Shalon Jackson (Mo’Nique’s son) Age, Height, Biography, Parents, Siblings

Shalon Jackson came into the world in the vibrant city of Baltimore, Maryland, in July 1992. His parents are the well-known American comedian, Monique Angela Hicks—famous as Monique—and the accomplished basketball player, Mark Jackson.

Now at the age of 30, Shalon is a prominent figure in the world of celebrities, bearing a name that carries significant meaning. The name “Shalon” has its roots in Hebrew, particularly derived from the word “Sharon,” symbolizing concepts of peace, harmony, welfare, and tranquility. On the other hand, “Jackson” originates from English-Scottish roots, translating to “son of Jack” in English.

Mark Jackson and Monique Angela Hicks tied the knot on a special Christmas day, December 25, 1997. From their union, two sons were born, Shalon Jackson and Mark Eric Jackson Jr. However, the journey took an unexpected turn, leading to the couple parting ways on April 3, 2001.

Some Quick Details About Shalon Jackson

Attribute Value
Full NameShalon Calvin Jackson
Famous NameShalon Jackson
Nick NameShalon
Age31 years
Birth PlaceBaltimore, Maryland
Net Worth$100,000
Marital StatusUnknown
Relationship StatusUnknown

Shalon Jackson Age, Biography

In the lively city of Baltimore, Maryland, Shalon Jackson made his entrance into the world in July 1992. His parents are none other than Monique Angela Hicks, the renowned comedian known as Monique, and Mark Jackson, a skilled basketball player.

Now 30 years old, Shalon Jackson is a well-known figure in the celebrity realm, carrying a name rich in significance. “Shalon” is derived from the Hebrew word “Sharon,” symbolizing peace, harmony, welfare, and quiet. On the flip side, “Jackson” is of English-Scottish origin and translates to “son of Jack.”

Shalon Jackson Parents Relationship

Mark Jackson and Monique Angela Hicks, the proud parents of Shalon Jackson and Mark Eric Jackson Jr., celebrated their love by exchanging vows on a memorable Christmas day, December 25, 1997. From this union, two sons were brought into the world, each holding a unique and cherished place in their parents’ hearts.

But as the course of life unfolded, the love tale took an unexpected turn. Mark and Monique decided to divorce on April 3, 2001, after reaching a painful choice to part ways. The affection they have for their kids and the memories of their common history remain important strands in their life, even after their marital status changed.

Shalon Jackson Half-Siblings

Let’s delve into the extended family of Calvin Jackson, introducing Mr. Mark Shalon Eric Jackson, Heaven Jackson, Micah Jackson, and Christian Jackson—his half-siblings. Focusing on Eric Jackson, he is Mark Shalon’s half-brother, born on October 23, 1964, right in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Proudly claimed by Mark Jackson and Desiree Coleman as parents, Eric is a passionate basketball enthusiast.

Choosing to follow in his father’s formidable footsteps, Mark Eric Jackson is carving out his own niche in the basketball world. Currently, he pays tribute to the family’s basketball history by showcasing his talents as a member of the Manhattan Jaspers men’s basketball team.

On the flip side, Micah Jackson and Christian Jackson, the other half-siblings, have chosen to keep a low internet profile, making their lives somewhat mysterious. Not much is known about their stories, adding an air of intrigue to the overall Jackson family saga.

His mother has experienced multiple marriages

Mo’Nique, Shalon’s mother, has experienced three different marriages. Her first marriage was to Shalon Watkins, resulting in the birth of their son, Shalon. The family relocated to Atlanta to support her pursuit of a career in comedy. However, after two years, the marriage ended, leading Mo’Nique to return to Baltimore.

Following this, she entered into a second marriage with Mark Jackson. Despite a few years of dating, the marriage didn’t last. Mo’Nique later revealed that, during that time, she wasn’t interested in the roles of wife and mother, prompting her to leave the marriage.

Her current and third marriage is to her childhood sweetheart, Sidney Hicks. Before tying the knot with Hicks, Mo’Nique was engaged to a younger man when she was 35, and he was 23. However, the wedding plans were abandoned due to revelations about the fiance’s problematic past.

Ultimately, Mo’Nique found comfort in her friendship with Hicks, with whom she had grown up. They were friends first, then their relationship turned passionate, leading to their marriage in 2006.

