Who Is Zach Bryan Wife, Girl Friend, Divorce, Dating History, And Many More

So, Zach Bryan, the singer-songwriter, kicked off his musical journey back in the late 2010s, and man, he’s had quite the whirlwind of success in such a short time. Picture this – his first big-label album, “American Heartbreak,” dropped in mid-2022 and shot up to No. 5 on the US Billboard 200. And get this, before belting out tunes, Bryan was doing his thing in the United States Navy.

Now, as he’s riding this wave of solo fame, everyone’s dying to know about his love life. Is he off the market? Who’s the lucky lady? Let’s spill the tea on Zach Bryan’s romantic escapades, from saying “I do” during the craziness of COVID-19 to calling it quits with his previous partner, and, of course, the lowdown on his newest squeeze!

Who is Zach Bryan?

Zach’s journey started on April 2, 1996, in Okinawa, Japan. His dad, Dewayne Bryan, and mom, Annette DeAnn, both served in the military, with his father reaching the rank of master chief. The family faced a tough time when Zach was about 12, as his parents went their separate ways. Unfortunately, Zach’s mom struggled with alcohol addiction, and her passing on August 4, 2016, marked a significant loss.

Zach Taylor grew raised in Oklahoma with his sister MacKenzie Taylor, but when he joined the US Navy at the age of 17, his life took a completely different turn. But in October 2021, he made the decision to leave the Navy and embark on a new journey: a career in music. As of right moment, Zach is well-known in the entertainment industry because to singles like “Something in the Orange” and “The Good I’ll Do.”

Who Is Zach Bryan Wife?

Zach Bryan was once happily hitched to Elizabeth Rose Madden. Interestingly, both of them shared a Navy connection, as they first crossed paths while serving in the United States Navy.

Now, diving a bit deeper into Zach Bryan ex wife, Elizabeth Rose Madden hails from Lancaster, Ohio, and proudly holds a degree from Arizona State University. Her Facebook bio paints a picture of a multifaceted individual, describing herself as an outdoor enthusiast, photographer, and professional golfer.

But that’s not all – Rose is also fueled by a passion for floral design, adding another layer to her vibrant personality.

Rose serves as a Naval Aviator

Zach Bryan wife, Rose, started her military journey as a Naval Aviator back in August 2017, stationed at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in Island County, Washington. Since then, she’s been dedicated to her role.

Currently, Madden wears multiple hats, serving as a ground safety petty officer in Patrol Squadron 46, also known as the Grey Knights. She took on the role of a petty officer in 2021, showcasing her commitment and growth in her military career.

As of now, Rose calls Oak Harbor, Washington her home.

Rose Madden’s Background

Elisabeth Rose Madden is a Lancaster High School alum who delved into General Studies at Ohio University. Following her graduation in 2017, she furthered her education at Arizona State University, honing in on Anthropology with a minor in Biological Sciences.

In the course of her career journey, Rose found herself in the role of a Naval Aviator at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island.

What does Rose Madden do for a living?

Despite not being a widely recognized figure in the mainstream, Rose Madden’s professional life has remained relatively private. However, before meeting Zach Bryan, she was dedicated to her role in the US Navy and has also been identified as a photographer and golf enthusiast.

During her tenure at the Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island, Madden served as a Naval Aviator. Her LinkedIn profile showcases her as a direct supervisor in various safety programs, including the Hearing Conservation Program, Fall Prevention, Aircrew Survival Equipment, Motorcycle Safety, Electrostatic Discharge Control, CPR, and Laser Hazard Control Program. She has had a longstanding role as the Ground Safety Petty Officer with Patrol Squadron 46.

Beyond her military career, Rose Madden has a deep appreciation for the beauty of flowers and proudly identifies as a florist. This passion has driven her to become a professional in various floral design styles.

Zach Bryan Wife and He had to reschedule their wedding a couple of times because of COVID-19

As previously indicated, the effects of COVID-19 forced Zach and his Navy girlfriend to grudgingly postpone their wedding several times. in first, they intended to get married in Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada’s Banff National Park. Sadly, they were forced to call off their wedding during the early stages of the pandemic, when COVID-19 was spreading quickly and the US-Canada border was blocked.

For the second attempt, they chose Glacier National Park in Montana, which holds special meaning for Zachary. However, the couple faced another setback as the Department of Defense imposed travel restrictions, limiting movement within a 350-mile radius. The location they had picked for their big day was almost double the distance at 640 miles, forcing them once again to cancel their plans.

