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Jaya Kelly, the daughter of the renowned American R&B singer R. Kelly, has garnered attention not just for her familial ties but also for her journey in understanding her gender identity. Contrary to earlier announcements in 2014, when she identified as a transgender male with plans for medical procedures, Jaya Kelly later chose not to pursue that path and now identifies as gender-fluid.

While being part of a family associated with the most successful R&B artist in music history might naturally draw public interest, Jaya Kelly, one of R. Kelly’s three children with ex-wife Andrea Lee, has become a subject of discussion not only due to her celebrity background but also in relation to her exploration of gender identity and sexuality. For more details on her story, continue reading.

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What is Jaya Kelly’s age?

In 2024, Jaya Kelly is 23 years old. Born on November 26, 2000, into the renowned family of R. Kelly in the United States, Jaya Kelly started her journey as a female child to her parents, R. Kelly and Andrea Lee. Growing up alongside her siblings, Joann Kelly (known as Buku Ab) and Robert Kelly Jr., who pursued careers in singing and basketball, respectively, Jaya attended a local high school where she began honing her musical talents.

Despite not pursuing higher education, Jaya Kelly opted to wholeheartedly follow her passion for music after completing her high school education.

Jaya Kelly Biography

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Jaya Kelly, who also goes by the name Jaah Kelly, holds the middle position among the children of the well-known R&B singer R. Kelly and the accomplished dancer Andrea Lee. Her birth took place in 2000 in Los Angeles, California. Initially identified as a girl, Jaya grew up alongside her older sister Joann and younger brother Robert Jr. The family, despite its association with fame and success, faced personal challenges, particularly as Jaya Kelly navigated the complexities of her identity.

Coming from a prominent family, Jaya Kelly’s childhood unfolded against the backdrop of the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

Meet Jaya Kelly’s Parents

Jaya Kelly, who was raised in a Christian home and has a hint of celebrity, accepts her African-American roots as an American. Her father, the well-known R&B singer R. Kelly, has influenced the music industry for a long time and has sold over 75 million records worldwide. Notwithstanding his musical achievements, R. Kelly has been embroiled in legal troubles that have resulted in his placement in the Metropolitan Correctional Centre in Chicago and a 30-year prison sentence for racketeering and sexual crimes that will start in February 2023.

On the other side of her family story is Jaya Kelly’s mom, Andrea Kelly, a talented choreographer, actress, and dancer born in Chicago in 1974. Andrea first stepped into the limelight through her marriage to R. Kelly in 1996, a union that sadly ended in 2009 after 13 years. Her journey continued with a brief marriage to Canadian hockey player Brian McKee in 2012, which lasted only two months.

Despite the tumultuous family history, Jaya Kelly holds dear her connections with her mother and sister Joann. They share special moments together, emphasizing the human side of their lives beyond the headlines.

When did Jaya Kelly begin her transition?

Jaya Kelly embarked on her journey of transitioning at the age of 10. Although she was born female, it wasn’t until 2014, at the age of 14, that the celebrity daughter made headlines by publicly announcing her identity as a transgender male. This revelation took place during an interview with Paper Magazine.

In her own words, Jaya Kelly shared her realization of being a young girl attracted to other girls. However, due to her orientation, she initially believed that the only way to express this attraction was by identifying as a boy. She expressed her desire for surgery and medication to align with her true self, stating, “I believe I am a boy and want surgery and the medication to help me be who I was supposed to be.”

To embrace her masculine identity, Jaya Kelly chose to wear men’s clothing, not only at school but also in various aspects of her life, deviating from traditional female attire. Despite facing challenges, including mockery from classmates, Jaya Kelly remained steadfast on her path of transitioning.

Jaya Kelly managed the challenges of being a transgender person with her mother’s help. She is an example to many young people who are struggling with their gender identity and trying to feel comfortable in their own flesh because she is a transgender male today.

Transitioned from being transgender to identifying as non-binary

When Jaya turned sixteen, she opened up to her family about being a queer individual and expressed her attraction to girls. During this revelation, there was no mention of pursuing reassignment surgery, and Jaah clarified that she is comfortable with any gender pronouns.

Reflecting on her journey, Jaya Kelly shared, “I always felt like I had to make a choice. I knew that I was a girl who liked other girls. But because of what I was taught, I felt like the only way you could like another girl is if you were a boy.”

In a candid 2019 interview with Paper magazine, Jaah publicly discussed her gender identity and sexual orientation. She identified herself as a lesbian, emphasizing that she wasn’t seeking specific labels but rather embracing her authentic self.

How did R. Kelly respond to Jaya identifying as transgender?

When Jaya Kelly openly shared her identity as transgender, it became a major focus in the media, with many eager to know R. Kelly’s reaction. Despite the heightened attention, R. Kelly remained silent on the matter, choosing not to make any public comments. This silence strongly suggested a lack of support for Jaya’s decision from her father.

