Upgrading Your UTV With the Help of Thumper Fab RZR Parts

Purchasing a side-by-side is exciting, but many people want to upgrade their ride before they take it off the showroom floor. With many parts and accessories available, it’s easy to see why they want to make these changes. It takes little effort to customize the ride and make it their own. 

What Thumper Fab RZR parts and accessories should owner research when personalizing the side-by-side? Are some upgrades better than others? Every driver should consider purchasing the following items before taking their new UTV off the dealer’s lot to make the ride unique. 

Rear-View Mirrors

Many buyers are surprised to learn that side-by-sides don’t come with mirrors. It’s nice to be able to see everything that is going on around the UTV, as traffic can get busy in popular spots. The mirrors help the driver avoid other UTVs when having fun at a mud hole or hill climb. While they aren’t required, the mirrors are an excellent upgrade every new owner should consider. When comparing mirrors, look for ones that easily clamp onto an existing UTV feature, such as the round bar on a cage frame. Compare different sizes, as well, to see which one provides the best panoramic view. Nevertheless, mirrors are only one of several upgrades an owner might make. 


UTV owners must prioritize safety whenever they take their machines for a spin. RZR pro doors are made specifically for this model and feature an industry-exclusive bonding agent. With this upgrade, vibrations and rattles from the door skin will be a thing of the past. The door is strong, lightweight, and capable of protecting riders from mud, dirt, and debris from the trails. Drivers can confidently explore new places, knowing they have this added layer of protection. The doors are available in two- and four-seat versions so that every owner can have this protection.


A nasty sunburn or sudden storm can ruin an excellent ride. Adding a roof to the side-by-side helps protect riders from the elements. UTV roofs come in many styles today, including plastic and metal. However, why settle for a plain roof? Audio roofs are available, so the driver and passengers can enjoy outstanding music when driving the UTV once this upgrade is installed. The RZR audio roof features a Rockford Fosgate premium audio package, an integrated rack for hauling gear, and LED lights. Change the roof’s look to match the ride by installing color accent panels that make the UTV stand out. 


Owners might want to upgrade the bumpers on their rides. Consider investing in a winch bumper for the side-by-side. Manufacturers offer several styles now, so each driver can purchase one that best fits their riding style. The winch bumpers have up to 12,000-lb winching capacity, which owners will love. Regardless of which winch bumper the owner selects, they know it will protect their ride, as Polaris is known for outstanding products at reasonable prices. Check out the winch bumpers today and other items suitable for the side-by-side.

Polaris offers many accessories for its popular RZR series. Look into purchasing extreme shackles, quick-release tie-downs, turbo tie rods, ball joints, and more. With the help of these accessories and parts, every owner can create the ride of their dreams, one that meets their needs in every way. Who doesn’t love that?