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Katie, aka Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin, was formerly married to Jared Fogle, the Subway employee who got into a lot of difficulty. They got married in 2010, but after Fogle admitted to facing several serious charges in 2015 related to child abuse and improper interactions with minors, things took a bad turn.

McLaughlin insists she had absolutely no clue about her husband’s shady side until the FBI showed up at their doorstep, hitting them with the bombshell revelation.

Who Is Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin?

Kathleen McLaughlin once belonged to a regular family, and her ex-husband, Jared Fogle, became entangled in a media scandal that was nothing short of embarrassing. Little did Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin know, she played a significant role in Fogle’s career.

Fogle gained fame as the face of Subway, while Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin, working as an Indiana teacher, saw her life take a drastic turn after crossing paths with Jared. Destiny played its part, connecting them through Fogle’s older brother. The couple shared a vision of a promising future for their family, with their kids, Brady and Quinn, bringing joy and a sense of purpose to Kathleen and Jared’s lives.

Initially, their family life appeared picture-perfect. However, when Jared’s dark past came to light, the illusion of an ideal family crumbled, revealing the complexities beneath the surface.

Kathleen McLaughlin’s Age

Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin came into the world in April 1979, making her around 44 years old in 2024. Unfortunately, details about her nationality or ethnicity are nowhere to be found.

Kathleen McLaughlin’s Early Life

Before Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin said “I do” to Jared Fogle, she had a life all her own. But when it comes to her early years, it’s like chasing a mystery.

Privacy is clearly Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin’s thing, especially when it comes to digging into her past. The deets on her upbringing, school days, and family? Well, good luck finding those because she’s keeping that part of her story under wraps.

In the public eye, it’s all about her link to Jared Fogle and the whole legal rollercoaster that came crashing down after their relationship. That’s where the spotlight’s been shining the brightest.

Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin Biography

Born on July 7, 1997, in California, Katie McLaughlin isn’t content to merely enjoy the beach and sunshine. She’s a rising star in the world of competitive swimming, with a focus on butterfly and freestyle events.

Imagine her proudly representing the United States of America at international contests like the FINA World Championships and the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships. Not too horrible, huh? In 2014, she took home a medal from the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships in the 200-meter butterfly.

By the year 2015, Katie is still causing a stir. At the World Aquatics Championships, she won silver in the mixed medley 4x100m relay and gold in the 4x200m freestyle relay. And get this: she not only achieved a national age group record for the 17–18 age group, but she also placed sixth in the 200m butterfly. I call that leaving your mark in the swimming community!

The Family of Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin

It’s a bit disappointing, but there’s this significant gap in what we know about Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin’s family. You won’t stumble upon any intriguing tidbits about her parents or siblings; it’s like grappling with a mystery.

The public records aren’t giving away anything about her family background or the identity of her close relatives. When it comes to that aspect of Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin’s life, it seems as though they’ve decided to keep it all hidden from the rest of us.

It is comparable to attempting to solve a puzzle with missing components. In a society where people’s private information is frequently shared with the public, Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin’s family seems to be hiding behind closed doors, leaving our inquisitive minds wondering about the unspoken stories and the individuals who have influenced her journey.

Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin’s Career

Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin’s work life hasn’t really been in the spotlight. Even though she’s recognized as the ex-wife of Jared Fogle, the former Subway spokesperson, we don’t have much insight into her own career endeavors.

The media tends to zoom in on her marriage with Fogle and all the legal stuff that followed. As a result, her professional path hasn’t been a major talking point in public discussions or media reports.

Kathleen Marie McLaughlin Net Worth

Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin is looking at a net worth of $4 million in 2023, thanks to her gigs as an actress, professor, and photographer. She pulls in $43,000 a year just doing her thing.

Now, her ex, Jared Fogle, is sitting pretty with a $4 million net worth too. He raked in the dough from being a spokesperson and motivational speaker, earning a cool $2 million every year. That’s the result of some serious hustle on his part.

Kathleen Marie McLaughlin Job

Currently, there is no available information about Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin’s current job. Meanwhile, her ex-husband, Jared, graduated from North Central High School in Indianapolis in 1995. In 2000, upon entering Indiana University Bloomington, Jared briefly worked for American Trans Air as a revenue management agent.

