, so you’ll rely solely on your clicking actions. Once an item is in your inventory, clicking the magnifying glass next to it may unveil potential clues.

The bathroom

Start by retrieving the half-pair of scissors from the sink. Next, save time by entering the code 5472 into the safe behind the picture instead of searching for the combination. Inside the safe, you’ll find a lightbulb. Place this lightbulb into the pumpkin located in the cabinet to the left of the toilet. Under the sink, in the other cabinet, there’s a red tile with a key on it. Use this key to unlock a sliding puzzle on the bathroom door.

Arrange the puzzle pieces, making sure all the yellow and green pieces end up on the right side of the puzzle. Shift the red piece over the green lock square to open the door and exit the first room.

The House

Head over to the couch and collect the metal star underneath it, a battery tucked under the right couch cushion, and an ogre figure beside the nearby plant. Another metal star adheres to the painting on the wall, and you’ll find a blue tin horse in the top desk drawer. Ensure to gather all these items into your inventory.

Move to the bay window and use the camera to observe the pattern of the planets. Open the cabinet under the window and adjust the puzzle inside to mimic the planet pattern (low, high, middle, high, middle). Press the red button beneath the puzzle to reveal a small hatch, and inside it, take the broken metal tablet. Return to the hallway near the bathroom, use the tin horse on the window image, extending its neck. Bend the neck until the now giraffe toy’s eye aligns with the blue diamond on the window image, following the maze route. Click the button on the giraffe to obtain the missing piece of the metal tablet.

Click the tall piece of art on the wall opposite the bathroom door to expose a metal puzzle. Align it with the now complete metal tablet to unveil a red button on the puzzle. Observe the long picture on the wall above the fish tank, showcasing six symbols in a row. These correspond to the six red buttons scattered around the room. Press them in order: by the fish tank; on the fan on the shelf in the corner; on the computer; in the planet puzzle cabinet; behind the painting on the puzzle we just solved; and on the small grey box. This sequence will open the grey box, providing you with a green key and a utility knife. Utilize the green key on the green door in the corner to step out onto the patio.

The Small Patio

Collect items like the vampire figure and metal star, keeping them in your inventory. Arrange black cubes: left to right, top to bottom, hanging, tall pot, tall plant, and painting. Press the red button for another metal star. Return to the giraffe puzzle window for an extra battery and spot a metal star by the mini piano.

Find a metal star under a patio table and six jigsaw puzzle pieces, missing one. Solve a heart-shaped puzzle with your knife on the carpet. Decorate heart-shaped lamps with arrows using batteries. Click the button to reveal a puzzle piece and submarine, placing both in the fish tank and using black hearts for direction.

Retrieve a pentagon key behind the couch panel with your utility knife. Enter 9, 2, 3 on the computer. After it booms, use the submarine in the water bowl. The code it provides is 26336 6161.


Unlock the panel on the door with the provided code. After using the final star, return to the computer for fish tank drawer instructions: X O X O. Obtain a magnet from the U drawer for the hearts puzzle.

On the panel, arrange stars like Sudoku, ensuring no two are adjacent and no row or column has more than one star. Enter the tower with the unlocked door. Inside, notice a sliding puzzle above a tiny table with red flowers. Set the buttons to down arrow, s, jagged line, d, and x positions. Use the umbrella’s key to remove a phoenix figure, revealing a passage.

Take the dangling robot from the tower, go upstairs, and observe “CABBAGE FACED” written outside the window. Open the umbrella on the porch to display an image on the swing. Snap a photo and attach the robot to a kite string, then return to the piano. Play keys in the sequence “CABBAGE FACED” and find a robotic arm inside. Attach this arm to the submarine on the original computer.

Utilizing the computer

On the computer, use the robot to observe symbols on the bridge (circle, square, triangle, star, square, triangle, circle). Submerge the submarine to open the chest in the tower, revealing a reversed message “I DID DEEDS.” Input this code into the machine on the table with flowers, obtaining a dragon figure. Enter the central room and trace the wizard’s hat image from the porch chair on the pin board.

Solve the eight-light puzzle in the same room by clicking lights in the order 12356784. This unveils an image on the stone plinth. Place the four figures on the X spaces on the plinth at relevant crossover points (phoenix = fire and wings, vampire = wings and teeth, ogre = fire and teeth, dragon in the middle) to earn a screwdriver. Return upstairs to the machine, entering the symbols seen through the robot’s eyes to reveal a flight plan puzzle.

Now Escaping the House Puzzles Unraveled

Now that you’ve gathered the initial items, let’s delve into the intriguing puzzles ahead, starting with the planet puzzle at the bay window.

Complete Metal Plate

Find a cabinet beneath the bay window and adjust the planets to match those outside. Press the red button to acquire a crucial Metal Plate.

Examine the window by the bathroom with the Toy Horse. Bend the horse’s neck so its eye aligns with the diamond shape. Press the button to release the second half of the Metal Plate. Repeat this puzzle from the porch on the other side of the window later.

Acquire the Brass Key

Use the Box Cutter on the carpet beneath the end table. Insert the Batteries into the light above to unveil the floor puzzle’s secret, gaining the Submarine and Puzzle Piece. Move to the porch and solve the table puzzle. Afterward, return inside and employ the Box Cutter on the couch arm to retrieve the Brass Key.