During that time, Jaya Kelly disclosed that while her mother and siblings provided significant support, R. Kelly did not acknowledge or respond to her decision. She further revealed that her father had not reached out to her since the announcement. The relationship between Jaya and her father had already been complex even before her transition, with her mother, Andrea, noting that R. Kelly had opted not to maintain contact with his family.

Kelly experienced bouts of depression

Following her public disclosure of being transgender, Jaya Kelly, the celebrity daughter, faced a challenging period marked by struggles with depression. The severity of her emotional turmoil led her to spend several weeks in a psychiatric hospital.

Amidst these difficult times, Jaya Kelly found solace in the support of her mother, Andrea Kelly. Andrea expressed her unwavering love, telling Jaya, “Baby, you know I love you if you were bi, gay, lesbian, you name it, and I would still love you so much.” This maternal support became a source of strength for Jaya during her journey through depression.

Navigating Challenges

Growing up in the spotlight as the child of a famous father, Jay faced scrutiny and judgment, adding extra challenges to his path of self-discovery. In a candid 2014 interview with ABC News, Jay shared the importance of authenticity, becoming an inspiration for transgender youth and emphasizing the need for societal acceptance.

Despite the hurdles, Jay, also a musician, released the single “New Me” in 2019, drawing inspiration from personal experiences as a transgender individual. Their music aims to resonate with and uplift the transgender community.

Jay’s journey is marked by courage and inspiration, making them a role model for others in the fight for transgender rights. Throughout the process, Jay found unwavering support from mother Andrea Kelly and siblings, particularly navigating the complexities families often encounter when a member comes out as transgender. Despite the challenges, the Kelly family’s public story serves as a beacon of hope for those facing similar experiences.

Jaya Kelly shares the musical talents of her father, R. Kelly, as she is both a singer and rapper

In the realm of her career, Jaya Kelly is carving her own path as a singer and rapper, taking inspiration from her father’s musical legacy. Her journey into music began during her high school days, and she is steadily honing her talents. Jaya Kelly has already released several singles, including Reservoir and Focus, showcasing her dedication to the craft.

Embracing the stage name JaahBaby, the emerging artist has graced various events, shows, and music concerts with her live performances. Despite the opulent lifestyle that comes with being a celebrity kid, Jaya Kelly is determined to establish her own identity beyond her father’s fame. Currently, she is investing significant time in her musical pursuits to create a sustainable career. Notably, Jaya is a self-taught pianist and producer, adding versatility to her artistic endeavors.

Jaya Kelly maintains her personal life private as of the latest update I have on file in 2022. Her relationship status is currently unknown, and she keeps a low profile on social media, being inactive on all of the sites. Although Jaya Kelly decides to keep her love life private, the public is nonetheless interested in learning about her romantic interests.

Jaya Kelly Net Worth

Jaya Kelly currently holds an estimated net worth ranging from $300,000 to $500,000, primarily derived from his music available on SoundCloud.

In contrast, his father, R. Kelly, boasted a substantial net worth of approximately $100 million before his legal troubles led to his imprisonment. With a thirty-year sentence that would extend until 2053, Jaya Kelly, along with his two siblings and mother, may play a role in managing and inheriting R. Kelly’s fortune and net worth.

On the other hand, Jaah’s mother, Andrea Kelly, has her own financial standing, with an estimated net worth ranging between $5 million and $20 million.

Feel free to share your thoughts on Jaya Kelly. Is he a favorite among celebrity family members and transgender individuals for you? Additionally, what’s your take on his father’s 30-year sentence? Join the discussion in the comments section.

Some Details About His Father R. Kelly

Introducing R. Kelly, real name Robert Sylvester Kelly, a musical force from the United States who was born in the heart of Chicago, Illinois, on January 8, 1967. Since making his debut in the music business at the beginning of the 1990s, R. Kelly has established himself with a number of successful singles and albums, demonstrating his abilities as a record producer, composer, and vocalist.

His music has a distinct sound that appeals to a wide audience. It is a soulful blend of R&B, hip-hop, and gospel. Most notably, he contributed to the creation of Michael Jackson’s classic song, “Heal the World.”

However, beyond the melodies lies a complex narrative. R. Kelly’s personal life has been marred by controversy and legal challenges, particularly concerning allegations of sexual misconduct, including charges of sexual abuse and exploitation. These legal battles have cast a shadow over his musical achievements, leaving an indelible mark on his reputation and public perception.

