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In Mexico, Silvana Prince has earned widespread recognition as an accomplished actress, model, and performer. She has garnered acclaim for her remarkable contributions to the film and television industry, notably through her roles in productions like “El Taxista querendon” (1997) and “Ayudame Compadre” (1992). This article provides an in-depth exploration of Silvana Prince’s biography, career, noteworthy achievements, filmography, and family, inviting readers to delve into the complete narrative.

Beyond her accomplishments in the realm of movies and television, Silvana is also recognized for her role as the mother of the renowned singer Vadhir Derbez. Despite leading a relatively private life with limited public exposure, this article aims to present all available details about Silvana, allowing readers to gain insight into her less-publicized yet significant existence.

Quick Details About Silvana Prince

NameSilvana Prince
Nick NameSilvana
Age49 years
Date of BirthOct 21, 1974
ChildrenVadhir Debrez
Profession Actress, Model

How Old is Silvana Prince?

Silvana Torres Prince, a Mexican native, came into this world on October 5, though the specific year remains undisclosed. While the exact birth year is a mystery, there’s a prevailing belief that it might fall within the range of the 1960s or early 1970s.

For the majority of her early life, Silvana lived away from the limelight. It wasn’t until 1990 that her romantic journey thrust her into a semblance of stardom. Subsequently, she embarked on a brief acting career, making notable appearances in productions such as “El Taxista Querendon,” where she portrayed the character Silvana Prins (1997), and “Ayudame Compadre” (1992).

Early Life

Silvana Prince Well Know On Google As The Mother Of Vadhir Derbez

Silvana Prince has maintained a level of privacy regarding her early life and birthplace. Despite the lack of details directly from her, our sources indicate that she hails from Mexico. Unfortunately, she has not disclosed her birth date, leaving her exact age undisclosed.

Turning our attention to her son, born in 1991, he joyously marks his birthday on February 18 each year, making him 31 years old at present. Originating from Mexico City, Mexico, the actor proudly identifies as Mexican and was born under the zodiac sign Aquarius.

As for Silvana’s family background, she has chosen to keep that aspect of her life private, refraining from sharing information about her family members and parents. Consequently, details about her siblings and family members remain unknown. However, it is known that she was raised in Mexico.

Professional Life and Career

Born in Mexico, Silvana Prince is a well-known homemaker who rose to fame as her mother of the actor Vadhir Derbez, who has become well-known in the entertainment world.

At the age of six, Vadhir Derbez began his diverse acting career, making his television debut in 1997 on the programme “Derbez en Cuando.” He debuted early in his career with parts like “Diseñador de ambos sexos” (2000) and “Tatiana y En Familia con Chabelo” (2000), showcasing his talent. In 2001, he had a cameo on television in an episode of the Mexican series “Mujer, Casos de la Vida Real.”

Silvana Prince With Eugenio Gonzalez Derbez

In 2006, Derbez played the recurring character Marco López Pérez in 36 episodes of the popular show “Vecinos.” Notably, he emerged victorious in the first season of Univision’s inaugural reality dance competition, “Mira Quien Baila” (2010).

Derbez played a variety of parts, including Maximiliano “Max” Zaga in “Gossip Girl: Acapulco,” a 2013 television series that also starred Alexis Ayala, José María Torre, and Isabela Camil. His performance in the 2016 soap opera “La querida del Centauro” as the psychotic son of a drug lord, “César Suárez,” demonstrated his acting talent.

Apart from TV, Vadhir Derbez debuted on stage in 2004 as Tom Sawyer in “Las Aventuras de Tom Sawyer,” a Spanish translation of the beloved Mark Twain novel. In 2013, he featured in the musical “Grease,” portraying three distinct characters (Tacho, Kiko, and Danny Sucko). Subsequently, he secured a significant role in the Broadway musical “Rock of Ages” (2014), marking another milestone in his flourishing career.

Silvana Prince’s Role as Maria Eugenia

In the TV show, Silvana Prince takes on the character of Maria Eugenia, the central female protagonist caught in a love triangle with two taxi drivers. Maria Eugenia is portrayed as a stunning, sophisticated woman, enjoying the privileges of her social status. Despite this, she longs for adventure, seeking an escape from family pressures. Her ideal man is someone who can bring excitement and love into her life, challenging and surprising her. She’s drawn to both Chabelo and Pepito, each offering different experiences.

Maria Eugenia remains oblivious to the true identities of Chabelo and Pepito, believing their stories. Her character is naive, unaware of the potential dangers of her actions.

Silvana Prince delivers a compelling performance as Maria Eugenia, showcasing her acting, singing, and dancing talents. She brings grace and flair to the character, making her relatable. Silvana’s chemistry with co-stars Zayas and de Alba, known for their comedic skills, adds charm. Her on-screen presence adds glamour to the film with stylish outfits.

Her Connection with Eugenio Gonzalez Derbez and Why Their Journey Never Culminated in Marriage

Gonzalez initiated his professional journey in 1980. By 1986, he entered into a one-year relationship with Gabriela Michel. Subsequently, his romantic path took a turn when he met Silvana Prince at a beauty event where Eugenio was involved.

However, their connection faced a setback when news surfaced of Gonzalez having an affair with actress Victoria Ruffo, leading to a pregnancy and the eventual end of his relationship with Silvana Prince. In 1992, Eugenio Gonzalez Derbez tied the knot with Victoria Ruffo, a union that endured until their divorce in 1997.

In 2012, the actor found love once again, entering into matrimony with Alessandra Rosaldo, a multifaceted Mexican talent known for her prowess in acting, singing, and dancing.

