Julie Lebiedzinski Husband, Kids, Age, Career, Net Worth, Siblings And More

The well-known singer and musician John Fogerty is generally recognized as the spouse of Julie Lebiedzinski. Together, they have raised three children since their 1991 union.

Even though Julie values her privacy, admirers are intrigued by her relationship with prominent musician John Fogerty.

Quick Facts About Julie Lebiedzinski

Full NameJulie Lynne Kramer Lebiedzinski
Nick NameJulie
Birthplace Elkhart, Indiana, USA
Birth Date February 7, 1960
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse John Fogerty
Date Of MarriageApril 20, 1991
Current Residence Thousand Oaks, California
Marriage Duration23 Years
Child from a Previous MarriageLyndsay

Julie Lebiedzinski Early Life

Julie Lebiedzinski, born on February 7, 1960, in Elkhart, Indiana, adopted the name Julie Lebiedzinski after marrying John Fogerty. Julie Lynne Kramer was her birth name.

Given that Julie was born under the sign of Aquarius, she represents the qualities that people born under this sign are known for—originality, freedom, and altruism.

Julie, who will be sixty-three in 2023, has chosen to maintain a high degree of seclusion regarding her personal life. Information regarding her childhood and early years is still not available to the general public.

Marriage to John Fogerty

When Julie Lebiedzinski encountered John Fogerty, her life experienced a profound shift. When Fogerty was on tour in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1986, that is when they first met. Initially a chance meeting, what transpired was a deep and enduring bond that finally resulted in marriage.

On April 20, 1991, Julie and John Fogerty sealed their commitment to one another with a vow exchange in her birthplace of Elkhart, Indiana. Their marriage marked the beginning of a union that has successfully handled life’s obstacles and embraced the pleasures of raising a family.

Encountering each other in 1986 amid Fogerty’s tour

The love tale of Julie Lebiedzinski and John Fogerty commenced in 1986, a pivotal year in both of their journeys. Fate played its part during one of Fogerty’s captivating tours in Indianapolis, Indiana, uniting the gifted musician with the woman destined to be his lifelong companion. This chance encounter set the stage for a enduring love story that would endure the trials of time.

Details of Dating and Marriage (April 20, 1991)

After their serendipitous meeting, Julie and John began a journey of love and partnership. Over about four years, they cultivated their relationship, sharing moments and strengthening a bond that would eventually lead to a significant decision. In front of friends, family, and loved ones, Julie Lebiedzinski and John Fogerty sealed their love in Elkhart, Indiana, on April 20, 1991, during a tender ceremony. In addition to representing the joining of two people, the wedding laid the groundwork for the future life they would be leading together.


After marrying, Julie Lebiedzinski and John Fogerty had two sons, Shane and Tyler, and a daughter, Kelsy. The boys have been honing their musical skills, and they frequently perform on stage with their father, particularly Shane, who can sing and play the guitar.

Julie has a daughter named Lyndsay from a prior marriage in addition to their shared children, but not much is known about her first spouse.

Now, let me introduce you to the Fogerty kids:

The oldest is Kelsy Cameron Fogerty, who was born on October 5, 2001. Kelsy would rather keep her life secret even though she grew up with her dad’s celebrity.

Born in 1991, Shane Fogerty has followed in his father’s footsteps as a gifted musician and guitarist. In the music industry, he has established a solid reputation.

Julie and John also have a child, Tyler Fogerty, who was born in 1992. Despite his modest public persona, his musical family suggests he possesses some musical talent as well.

John Fogerty Previous marriage

Before tying the knot with Julie Lebiedzinski, Julie’s husband was previously married to Martha Piaz on September 4, 1965. They had a history dating back to high school, and he was 20 years old when they exchanged vows.

Although the couple had three children, their identities are not disclosed. Unfortunately, their marriage concluded with a divorce after five years, and the reasons behind their separation remain unclear.

Following the divorce, he departed from CCR in 1971, and the band eventually dissolved in 1972.

Who is John Fogerty’s first wife, Martha Paiz?

John Fogerty and Martha Paiz were married for a duration of five years, having exchanged their wedding vows in 1965.

However, after three years of marital life, their relationship experienced a cooling-off period, leading to Fogerty and Martha’s separation in the 1970s. Martha subsequently withdrew from public visibility.

Lebiedzinski pulls her partner back from complete despair

As mentioned earlier, the singer of “Fortunate Son” married at a very young age, perhaps unaware of the challenges ahead. Balancing family responsibilities and a burgeoning musical career must have posed considerable challenges, potentially affecting his marriage.

It took 16 years for him to find love again, and it came in the form of a woman he fondly described as his “rescuer.” Meeting Julie Lebiedzinski saved him from bitterness and hopelessness, transforming his life to the point where all the anguish disappeared.