Mo’Nique, 56, admitted that she made the incorrect priorities in her previous two marriages, which ended in divorce.

Mo’Nique’s Open Relationship

The actress openly shared that she and her husband, Sidney Hicks, have an open marriage. This revelation stirred up controversy, and the mother of four faced significant backlash on the matter.

To clarify her stance, she felt compelled to speak out and explain that when she referred to an “open” marriage, she meant it in the context of communication, not in a sexual sense as many had assumed.

The actress emphasized her personal growth, expressing that she is no longer in a phase where she keeps quiet about issues that concern her. She highlighted the strength of her marriage with Hicks, emphasizing that they have a relationship where open conversations about anything and everything are encouraged.

Shalon Jackson chose a different path from his mother in the entertainment industry. What is his profession?

There have been claims by a few reporters suggesting that Shalon Jackson has followed in his mother’s footsteps. However, for devoted fans like us, it’s challenging to accept this notion. Considering his upbringing marked by a disdain for the limelight, it seems unlikely for him to venture into the entertainment industry.

So, if not pursuing a career in the arts, then what is his profession? This question has undoubtedly crossed your mind multiple times. Unfortunately, the answer remains elusive. Jackson prefers a life away from media and the internet, making it difficult for us to pinpoint his exact occupation.

Could he be involved in business, or perhaps working a regular 9-5 job? The truth is, the answer is uncertain and can vary, as Shalon Jackson intentionally keeps a low profile, maintaining privacy in his adult life.

Mo’Nique experiences a sense of guilt due to her separation from her eldest son

The actress known for her role in Blackbird, Mo’Nique, has openly discussed the estrangement from her son, Shalon Jackson, on multiple occasions. In an interview on The David Banner Podcast, when questioned about her relationship with her children, particularly Jackson, she shared,

“There was a time when he (Shalon Jackson) was a little boy, I wasn’t interested in being a mother. And, I wasn’t interested in being a wife. I was interested in taking pictures on red carpets, signing autographs, and traveling the world, so I really didn’t put the focus in.”

Her pursuit of a successful career without prioritizing her family came at a cost. Even today, she grapples with a strained relationship with her eldest son. She acknowledged that she never put him to bed, read him tales, or went to his school functions—basically, she didn’t show him any affection.

When she declined to represent her film Precious at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009, it was clear how much remorse she carried. She gave the explanation that she had to spend time with her family when asked why she had been absent.

Impact of Mo’Nique’s Presence

Being the son of Mo’Nique, a notable figure in the entertainment industry, Shalon Jackson’s visibility is inherently connected to his mother’s public image. Despite his reserved demeanor, Shalon is a subject of curiosity, with the public eager to uncover the facets of his life that go beyond the glimpses shared by Mo’Nique. The intricate dance of navigating personal boundaries while existing within the sphere of celebrity parents introduces a fascinating layer to Shalon’s story.

Know About Accomplishments and Latest Endeavors of Mo’Nique

Mo’Nique, born Monique Angela Hicks on December 11, 1967, has had an incredible journey in the entertainment world. Starting with stand-up comedy, she became a standout talent and was part of the renowned “Queens of Comedy” group, earning a Grammy Award nomination in 2002.

Moving into mainstream film and TV, her role in “The Parkers” brought her television fame, and her performance in “Precious” won her the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2009, making her the fourth African-American woman to achieve this honor.

In 2022, Mo’Nique continued to showcase her skills in Lee Daniels’ horror/thriller, “The Deliverance,” where she’s part of a stellar cast. Beyond awards, her impact goes beyond overcoming challenges like racism, making her a trailblazer and inspiration. As she explores new projects, Mo’Nique remains a symbol of unwavering determination in the entertainment world.

Shalon Calvin Jackson’s lifestyle

Shalon Jackson appears to relish a life of luxury, given his parents’ significant net worth. Yet, the mystery deepens as Shalon Jackson’s genuine interests or professional endeavors remain undisclosed. Currently, the public is left in suspense regarding the specific career paths that contribute to his income. This undisclosed aspect adds an intriguing layer to his story, leaving us curious about the trajectory he has chosen and the potential successes he may be experiencing.

Shalon Calvin Jackson Net Worth

Introducing Shalon Jackson’s father, Mark Jackson, a prominent figure in the basketball realm known for his roles as a former NBA player and coach. Beyond the basketball courts, he has amassed an estimated net worth of $6 million.

