Short Review of Identity V – Brand New Mobile Horror Game!

In July 2018, Netease Games collaborated with Joker Studio to release a brand-new horror game that goes by the name of Identity V, which features asymmetrical multiplayer gameplay similar to that found in Dead by Daylight embedded in a larger storyline with point-and-click adventure mechanics.

From the Tim Burton-inspired graphics to the heart-pounding gameplay delivered with smooth-as-silk controls, Identity V is one of the best horror mobile games out there in the market. To attain more bonuses within the game, you will need to make sure you have done your IDV top up that can help you unlock Identity V characters, buy IDV items, and more.

With the introductions done, we can now finally discuss the contents of Identity V and see what makes this fascinating game so unique and fun to play!

Identity V Story Synopsis

From the moment you begin and download Identity V, the one thing that will be guaranteed is the fact that Identity V’s storyline will suck you in completely. It tasks you with revealing the enigmatic past of a fiction writer and detective who has lost his memory. With his life and career hitting rock bottom, our main character receives a letter from a certain character who goes by the name of James Reichenbach, claiming that his daughter has been kidnapped and requests the detective’s help to find out what has truly happened.

Pointing the detective towards a run-down mansion- which was James Rechenbach’s daughter’s last known location- the player will then take control of the detective and begin searching the manor for clues. As you explore the manor and complete various objectives, the mystery regarding the girl’s disappearance begins to unravel, and it soon becomes evident that the manor is connected to a dark and sinister plot involving both the girl and the detective’s memory loss.

Multiplayer Aspect

With the story of the Single-Player Mode of the game covered, the Multiplayer Aspect comes into play, where, just like in the famous game Dead by Daylight, you will take over the role of either a Hunter or a Identity V Survivor in real-time 4v1 matches.

As a Identity V Hunter, the main goal is to capture Survivors who are working together to escape the lair of terror set up by the IDV Hunter. As a Survivor, you pair up with three other players to find and secure a number of cipher towers located at various locations on the map where once done, an exit gate will be unlocked, and the Survivors must escape without getting caught in order to win the game.

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Conclusive Thoughts

The visual and audio cues really heighten the rapid-fire gameplay that the game provides, creating an even more tense and charged atmosphere throughout the match. It does not matter if you play either a Identity V Hunter or a Survivor; what matters is the adrenaline rush that accompanies the match played.

Beyond the stunning graphics and the multilayered gameplay that the game offers, Identity V offers a depth and quality that exceed most free-to-play games in the current mobile market. If you wish to have all Hunters and IDV Survivors unlocked from the start, it is not too late to purchase an Identity V account for sale here at U7BUY!