Jaya Kelly’s Siblings

Jaya Kelly has two siblings, Joann Kelly and Robert Kelly Jr. Joann, the younger sister, showcases her musical talents under the stage name Buku Ab. On the other hand, Robert, Jaya’s younger brother, keeps a low profile, making it challenging to keep tabs on his activities. Born in 2002, he would likely have completed high school by now, and perhaps even college. Despite the varying paths they take, Jaya Kelly shares a strong and positive relationship with her siblings, considering them among the few close friends she has.

Is Jaah Kelly currently in a romantic relationship?

As of now, it appears that Jaya is currently single and isn’t actively seeking a romantic relationship. Jaya Kelly has always been a private individual, keeping details about her love life under wraps.

Interestingly, clues about her past relationships surface through her recent music, which is accessible under the name JaahBaby. It hints at a previous romantic involvement and possibly a past girlfriend. Despite the mystery surrounding her personal life, her music provides glimpses into her experiences and emotions.

Jaya Kelly boasts captivating tattoos

The rapper Jaya Kelly has adorned her body with a collection of tattoos, showcasing a unique and personal form of self-expression. Notably, she has inked some words on her left eyebrow, adding a distinctive touch to her appearance.

While Jaya Kelly has shared limited pictures, making the details somewhat unclear, she sports a tattoo on her neck with a design resembling a combination of flowers and wings when closely examined. Moreover, both of her arms feature additional tattoos, contributing to the overall artistic canvas that she has created on her body.

Jaya Kelly Instagram

Jaya values her privacy a lot and you won’t find her on any public social media accounts. While there might be a chance that she has a private account, it’s likely reserved just for her close circle of friends and family.

In a world where sharing our lives online is the norm, Jaya’s choice to keep things private shows her intentional decision to have a more personal space. By staying off the public eye on social media, she keeps control over what she shares and maintains a sense of autonomy in her journey.

Jaya Kelly Now

Jaya Kelly is still deep into making music, pouring her heart and soul into her craft. Even though her parents are big names in the industry, she’s determined to be known for her own unique sound and style.

Instead of relying on the fame that comes with her family name, Jaya Kelly is all about creating her own musical journey. She’s focusing on making music that’s genuine and true to herself, wanting to be recognized for her talent rather than just her family connections.

It’s not just about the fame for her; it’s about the music and the personal mark she wants to leave. Jaya Kelly is navigating the challenges and joys of building her own legacy, and every note she creates is a part of that incredible journey.

Final Words

Jaya Kelly, daughter of R&B icon R. Kelly, has captivated attention not just for her famous lineage but also for her journey of self-discovery. At 23, Jaya Kelly embraces her gender-fluid identity, transcending labels. Despite familial complexities and public scrutiny, she forges her path as a talented musician, choosing authenticity over fame. Jaya’s resilience amidst personal challenges, including her father’s legal troubles, inspires many.

She remains private about her personal life, focusing on her music career under the moniker JaahBaby. With unwavering support from her mother and siblings, Jaya Kelly’s story echoes resilience, authenticity, and the pursuit of individuality. In her journey, she not only finds her voice but also paves the way for others navigating similar paths of self-discovery and acceptance.


Who is Jaya Kelly?

Jaya Kelly, also known as JaahBaby, is the daughter of renowned R&B singer R. Kelly. She is a musician and rapper, navigating her unique path in the music industry.

How old is Jaya Kelly?

As of 2024, Jaya Kelly is 23 years old. She was born on November 26, 2000.

What is Jaya’s gender identity?

Jaya identifies as gender-fluid, embracing a non-binary identity. Her journey has involved exploring various aspects of her gender expression.

Did Jaya undergo a gender transition?

Yes, Jaya initially identified as a transgender male at the age of 14 but later chose not to pursue medical procedures. At 16, she identified as queer and non-binary.

What is Jaya’s musical career like?

Jaya, under the stage name JaahBaby, is a singer and rapper. She released singles like “Reservoir” and “Focus” and is carving her own path in the music industry.

How does Jaya handle the fame associated with her family?

Despite her family’s fame, Jaya focuses on establishing her individual identity in the music industry, emphasizing authenticity over celebrity connections.

What is the relationship between Jaya and her father, R. Kelly?

Jaya faced challenges with her father’s lack of public support during her gender identity exploration. R. Kelly has been entangled in legal troubles, and the family dynamics have been complex.

Is Jaya active on social media?

No, Jaya prefers to keep a low profile on social media. While she may have a private account, she values her privacy and doesn’t maintain a public presence online.

What is Jaya’s net worth?

Jaya’s SoundCloud music accounts for the majority of her estimated net worth, which ranges from $300,000 to $500,000. R. Kelly, her father, was well-off prior to his court troubles.

How does Jaya contribute to the LGBTQ+ community?

Jaya’s openness about her gender identity and sexual orientation makes her a role model for those navigating similar experiences. Her music often resonates with and uplifts the transgender community.