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Skylar Satenstein, a well-known American physician and cosmetic surgeon, rose to prominence not just as the former spouse of Lars Ulrich, Metallica’s drummer (married from 1997 to 2004), but also for her significant contributions to aesthetic medicine. She runs her own clinic, Skyler Ulrich Aesthetic and Laser Medicine. Additionally, Skylar gained attention for her involvement in a public dispute between Lars Ulrich and Matt Damon, further enhancing her public recognition.

Skylar Satenstein Well Know On Google As Ex-Wife Of Lars Ulrich

Skylar Satenstein Quick Bio

Full NameSkylar Satenstein
Age52 Year
Place Of BirthNYC, USA
Date Of BirthJune 23, 1971
Famous ForLars Ulrich’s Ex-Wife
ParentsCelia Onkels And Frank Satenstein
Net Worth$2 Million

Skylar Satenstein’s Early Life

Skylar Satenstein was born right in the hustle and bustle of New York City on June 23, 1971. Now, in 2024, she’s rocking 52 years on this planet. Her zodiac sign? Cancer – you know, the sensitive, nurturing, and deep-feeling type.

As for her background, Skylar proudly reps the white ethnic crew and carries that American passport with pride. Early on, life threw her some curveballs with her parents splitting up, but her mom found love again with a lawyer. Despite the rocky start, Skylar pushed through and nailed it academically.

Details about her early days might be a bit sketchy, but she went on an educational rollercoaster, snagging degrees from big shots like Harvard and Columbia University. She’s got a master’s in Public Health from UC Berkeley – talk about brains and beauty!

Skylar’s career journey led her to the glamorous world of cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine. But she didn’t stop there – she kicked it up a notch by founding Skyler Ulrich Aesthetic and Laser Medicine, where she works her magic.

Educational Background

Skylar Satenstein’s education journey is pretty impressive. It all kicked off at Florida’s Ransom Everglades School. She then dived into the world of cell and molecular biology at Harvard from 1989 to 1993, snagging a Bachelor of Applied Science degree – talk about dedication.

In 1993, she took on the challenge at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, aiming for a Master of Science in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Four hard-working years later, in 1997, she proudly earned her Doctor of Medicine degree, a massive achievement in the medical world.

But Skylar wasn’t done learning. In 2001, she decided to spice things up at the University of California, Berkeley, grabbing a Master’s in Public Health in 2002. And the dedication didn’t stop there – she dived into prevention medicine at UCSF from 2002 to 2003.

Skylar Satenstein’s educational journey is a real testament to her love for learning and her rock-solid commitment to the fascinating fields of medicine and science.

Skylar Satenstein practices medicine and manages her own aesthetic clinic

According to her LinkedIn profile, Skylar currently holds the role of director at her own aesthetic clinic, Skyler Ulrich Aesthetic and Laser Medicine. She collaborates with fellow doctors Tancredi D’Amore, MD, FACS, and Khashi Mohebali, MD FACS in running the clinic.

In this professional space, Skylar engages in a wide range of aesthetic treatments, offering services such as laser medicine, skin resurfacing, wrinkle reduction using Botox and Dysport, plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as procedures like neck lifts. Since March 2012, she has been providing these services at her clinic located in Corte Madera, California.


Skylar Satenstein’s journey in the medical world is truly remarkable. Back in 2002, she made her mark at the San Francisco Department of Public Health, particularly through her involvement in the post-event smallpox vaccination initiative. This experience fueled her passion, eventually inspiring her to pen down “The Complications of Smallpox Vaccination.”

Skylar made major contributions to the medical industry while serving in a prominent capacity at Doctors Medical Centre from 2000 to 2007. Between 2007 and 2014, she worked as an urgent care practitioner, primary care physician, and internist in the Bay Area, demonstrating her continued dedication to the medical field.

In 2009, Skylar ventured into cosmetic surgery, aiming to help people rediscover their “lost” beauty. Her medical reputation received a boost through appearances on True Hollywood Story and Howard Stern, adding to her credibility.

As a cosmetic surgeon in Marlin Country, Skylar specializes in various areas, including birthmarks, laser skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, vascular disorders, and premature aging. She’s well-versed in anti-aging injectables and skincare, offering valuable insights into achieving ageless beauty.

Skylar’s talents extend beyond medicine; in 2004, she even appeared in “Some Monster,” showcasing her versatility.

After eight years of dedicated service, Skylar left the Current Health Medical Group in San Francisco in 2014. Since 2012, she has been at the helm of Skylar Ulrich Aesthetic and Laser Medicine, guiding it with competence and expertise, ensuring its continued success.

Skylar Satenstein Net Worth

As of 2024, Skylar Satenstein is believed to have a net worth of approximately $2 million. In comparison, her ex-husband, Lars Ulrich, is estimated to possess a net worth of $300 million. Interestingly, as of 2019, The Richest suggested a net worth of about $200 million. Considering her divorce from Lars, it’s likely that Skylar received a considerable sum, along with child support, making her financial standing quite substantial.

Skylar accumulated her wealth primarily through her successful medical career and affiliations with various healthcare organizations, including her own venture, Skylar Ulrich Aesthetic and Laser Medicine.

Skylar Satenstein Parents

Skylar Satenstein came into the world in the hustle and bustle of New York City, a product of the union between Celia Onkels and Frank Satenstein.

Skylar Satenstein’s father, Frank Satenstein

Now, let me tell you about Skylar’s dad, Frank. Born in 1924, he made quite a name for himself in the television biz. You might recognize him for his work on the hit series “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father.” The guy was a legend, leaving his mark and making TV more entertaining for all of us.