Julie was not only instrumental in revitalizing his personal life but also contributed to his 9th studio album, “Wrote a Song for Everyone.” Released on May 28, 2013, the album featured renditions of his CCR classics and included two new songs, “Mystic Highway” and “Train of Fools.” Her influence was widely praised, especially for suggesting the concept behind this musical project.

John Fogerty’s Position on Politics

Julie Lebiedzinski’s spouse, Fogerty, aligns with the liberal Democrat ideology, consistently reflecting his political views in his lyrics. His songs have critiqued various Republicans, notably Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

He played an active role in supporting John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign against George W. Bush and openly endorsed Hillary Clinton during the 2015 elections. Fogerty appreciates the liberal emphasis on addressing the concerns of ordinary people.

Interestingly, despite his liberal inclinations, Fogerty also found admiration for Donald Trump’s rebellious nature and perceived independence stemming from his wealth.

Did her husband serve in the military?

Julie Lebiedzinski’s husband, John Fogerty, faced a draft notice from the US Army in 1966 but opted for a different path than frontline service. With the recruiter’s assistance, he joined the US Army Reserve as a supply clerk, backdating paperwork as needed.

His training took him through Fort Bragg, Fort Knox, and Fort Lee, and he wrapped up his active duty training by July 1967. Fogerty continued as a part-time reservist for a year before being discharged the following year.

Presently residing in Thousand Oaks, California

Based on the most recent information, Julie Lebiedzinski and John Fogerty have chosen to make their home in the charming city of Thousand Oaks, California. This Southern California locale has become the backdrop for their family life, offering a serene and picturesque environment. Thousand Oaks, celebrated for its scenic beauty and cultural richness, provides a haven for the Fogerty family, fostering both tranquility and a strong sense of community.

Involvement of Children in Fogerty’s Concerts and YouTube Channel

Julie Lebiedzinski’s impact extends to the collective involvement of the family in John Fogerty’s musical pursuits. Shane and Tyler, Julie and John’s sons, actively contribute to the family’s musical legacy. Shane, displaying his talents as a guitarist and vocalist, and Tyler, adding his voice to the mix, often join their father on stage during his concerts.

Interestingly, all three of Julie’s youngest children, including Kelsy, make appearances in their father’s YouTube channel videos. This collaborative effort emphasizes the familial connection that goes beyond personal and professional boundaries, creating a shared space where the Fogerty family continues to shape and contribute to the musical heritage initiated by John Fogerty’s remarkable career.

Fogerty’s Distinct Viewpoint Regarding Donald Trump

While John Fogerty has consistently backed Democratic candidates, his political viewpoint holds nuanced shades. In an interesting turn, he expressed an admiration for Donald Trump’s “rebelliousness” and the belief that Trump “can’t be bought” owing to his considerable wealth. This nuanced stance reveals Fogerty’s capacity to recognize and value diverse aspects of political figures, going beyond conventional party affiliations.

The acknowledgment that conservatives, including George W. Bush, Donald Trump, and Rush Limbaugh, found enjoyment in his music despite differing political views adds a fascinating dimension to Fogerty’s impact and influence in both the political and cultural realms.

Net worth of Julie Lebiedzinski

After marrying John Fogerty, Julie Lebiedzinski prioritized her role as a devoted mother. Details about her specific net worth and profession remain undisclosed. You can explore the financial details of other notable partners, like Jane Musky and Angelita Galarza-Guzman.

On the flip side, the acclaimed American singer and songwriter, John Fogerty, boasts a fortune of $110 million. His enduring impact on the music industry is evident through his thriving solo career and his role as the lead singer and guitarist of Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR).

Final Words

In essence, Julie Lebiedzinski’s life beautifully intertwines with renowned musician John Fogerty, crafting a tale of love, family, and shared musical passion. Despite Julie’s penchant for privacy, her impact on Fogerty’s life and career is unmistakable. Since their 1991 union, the couple has weathered challenges and reveled in the joys of raising three children together.

Their love story, sparked in 1986 during one of Fogerty’s tours, led to a heartfelt wedding in Elkhart, Indiana. Together, Julie and John nurtured their family’s musical legacy, with their children actively joining Fogerty on stage and in online platforms.

Julie’s influence extends beyond her role as a spouse and mother, playing a pivotal part in revitalizing Fogerty’s life and contributing to significant musical projects. Their Thousand Oaks residence provides a serene backdrop for shared experiences.

Touching on Fogerty’s nuanced political views adds depth to his persona. While details about Julie’s personal net worth and profession remain undisclosed, the focus remains on celebrating the enduring love, family dynamics, and shared musical journey of the Fogerty family.