What is the Price of Anker 10000 mAh Power Bank in Bangladesh?

You would like to stay in power at the most crucial moment, such as your official meetings, gaming, or long-distance calls! But it’s hard to get power sockets in public places in Bangladesh. That’s where power banks come to the rescue!  

In terms of power banks, Anker is the most trusted brand. Before you grab the first 10000mAh power bank, understand its price, features, and where to buy the genuine product! We will describe everything for your convenience!

Why is Anker Power Bank Popular in Bangladesh?

Do you know that Anker Power Bank in Bangladesh consistently stands on top of the charts? And that is for good reason. They have been in the market for over ten years. Users can enjoy the renowned quality, advanced technology, and wide range of options from Anker. Not to mention, the design is also sleek and smart!

  • Renowned Quality: Anker made an industry-leading reputation for building quality, safety, and reliability at the same time. Their power banks are built to last, ensuring worry-free charging.
  • Advanced Technology: Anker integrates cutting-edge technologies like PowerIQ and VoltageBoost to identify and deliver optimal charging speeds to your devices intelligently.
  • Wide Range of Options: From compact options to high-capacity powerhouses, Anker offers a power bank for every need and budget.
  • Sleek Design: Anker prioritizes aesthetics in the form factor to create an elite profile. They offer stylish and portable power banks that fit seamlessly into the hands of young men and women.

Furthermore, Anker provides a reassuring warranty and excellent customer support, giving you peace of mind. You can avail of the warranty from the official distributors of Anker in Bangladesh.

What are the Best Anker 10000mAh Powerbank Prices?

Now comes today’s main topic! Let’s explore some of the top contenders in the 10000 mAh category. From our calculation, these two Anker Power Banks outperform all in the 10000 mAh category:

Anker 334 Magnetic Battery (PowerCore 10K)

  • Magnetic Wireless Charging: The magnetic charging option features MagSafe compatibility. This option allows you to charge your iPhone 12 and above with magnetic convenience wirelessly.
  • High-Speed Wired Charging: A USB-C port supports 20W Power Delivery for fast-charging compatible devices. So, you will have zero latency in the works.
  • Two USB-A Ports: Charge two devices simultaneously with its 12W USB-A ports.
  • Slim and Compact Design: Pocket-friendly and lightweight, perfect for on-the-go use.
  • Price: Expect to pay around 5,990৳ (depending on retailers).

Anker 323 Power Bank (PowerCore PIQ) 10000 mAh:

  • Versatile Charging: The charging options feature both a USB-A and a USB-C port for flexible charging options for all sorts of devices.
  • Power Delivery Support: The USB-C port supports both input and output 18W Power Delivery for fast charging.
  • Compact and Portable: Slim design fits easily in bags and pockets. So you can take it anywhere, no matter the occasion formal or informal.
  • LED Charge Indicator: The power bank display indicates the remaining battery level for convenient monitoring.
  • Price: You can find around 3,290৳ (prices may vary due to time and occasion).

Remember: While clearly, both 1000 mAh power banks offer premium services. So, no one can say anything against the price tag. The power banks will last for a longer time compared to cheap China-based power banks. 

Why Do You Need Anker Powerbanks Specifically?

Anker prioritizes safety with advanced temperature control and protection against short circuits, overcurrents, and overvoltages. Their power banks deliver consistent and reliable power output, unlike cheaper alternatives that might fluctuate. 

Moreover, they are a trusted brand worldwide, offering peace of mind with its established reputation.

Is Anker Power Bank’s Price Ideal for Bangladesh customers?

Indeed, Anker power banks are clearly not the cheapest power banks in Bangladesh. There are many alternative options available. But the thing is, Anker power banks offer a compelling value proposition for Bangladesh customers. For most Bangladeshi users who look for quality and reliability, Anker strikes a sweet spot without breaking the bank.

Where to Buy Anker 1000 mAh Powerbanks for the Original Product?

When it comes to authenticity, buying from authorized retailers is crucial. In Bangladesh, you can trust the official distributors of Anker and for online ecommerce you can buy from Dolbear Store. Contrivance Distributions has been the authorized seller of Anker products. 

They have multiple showrooms and outlets all over the country. You can find their store and purchase the best one made for your daily drive. Their sources guarantee genuine products with warranties and proper customer support. 

Final Words

Choosing the right Anker 10000 mAh power bank depends on your needs and budget. We have given you two options that are perfect according to their value. You can make an informed decision with their features and reliable purchase options. 

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