But, you know, life’s got its ups and downs. Unfortunately, in 1984, Frank bid us goodbye, leaving behind a legacy filled with all the amazing things he achieved in the creative realm.

Skylar Satenstein’s mother, Celia Onkels

Celia Onkels is the mother of Skylar Satenstein. Despite the limited information about her life that’s available to the public, Celia played a significant role in Skylar’s world. Following her divorce from Frank Satenstein, Celia entered a new chapter by marrying James Hogan.

As a united front, Celia and James established a blended family, fostering a supportive environment for Skylar and her siblings. Although the finer details of Celia’s personal and professional life remain relatively private, her influence as a devoted mother and family member is palpable in Skylar Satenstein’s upbringing.


Skylar Satenstein’s family tree includes an older sister named Sloan Andrea Satenstein, born in 1969, from her parents’ marriage. After completing her studies at Georgetown University, Sloan pursued further education at Columbia University, where she earned her MBA degree.

Currently, Sloan holds the position of vice president and recruiter at Higdon Prince, an executive search firm based in New York City. In 1999, she tied the knot with Robert Scott Klein, an associate in the Latin American venture-capital group. Together, they’ve embraced parenthood, raising at least four children.

In addition to Sloan, Skylar also shares a half-brother named Louis Satenstein, born from her father Frank’s marriage to actress Betty Bruce.

Relationship Status Skylar Satenstein was married to Lars Ulrich for a span of 7 years

On January 26, 1997, Skylar embarked on the journey of marriage with Lars Ulrich in a cozy and intimate wedding ceremony. In the initial years, their union seemed like the perfect newlywed story, making joint appearances in the media as a happily married couple.

Their story began in a bar where they first crossed paths and soon found themselves dating. The late ’90s witnessed their nuptials, a union that endured for 7 years before they decided to part ways.

By March 2004, they had chosen separate paths, quietly navigating the complexities of divorce proceedings, culminating in the official dissolution of their marriage in 2006.

Despite the end of their marital relationship, Skylar and Ulrich prioritized friendship for the sake of their children. The co-founder of the iconic metal band, Metallica, emphasized the amicable nature of their post-divorce relationship, stating, “We spend a lot of time together. We split the kids between us. Everything is well. It’s about as good and civilised as it gets in terms of those things.”

Following their divorce, the couple continued to share custody of their children.

Skylar Satenstein dated Matt Damon, who included her in the script of Good Will Hunting

Skylar and Matt Damon had a thing for about a year, from 1988 to 1989, back in their Harvard days. You know how it goes, sparks fly on campus, but their flame fizzled out pretty quick.

The interesting part? After their split, Matt channeled those emotions into his work. He wrote Skylar into the script of “Good Will Hunting,” a movie that hit the screens in 1997. In the film, Minnie Driver played a character named Skyler, and she was basically a nod to Skylar Satenstein, the real-life physician. With the film’s unexpected success, Matt Damon gained significant recognition in Hollywood. Isn’t it the funny thing about life?

Skylar Satenstein’s Children

Skylar is the delighted mother of two boys, Myles Ulrich, 28, and Layne Ulrich, 22, from her marriage to Lars. These young men formed Taipei Houston, a band, together, carrying on their father’s musical legacy. Layne plays both bass and vocals in the group, and Myles shows off his drumming abilities.

You can get an insight into their professional lives by visiting their social media pages. On social media sites like Instagram, the Ulrich brothers and their comrades are frequently posting about their artistic journeys.

Skylar Satenstein Current Relationship

Skylar Satenstein is unmarried as of the most recent information, and she hasn’t made any public statements about dating anybody else or getting married again.

Ever since her 2004 divorce from Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, Skylar has maintained a rather secluded life. Nothing in the public domain suggests that she’s entered into a new marriage or been in any partnerships.

Body Measurements

The doctor stands at around 5 feet 8 inches tall, carrying herself with grace. Skylar possesses captivating brown eyes that add to her charm, complementing her overall beauty. Her stunning blonde hair adds a touch of elegance to her appearance. Unfortunately, specific details about her hips, breasts, dress, and shoe sizes aren’t publicly available.

Social Media

Let’s dive into Satenstein’s online world. If you check out her Instagram, you’ll find a community of 742 individuals who follow her updates. She’s also made her mark on Facebook, where 271 people keep up with her.

The focus of Satenstein’s social media persona is mostly her career. You can get a behind-the-scenes peek into her work and career through these sites. Even while she doesn’t post many glimpses into her personal life on social media, she does occasionally share them.

Final Words

In the grand story of Skylar Satenstein’s life, from the vibrant streets of NYC to her thriving career in aesthetic medicine, her journey is nothing short of fascinating. Picture a determined woman, navigating life’s twists, overcoming challenges, and emerging with a wealth of knowledge.

Skylar’s academic odyssey, from Harvard to Columbia and UC Berkeley, reflects not just intelligence but a genuine love for learning. As a physician and cosmetic surgeon, she’s not just in the business of beauty but in the art of making people feel confident in their own skin.

Behind the scenes, Skylar’s personal narrative weaves through marriage to Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and a fleeting connection with Hollywood’s Matt Damon. Yet, amidst the glitz, she’s anchored by the joy of motherhood, raising two musically gifted sons, Myles and Layne.

In the spotlight and away from it, Skylar’s authenticity shines. Her net worth, around $2 million, echoes the success of a woman who’s not just made a mark in medicine but in the hearts of those who’ve crossed her path. In Skylar’s story, there’s a lesson – that resilience, intelligence, and kindness can truly shape a remarkable life.