In April 1999, Jared gained widespread attention for his astonishing weight loss of 245 pounds within a year, credited to his self-devised “Subway diet.” At the time, Jared, a 20-year-old junior at Indiana University, had transformed from being morbidly obese in 1998, standing at 6 feet 2 inches and weighing 425 pounds. His daily caloric intake during that period reached an astounding 10,000 calories, equivalent to the recommended daily intake for five individuals.

Subway showcased Jared’s remarkable weight loss journey in February 2008 through the Tour de Pants commercial. At the end of the promotional tour, Jared Fogle donated his iconic 62-inch pants to a museum as part of the campaign. He served as a prominent spokesperson for the brand for over 15 years until his arrest by the FBI on charges of sexually abusing a minor and the collection and distribution of child pornography.

Who Is Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin’s Ex-Husband

Jared Fogle, who used to be the face of Subway’s ads from 2000 to 2015, went through a real rough patch. Back in August 2015, he admitted to some serious charges, like having and sharing child-related stuff and engaging in inappropriate stuff with minors. It got even worse because he was found guilty of crossing state lines for some illegal activities with a minor, landing him a hefty federal prison sentence of 15 years and eight months.

This shocking revelation came after the FBI dug deep, raiding Fogle’s home in Indianapolis. Since then, his life has taken a major hit, serving time away from the public eye.

The fallout from his actions hit him hard, both in his career and personal life. Subway cut ties with him, and the good image he once had got pretty messed up. Documentaries and media coverage have dug into the darker sides of Fogle’s life, showing just how serious his crimes were and the huge consequences that came his way.

Their Divorce

In 2015, Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin faced the heartbreaking ordeal of divorcing Jared Fogle. She openly shared her disbelief at his involvement in criminal activities related to child exploitation. The shock intensified as she disclosed that Subway had used images of her and their kids in their advertisements without obtaining her consent.

Compounding the distress, McLaughlin asserted that Subway had received multiple reports about Fogle’s concerning interest in children. Despite these warnings, the company failed to take the required measures in response. This revelation not only deepened the pain for McLaughlin but also raised questions about Subway’s responsibility in addressing serious concerns about Fogle’s behavior.


Once upon a time, Jared Fogle and Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin were married and welcomed two precious children into their lives— a son named Brady and a daughter named Quinn Fogle. However, life took an unexpected turn, leading to Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin gaining full custody of their beloved kids. The complexities of their journey from a united family to the current custody arrangement weave a tale of challenges, adjustments, and the resilient love that binds this family despite the changes life has thrown their way.

Legal Actions

Kathleen Marie McLaughlin chose to sue Subway in 2016 on the grounds that they were aware of Jared Fogle’s dubious activities and failed to appropriately manage the situation. She continued by saying Subway even utilised her and their children’s photos in their advertisements without getting permission. Regretfully, a judge dismissed the lawsuit in 2017.

This whole legal drama was a big deal for Kathleen Marie McLaughlin. She wanted Subway to own up to what she thought they did wrong. Despite the court’s decision not to support her, her courageous action served as a reminder to everyone of the value of sticking up for your beliefs.

Kathleen Marie McLaughlin demonstrated her tenacity and refusal to give up on her pursuit of justice despite all the ups and downs. She succeeded in bringing attention to the matter, raising awareness and encouraging others to stand up for their rights even though the lawsuit didn’t end in her favour.

Navigating Parenthood and Custody Dispute

Kathleen Marie McLaughlin adopted the role of a devoted mother, passionately guarding Brady and Quinn, amid turmoil and difficulties. Despite being put to the test in the custody dispute that followed, Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin never wavered in her dedication to her family. She bravely faced the challenges of being a single mother while defending her kids from the negative attention of the general public.

Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin persevered while juggling the demands of being a single mother with dignity and fortitude. She was motivated by her unwavering love, which gave her strength and direction during the darkest moments. Her unwavering dedication shone as a ray of light in a world frequently cast over by difficulties, and she found consolation in the reassuring embrace of motherhood.