Acquire an Extra 5 Stars

Unlock the porch with the Green Key. On the wall, rearrange the blocks from left to right: round potted plant, tall potted plant, short potted plant, and painting of a potted plant. Gather stars from the table, beneath the table, by the piano, and one near the edge. Move to the desk and open drawers in the order: X, O, X, O, U, to find a magnet. Use the magnet to extract the fifth star from the tube.

Collect the Green Key and Box Cutter

Discover a set of red buttons distributed across the room. Unlock the gray chest on the end table by pressing the buttons in this particular order: Fishtank, fan, computer, by the planet puzzle, behind the painting of a house, and finally, the gray chest. Solve the painting puzzle by aligning the symbols on the Metal Plate with the levers on the wall, unveiling a red button.

Open the Front Door

Reveal the paneling on the front door by entering the code: 2, 6, 3, 3, 6, 6, 1, 6, 1. Put a single Star in each colored area as shown in the screenshot, then press the red button. Don’t forget to grab the action figure from the porch, situated on a shelf near the door.

Great job! With these puzzles solved and items in hand, you’re making excellent progress towards escaping the house and embarking on new adventures in the nearby tower.

Completing the Space Odyssey: The Last Stretch of the Adventure

Congratulations on reaching the final phase of your escape adventure! Head confidently into the tower, focusing on a small end table with a puzzle similar to the one behind the painting in the house. Solve it using the phrase “I DID DEEDS” to claim a valuable Dragon Action Figure. Move on to the wall puzzle, tracing the sequence: Downward arrow, S, squiggly line, lowercase D, and X, to earn another action figure and a key.

Return to the porch, use the key to unlock the umbrella, revealing an image of a wizard’s hat on the shaded chair. Capture a screenshot for reference. Head back to the tower, recreate the wizard’s hat image on the first-floor door, then click the lights in order: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 4. Place the action figures on the pedestal from left to right: Phoenix, dragon, vampire, and troll. Use the screwdriver to open the panel by the fishtank, access the Tower app on the PC, and play MatheMagic to unlock the safe in the desk.

Inside the safe, find a book with a launch date, intriguing pictures, and planets connected by an arrow. Go to the second floor, adjust the dials in order, and match the flight plans with the planets. Return to the house, observe the pyramid, match colors to the solar system diagram, and use the Pyramid Key to unlock the bathroom. Remove the padlock with the Brass Key, open the lid, and freedom awaits!

And there you have it – a complete walkthrough guide for Trace, an enjoyable experience with captivating artwork and mind-boggling challenges.

Final Words

Navigating through the intricate puzzles of Trace Cool Math Games is a thrilling adventure that requires keen observation and problem-solving skills. From unlocking the bathroom to unraveling mysteries in the house and venturing into the tower, your journey is filled with excitement and challenges. The combination of visual clues, creative solutions, and strategic thinking makes Trace a captivating escape experience in the world of Cool Math Games. With this comprehensive walkthrough and hints, you’re well-equipped to conquer each puzzle, unlock doors, and ultimately break free from the captivating universe of Trace. So, embark on this journey, enjoy the immersive gameplay, and revel in the satisfaction of successfully escaping the enthralling grasp of Trace Cool Math Games. Happy gaming!

Tip: If the adventure journey of this digital game has left you with many pleasant experiences, you might as well use your creativity to commemorate your successful challenge! Decorations and logos that appear in the game can serve as inspiration, and these designs can be transformed into small gifts such as custom keychains. Not only can it be worn as an accessory, it can also express your abilities and personality.

(FAQs) About Trace Cool Math Games Hints

Q1: What is Trace Cool Math Games?

A1: Trace Cool Math Games is an intriguing puzzle and escape adventure that challenges players to navigate through a captivating sci-fi landscape filled with mind-bending puzzles.

Q2: How do I unlock the bathroom in Trace Cool Math Games?

A2: To unlock the bathroom, find a panel with colored arrows near the toilet, arrange them to form a star, use scissors to cut a string attached to a key, and unlock a shelf’s lockbox. Solve puzzles, including a hidden tile behind the bathroom mirror, to progress and open the cabinet beneath the sink for the key to the bathroom door.

Q3: What items are essential for escaping the house in Trace Cool Math Games?

A3: Important items include a metal star, battery, action figure, puzzle pieces, and a utility knife. Solving puzzles, pressing red buttons, and finding hidden objects contribute to your progress.

Q4: How do I solve the planet puzzle at the bay window in Trace Cool Math Games?

A4: Adjust the planets on the cabinet beneath the bay window to match the outdoor scene. Press the red button to obtain a metal plate crucial for your escape.

Q5: What’s the code for unlocking the front door in Trace Cool Math Games?

A5: Enter the code 263366161 to unlock the front door. Place stars strategically in colored areas and press the red button to open the door.

Q6: How do I complete the space odyssey in Trace Cool Math Games?

A6: Solve puzzles in the tower, trace sequences, place action figures on a pedestal, use a screwdriver to access the Tower app on the PC, and play MatheMagic to unlock a safe. Follow flight plans, match colors, and use the Pyramid Key to finally escape.

Q7: Where can I find more hints for Trace Cool Math Games?

A7: This walkthrough provides a comprehensive guide. If you need additional hints or assistance, feel free to ask in the comments. Happy gaming!