They ultimately exchanged vows at Colchuck Lake

Finally, on their third attempt, Zach and his soon-to-be Zach Bryan Wife, Madden, settled on Colchuck Lake in Leavenworth, Washington, eliminating any chance of unexpected disruptions. The location was about 150 miles away from their home.

With the wedding plans secured, Bryan and his now-fiancée, engaged for almost four months, rendezvoused at Iron Creek Falls in Mt. St. Helens, Washington, for their big day. Rose, reaching out to Carla Schier of Honey Crumb Cake Studio, took charge of designing the wedding cake.

Their original vision involved a mountaintop wedding, which meant tackling an 11-mile uphill hike. The duo, gearing up at Safeway in Leavenworth, embarked on the challenging journey.

Following an arduous ascent to an altitude exceeding 2,200 feet, the couple reached their mountaintop destination with enough time to set the stage for their wedding. Amidst the stunning scenery, they exchanged heartfelt handwritten vows and custom rings.

Choosing to live atop the mountain for two weeks, the newlyweds later hosted a reception on their 5-acre homestead in rural Island County. Due to the constraints imposed by the COVID pandemic, only their closest family and friends attended.

Despite the initial abundance of love between them, things didn’t unfold as expected afterward.

Is Zach Bryan still in a marriage with Rose Madden? Did he betray his wife with infidelity?

No, Zach Bryan Wife and Zach have parted ways. The couple decided to end their marriage shortly after tying the knot. According to certain sources, the breakup occurred because Bryan allegedly cheated on Rose while she was on deployment in Italy.

Adding weight to the rumors of infidelity, a source close to Rose, Zach Bryan ex wife, shared,

“I knew both Zach and Rose personally… I know that I have no credibility being a random account on the internet, and I’m sure not many will believe me, but I had spoken with Rose and apparently Zach cheated on her while she was on deployment in Italy. And then continued to forcibly divorce her while she was in the middle of her deployment.”

Additionally, there were speculations that the couple split after Zach’s music career took off. Currently, they have also removed each other’s photos from their social media profiles.

What’s the story behind Zach Bryan and Rose Madden?

Zach Bryan tied the knot with Rose Madden in July 2020, but unfortunately, their marriage was brief. By July 2021, word got out about Zach Lane Bryan’s divorce, sparking curiosity about what led to the end of their newlywed journey.

What was the duration of Zach Bryan’s marriage?

Bryan and Madden exchanged vows in July 2020, but a mere year later, they decided to go their separate ways. Despite the breakup, neither has openly discussed the reasons behind their split. Interestingly, both have wiped any traces of each other from their social media profiles.

Is Zach Bryan a father?

As of now, Bryan doesn’t have any children. His main focus is on his career, even though he somewhat reluctantly finds himself in the spotlight. Reflecting on his unexpected journey into the music scene, he mentioned in an August 2023 interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast, “I never in my life envisioned being a musician, ever.

Period. No. And I was thinking about it yesterday, how crazy my reality is now. Like, coming back to Oklahoma and being around people, and people coming to get me in diners and being like, ‘Take a picture with me.’ I’m like, ‘What is going on, man?’”

Zach Bryan girlfriend following his divorce from his ex-wife

After parting ways with his former wife Rose, Zach entered into a relationship with Deb Peifer. The couple enjoyed a considerable period together before encountering challenges.

On January 3, 2023, Zach Bryan girlfriend shared a series of photos featuring the two on her Instagram, marking a year of their relationship. She captioned the post,

“one whole year of me and you and that smol little brown bear. To many more road trips and sunsets and people asking me to break up with you.”

A few days later, Bryan and zach bryan girlfriend were spotted cheering for a football game at the Lincoln Financial Philadelphia Eagles Stadium, seemingly immersed in their time together.

At that point, they appeared to be savoring every moment. However, despite outward appearances, Bryan surprised many by announcing his split with Debra on Twitter at the end of May. Shortly after, they unfollowed each other on social media, and their Instagram and Facebook profiles were purged of each other’s photos.

The bike accident involving Bryan and Zach Bryan girlfriend

Beyond their passionate romance, the couple went through a harrowing experience with a motorcycle accident.