Subway’s Consequences

The Jared Fogle scandal hit Subway hard, leading to an immediate separation from Fogle and a backlash for not acting sooner. This tarnished Subway’s reputation, causing a loss of customer trust. In response, Subway took measures, conducting internal investigations, collaborating with child advocacy groups, and revising hiring processes to strengthen child protection.

Subway faced a decline in reputation and customer loyalty following the scandal. To mitigate the impact, they engaged with the public, expressed shock at Fogle’s actions, and pledged support for child safety organizations. They also revamped marketing, focusing on ingredient freshness and healthy choices to distance themselves from the scandal.

Despite the lasting impact, Subway has worked to rebuild its image, emphasizing proactive measures to address the issue and prevent similar incidents in the future.

Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin’s Controversy

In 2016, Kathleen McLaughlin decided to take Subway to court, filing a lawsuit against the sandwich giant. Her claim? Subway knew about Jared Fogle’s troubling actions with kids, but according to Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin, they didn’t take the right legal steps to address the issue.

The lawsuit essentially argued that Subway had the lowdown on Fogle’s disturbing behavior, making us all wonder about the company’s responsibility in handling such a sensitive matter. Sadly, despite the seriousness of the accusations, in 2017, a judge decided to give the lawsuit the boot. It was a tough blow for Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin’s quest for justice and accountability, underlining the hurdles that often come with fighting legal battles.

Social Media

Kathleen McLaughlin has deliberately chosen to keep her online life discreet, maintaining a significant level of privacy in this aspect of her world. Available information suggests a limited presence on social media platforms for Kathleen. Her choice to stay low-key in the digital realm is consistent with her overall inclination for privacy. Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin has clearly made the decision to protect her family and herself from unwanted online intrusions, even though the lack of a publicly visible social media profile may pique some curiosity about her personal life.

Kathleen McLaughlin’s dedication to maintaining a private life is highlighted by the dearth of information about her social media activity. Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin’s decision to spend the majority of her time offline suggests a desire for a more regulated and secure online environment in a time when people frequently share glimpses of their lives online. Kathleen’s social media strategy serves as a heartbreaking reminder of the value of personal boundaries as the digital world continues to change, especially for individuals who have been subjected to extreme public scrutiny.

Where Is Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin Now?

Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin, fiercely protective of her family, took swift action when Jared’s misconduct came to light. Just six weeks after the FBI raided their home, she initiated a divorce, seeking exclusive custody of their children. In 2016, she opened up to CBS, knowing that some might wrongly accuse her of being complicit in her husband’s actions. She emphasized that staying with a man engaged in such behavior was inconceivable to her, stating, “I’d be absent. I’d leave him. No idea.”

Upon entering a guilty plea in November 2015, Jared was sentenced to 15 years and 8 months in prison, sex offender registration, lifetime supervised release, $225,000 in fines, and $1.4 million in reparations for his possession and distribution of child pornography. Even though Kathleen was angry with Jared, she thought there might have been other players as well.

Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin focused her complaint on Subway, Jared’s job, claiming that the corporation ignored the claims made against Jared even though it was aware of his criminal history. She filed the lawsuit in 2016. Regretfully, the case was rejected by the judge in 2017. Kathleen is adamant about raising her kids by herself, with the support of her loved ones, despite the difficulties. She is still adamant about keeping her personal affairs hidden from the public and is concentrating on starting over in her new home in Indiana. We hope she has the finest possible road ahead of her.

Final Words

In the midst of the Jared Fogle scandal, Kathleen Marie Mclaughlin found herself in a whirlwind of unexpected challenges, moving from what seemed like a perfect family life to a chaotic legal and personal journey. Despite the tough times, she showed incredible strength, ensuring the custody of her kids and taking legal action against Subway.

Kathleen’s choice to keep things private, seen in her limited online presence, reveals her determination to protect her family from unnecessary scrutiny. As she moves forward, Kathleen is focused on rebuilding her life in Indiana, away from the public gaze. Her story reminds us of the resilience we can find in facing difficult times and the enduring power of a mother’s love.