Silvana Prince Welcomed Another Child Prior to Vadhir Derbez’s Birth

Before welcoming Vadhir on February 18, 1991, Silvana Prince experienced the loss of a child. Unfortunately, details surrounding the circumstances of this loss, such as whether it occurred right after birth or at a different time, remain unknown.

Vadhir Derbez, starting his journey at the age of about 6, made his debut on the program “Derbez en Cuando.” By the age of 10 in 2001, he was already featured in the TV series “Mujer, Casos de la Vida Real.”

In the subsequent years, Vadhir took on various roles in productions like “Imaginum” (2005), “Ladrones” (2015), “El Mesero” (2020), and “The Seventh Day” (2021).

In addition to acting, Vadhir Derbez demonstrated his musical abilities by putting out the “Vadhir Derbez” EP in 2016. Additionally, he contributed to the soundtracks of “De Pocas Pulgas” (2003) and “Comploces al Rescate” (2001). Notable songs including “Al Final” (2016), “Te Olvide” (2016), “Me Haces Sentir” (2016), “Toda La Banda” (2019), and “Mala” (2019) are among his singles.

Separation from Eugenio Derbez and Additional Offspring

Eugenio Derbez and Silvana Prince never exchanged vows to one another, and their relationship ended in the early 1990s. There have been rumours that Eugenio’s adultery contributed to the breakup.

Even after their loving chapter ended, Silvana maintained a friendly relationship with her ex-partner Eugenio Derbez and their children, including her son Vadhir Derbez. She frequently shares photos and videos of her family life on Instagram, where she has nearly 58,000 followers. Silvana has continued to be unwavering in her support of her son’s professional endeavours, and she has sent him many heartfelt emails that convey her love and pride.

Adaptability in the World of Entertainment

One characteristic that has defined Silvana’s career in the entertainment sector is her adaptability. She has constantly shown a dynamic range as a performer, whether she is seen gracing the screens of popular TV shows like “The Comedians,” “Anabel,” and “Single Dad,” or exhibiting her talents in the pageant “Miss Jalisco 1977.” In addition to enchanting audiences with her singing and dancing, her solo tour across Mexico demonstrated her multidimensional skills and cemented her reputation as an entertainer who genuinely loves enthralling people from all walks of life.

Enduring Influence and Inspirational Legacy

Even with her incredible success, Vadhir Derbez’s mom stays humble and committed to her work. Her down-to-earth attitude and dedication have earned her respect from fans and colleagues alike. As both a devoted mother and a celebrated star, Silvana’s legacy showcases the transformative impact of creative expression and the pursuit of one’s dreams. Her significant contributions to Mexican entertainment have secured her a special place in the hearts of fans and admirers globally.

Silvana Prince Net Worth

Silvana Prince is estimated to have a net worth of around $100,000 USD. Her diverse skills encompass modeling, acting, dancing, singing, and drawing.

The bulk of her earnings comes from her modeling and acting endeavors, where her extensive experience in theater and dance has left a lasting impression in various locations.

In contrast, Vadhir has accumulated substantial wealth through his acting career, boasting a remarkable net worth of $4 million. This achievement stands as a significant accomplishment in the dynamic world of entertainment.

Silvana Prince Height And Weight

Silvana Prince carries herself with grace, standing at an elegant height of 5 feet 5 inches. Her physical presence is harmoniously complemented by an approximate weight of 59 kilograms, embodying both vibrant energy and a balanced demeanor.

Venturing into the digital sphere, Silvana’s online presence unfolds on Instagram, where she has cultivated a community of 58k plus followers. This platform serves as a virtual window into her life, a space where her experiences and moments resonate with those who admire and connect with her.

Silvana Prince Social Media

Silvana Prince consciously steers clear of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Choosing to maintain distance from these virtual spaces, she seeks tranquility and safeguards her privacy.

In an era where one’s digital presence often reveals much about their life, Silvana intentionally opts out to lead a peaceful existence, free from the constant updates and digital noise associated with an online presence.

Silvana’s decision to eschew social media resonates with those who appreciate living beyond the digital spotlight. While social media serves as a valuable tool for connection and self-expression, Silvana’s deliberate distance underscores the importance of privacy and a respite from the virtual gaze.

In a world where the lines between public and private can blur, Silvana Prince’s aversion to social media is a refreshing choice. It symbolizes a desire for a tranquil life unburdened by online distractions and pressures. Silvana’s intentional detachment serves as a reminder that, in an age of continual connectedness, there is inherent beauty in embracing a serene life off the digital grid.


  • Silvana Prince is commonly recognized by her first name, Silvana.
  • Her birthplace is Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico.
  • Estimates suggest that her net worth is approximately $100,000.
  • She was previously involved with the well-known Mexican actor and film director, Eugenio Alexandrino Gonzalez Derbez.
  • Additionally, she represented the tourist market, ANAO, of China on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism of the state of Jalisco.

Final Words

Silvana Prince’s compelling journey unfolds as a testament to her versatility in the Mexican entertainment landscape. From acclaimed roles in “El Taxista Querendon” to her pivotal role as Vadhir Derbez’s mother, Silvana’s impact is undeniable. Despite guarding her privacy, her legacy as an actress, model, and devoted mother shines through.

Her deliberate distance from social media adds a layer of authenticity, showcasing a desire for a serene life away from the virtual spotlight. Silvana’s story resonates not just as a tale of professional accomplishments but as a reminder of the beauty in leading a genuine and private life.

As readers explore the intricacies of Silvana Prince’s narrative, they are invited to appreciate the woman beyond the roles and the artist who navigates the industry with grace. Her enduring influence, both on-screen and off, underscores the transformative power of pursuing one’s dreams with humility and dedication. In a world often enamored with fame, Silvana Prince’s legacy stands as an inspirational ode to a life well-lived.