This incident happened just a few weeks after the release of Zach’s breakthrough album, American Heartbreak, in May 2022. During a ride, the singer lost control, leading to a crash on the road that caused significant injuries for Zach. The left side of his head and his right hand bore the brunt of the accident.

Luckily, Bryan’s then-girlfriend, Peifer, escaped with less severe injuries.

Which other individuals has Zach Bryan been in a relationship with?

Following his separation from Madden, Bryan entered into a relationship with Deb Peifer, an education program coordinator. In 2022, their relationship was prominently featured on Peifer’s social media accounts. However, earlier this year, Bryan publicly confirmed that they had parted ways.

On May 31, 2023, he tweeted, “For transparency and with respect, I am letting everyone know Debra and [ went our separate ways about a week and a half ago.” Bryan mentioned that their split was mutual, and they parted on good terms, cherishing the happy memories from their time together.

Who is currently Zach Bryan Girlfriend?

Currently, Bryan is romantically involved with Brianna LaPaglia, also known as Brianna Chickenfry, a host from Barstool Sports. LaPaglia officially confirmed their relationship in July 2023 during her “PlanBri Uncut” podcast. She shared that she had been “hanging out” with the musician for the past three weeks. LaPaglia clarified that their connection is lighthearted and enjoyable. Addressing the buzz on the internet, she mentioned, “But we’re just hanging out, we’re having fun, and that’s where I’ve been. That’s what I’ve been doing and that’s what I’m going to be doing for a little bit. We’ll see where it goes, and I’m happy.

How did Zach Bryan and Brianna Chickenfry cross paths?

Bryan and LaPaglia crossed paths in May 2023 at the Academy of Country Music Awards, where Bryan snagged the New Male Artist of the Year award. Both were involved with other people at the time, but after their encounter, LaPaglia couldn’t resist praising Bryan as the “nicest man” she’d ever met, as shared in a video on her YouTube channel.

In that same month, Bryan confirmed the end of his relationship with Deb Peifer, expressing that their parting was mutual. He took to Twitter in May 2023, saying, “Things are mutual between us, we’re leaving with plenty [of] memories and good times. I beg so much that everyone respects her and my privacy through a hard time.”

A month later, LaPaglia attended one of Bryan’s concerts in New York City. Following the show, Bryan initiated contact by sliding into her DMs. When questions arose about the timing of their respective breakups with former partners, LaPaglia dismissed the notion of any cheating.

“People break up and get into new relationships,” she asserted during an August 2023 episode of her “BFFs” podcast. “This is so normal. What is the point of a grace period?”

What is Brianna Chickenfry known for?

Brianna Chickenfry, known by her real name Brianna LaPaglia, initially gained fame as a TikTok personality. Her videos gained significant popularity by late 2020, catching the attention of Barstool Sports, who brought her on board. Barstool Sports then gave her the opportunity to host a podcast titled “PlanBri Uncut.” Additionally, she co-hosts the “BFFs” podcast alongside Josh Richards and Barstool founder Dave Portnoy.

What’s the story behind the changes to Zach Bryan’s Instagram?

Despite being one of the prominent figures in country music, Zach has had his share of online criticism. Reports from Outsider indicate that Zach decided to step away from both Instagram and Twitter (referred to as X) following negative feedback related to ticket purchasing issues, leaving many fans frustrated with the process.

This decision to deactivate both accounts came after an initial move where he deactivated his Twitter but kept his Instagram private. However, two weeks later, he reactivated his Twitter and expressed a desire to stay away from the platform until the ticket sales were over, given the significant backlash. About a week after his statement on Twitter, he vanished from both platforms. Subsequently, his Instagram page and Twitter profile have been reinstated.

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Final Words

In the whirlwind of Zach Bryan’s life, from a Navy career to musical stardom, his romantic journey has been equally eventful. Despite a heartfelt wedding with Rose Madden, the couple faced challenges, leading to a brief marriage. Allegations of infidelity and the strains of Zach’s newfound fame fueled their separation.

Post-divorce, Zach’s relationships with Deb Peifer and Brianna LaPaglia unfolded publicly. The motorcycle accident with Peifer added a dramatic twist to his narrative. Currently, the musician finds solace in the company of LaPaglia, marking a new chapter in his love life.

As Zach Bryan navigates fame, heartbreak, and newfound love, his evolving story continues to captivate fans, making him not just a musical talent but a human on a complex journey of highs and lows.

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