Now, let’s turn our attention to Shalon Jackson’s mother, the Oscar-winning American comedian and actress, Monique Angela Hicks. Her wealth is no laughing matter, currently standing at an impressive $13 million. Monique’s journey as a stand-up comedian has not only brought laughter but also substantial financial success, making her a role model, particularly for African women. Her inspiring success story serves as a testament to her talent and the heights one can achieve in the world of entertainment.

Personal Life

Beyond the glitz and glam of her career, Monique’s personal life is a rich tapestry of vibrancy and diversity.

Having walked down the aisle twice, she currently shares her life with Sidney Hicks, a union that began in 2006. Balancing the demands of being a celebrated actress and comedian, Monique effortlessly takes on the role of a mother to four, holding family life close to her heart.

Her journey, from growing up in Maryland to evolving into the powerhouse entertainer she is today, provides a glimpse into the real Monique—beyond the bright stage lights. It’s a narrative that transcends scripts and punchlines, revealing the many layers that contribute to making her the intriguing person we see both on and off the screen.

Has Shalon Jackson Started His Own Family?

Based on our research, it seems that the man in his 30s is likely leading a tranquil life. In simpler terms, he may be relishing his single status and is presumed to not have a family of his own at the moment.

Adding to the mystery, Jackson is notably absent from any social media platforms. This absence makes it extremely challenging to verify his relationship status—whether he is single, dating, married, or has children. Therefore, even if we mention that he is single, it’s essential to recognize that this is purely speculative and lacks concrete confirmation.

Social Media

Unlike his half-siblings, Shalon Jackson is an avid social media user. Boasting a substantial following of over a thousand on Instagram and 800 on Twitter, he’s carving out his presence in the digital landscape. Through these platforms, Shalon Jackson shares snippets of his life and engages with followers from various backgrounds. It appears that Shalon has discovered his niche in the online realm, providing a distinctive perspective that distinguishes him within the family.

Final Words

In the intriguing life of Shalon Jackson, born to the iconic comedian Monique and basketball legend Mark Jackson, the quest for privacy remains paramount. Shalon’s name, rooted in peace and tranquility, contrasts with the twists of his family saga. While details about his career and relationships elude the public eye, Shalon navigates life away from social media, adding an air of mystery to his persona. The complex dynamics within the Jackson family, coupled with Mo’Nique’s open revelations and her journey toward self-reflection, contribute to a captivating narrative. Shalon’s intentional detachment from the limelight raises questions about his chosen path, leaving us to ponder the depths of his personal and professional endeavors.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q1: Who are Shalon Jackson’s parents?

A1: Shalon Jackson’s parents are Monique Angela Hicks, the famous comedian known as Monique, and Mark Jackson, the accomplished basketball player.

Q2: What does the name “Shalon” mean?

A2: The name “Shalon” comes from the Hebrew word “Sharon” and signifies peace, harmony, welfare, and tranquility.

Q3: How many siblings does Shalon Jackson have?

A3: Shalon Jackson has at least two half-siblings: Mark Eric Jackson Jr. and his half-brother, Eric Jackson. There may be more half-siblings, such as Heaven Jackson, Micah Jackson, and Christian Jackson, but details about them are limited.

Q4: What is Shalon Jackson’s current relationship status?

A4: Shalon Jackson’s relationship status is unknown. He keeps a low profile, and details about his personal life, including his relationships, remain private.

Q5: Why does Mo’Nique feel guilt about her relationship with Shalon Jackson?

A5: Mo’Nique publicly admits that she should have prioritised her motherhood during Shalon Jackson’s early years. She admits that she didn’t prioritise being a present and caring mother over her profession.

Q6: What is known about Shalon Jackson’s career or profession?

A6: Shalon Jackson’s specific career or profession is uncertain. Reports suggest that he may not have ventured into the entertainment industry like his mother, but details about his occupation remain unknown.

Q7: Is Shalon Jackson active on social media?

A7: No, Shalon Jackson is not active on social media. Unlike his half-siblings, he prefers to keep a low profile, and information about his life is not readily available online.

Q8: Has Shalon Jackson started his own family?

A8: There is no confirmation about Shalon Jackson starting his own family. His current family status, including whether he is single or has children, remains speculative due to his private nature.