Johnnie Rose Etheridge Age, Height, Biography, Career, Net Worth, Parents

Johnnie Rose Etheridge, born on October 17, 2006, is the daughter of the celebrated American singer-songwriter, Melissa Etheridge. As of 2024, she is 17 years old.

Having spent her formative years in the limelight, Johnnie Rose Etheridge’s upbringing carries the distinct influence of her Grammy-winning mother. Despite pursuing aspirations and endeavors distinct from those of her renowned parent, Johnnie Rose’s entwining with the music realm and her personal journey of self-discovery provide captivating narratives to delve into.

How Old Is Johnnie Rose Etheridge?

As of 2024, Johnnie Rose Etheridge is 17 years old, born on October 17, 2006, in the United States. She holds American citizenship and her zodiac sign is Libra. Johnnie Rose possesses physical attributes typical of a Caucasian female.

In our investigation, it has been revealed that Johnnie Rose Etheridge was conceived through the sperm of an anonymous donor during the relationship of her mother, Melissa Lou Etheridge, with actress Tammy Lynn Michaels.

Johnnie Rose Etheridge’s Early Life

Born on October 17, 2006, Johnnie Rose Etheridge is the beloved daughter of Tammy Lynn Michaels and the accomplished singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge.

Her familial bonds include three affectionate siblings: Bailey Jean Cypher, Beckett Cypher, and her fraternal twin, Miller Steven Etheridge. Johnnie Rose shares a close-knit relationship with her twin brother, engaging in playful activities together.

Quality time with her mother, Tammy, is a priority for Johnnie Rose, emphasizing the significance of both her physical and mental well-being.

However, the family has encountered profound sorrow, particularly in the loss of their elder brother, Beckett Cypher, in 2020.

Educational Journey

Johnnie Rose Etheridge’s educational specifics remain undisclosed, leaving us with minimal information about the school she attends or her current academic standing.

Yet, it’s noteworthy that her twin brother is enrolled in the same educational institution, indicating that they embark on their academic journey together. Simultaneously, the family conscientiously upholds their privacy within the public domain.

Who are the parents of Jonnie Rose Etheridge?

Formally, Johnnie Rose Etheridge’s parents are recognized as Melissa Lou Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels. There is limited information accessible regarding the anonymous sperm donor who played a significant role in her birth.

Melissa, the mother of Johnnie Rose Etheridge, is a renowned singer and songwriter

Melissa Etheridge, the talented American singer and songwriter born on May 29, 1961, in Leavenworth, Kansas, is now 62 in 2024. Her musical journey began early, strumming the guitar at eight and writing tunes by eleven. In 1988, her debut album went double platinum, earning her a Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal.

Her fourth album, “Yes I Am,” with hits like “I’m the Only One” and “Come to My Window,” solidified her success. Beyond music, Melissa has been a pioneer for LGBTQ rights, bravely coming out as a lesbian in 1993. She openly shared her experiences, from her relationship with Julie Cypher to battling breast cancer in 2004, even penning an Academy Award-winning song for “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Melissa made her Broadway debut in 2011’s “Million Dollar Quartet” and explored acting in various films and TV shows. In response to the Orlando shootings in 2016, she released “Pulse,” donating proceeds to Equality Florida, an LGBTQ civil rights organization.

Despite personal challenges, Melissa Etheridge remains a beloved and influential figure in the music scene. Her raspy voice, rock-and-roll vibes, and honest lyrics have garnered her numerous awards and a dedicated fan base.

The other parent, Tammy Lynn Michaels, happens to be an actress

The second parent of Johnnie Rose Etheridge, Tammy Lynn Michaels, is a talented actress who is also quite involved in the entertainment scene. She is 49 years old and was born on November 26, 1974, in Lafayette, Indiana.

Based on what is known, Tammy Lynn Michaels seems to have started her acting career shortly after graduating from junior high school. She traveled to New York City to chase her aspirations since she was passionate about acting.

She attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, where she honed her performing abilities, thanks to her dedication. Pammy became well-known for her role as Nicole Julian in the television series “Popular.” Other popular sitcoms including “That ’80s Show,” “The L Word,” and “Committed” have also benefited from her talent.

At the time of Johnnie Rose Etheridge’s birth, her parents were in a dedicated and committed relationship

Johnnie Rose Etheridge’s parents, Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels, were in a same-sex relationship when she was born. They were openly together for nearly a decade, from 2002 to 2010. Rumor has it, they met in 2001 but only started dating a year later. They had a commitment ceremony in 2003 and became registered domestic partners in 2005. Johnnie Rose and her twin brother, Miller Steven Etheridge, came into the world on October 17, 2006.

However, as mentioned earlier, Melissa and Tammy Lynn went their separate ways in 2010. They officially announced it on April 15, 2010, and what followed was a legal tussle over child custody and support that finally wrapped up in May 2012.

Is Johnnie Rose Etheridge the sole daughter of Melissa Etheridge?

Indeed, Melissa Etheridge’s sole child by biological means is Johnnie Rose Etheridge. It’s important to realize that Melissa had a long-term connection with American film director Julie Cypher prior to her nearly ten-year commitment to Tammy Lynn Michaels.

This relationship commenced in 1990 and ran for a decade, finishing in 2000. But it was at this time that Julie Cypher used sperm provided by musician David Crosby to conceive artificially. Bailey Jean Cypher and Beckett Cypher were the two children she later gave birth to during this period.

How many children does Melissa Etheridge have?

In a straightforward sense, Melissa Etheridge is the biological mother of two children: Johnnie Rose and her fraternal twin brother, Miller Steven. However, considering her enduring partnership with Cypher, it’s widely acknowledged that she played a significant motherly role in Cypher’s two children as much as Cypher did.

Details about Melissa Etheridge’s children, including Miller Steven and her surviving step-daughter, Bailey Jean, remain quite private. It seems they prefer a life away from the public eye.

Johnnie Rose Etheridge’s Siblings

Beckett Cypher

Born on November 18, 1998, in the United States, Beckett Cypher is the son of American musician Melissa Etheridge and director Julie Cypher. In May 2020, at the young age of 21, he tragically passed away from opioid addiction.

The opioid issue gained national attention after Melissa Etheridge made her devastating remark on May 13, 2020. His sudden death highlighted the serious problems caused by opiate addiction and how it affects families deeply. Melissa Etheridge has boldly shared her son’s challenges, use her position to raise awareness about this crucial issue.

Bailey Jean Cypher

Bailey Jean Cypher was born in Los Angeles on February 10, 1997. Her parents are American musicians Melissa Etheridge and Julie Cypher, who was Melissa’s former lover. Conceived through artificial insemination using sperm from famed musician David Crosby, she legally recognizes Melissa Etheridge as her mother. With multiple siblings, Bailey comes from a diverse family and has been transparent about her special family history. She plays the piano, guitar, and sings, and she has similar musical abilities to her mother. She has established herself as a significant character in her family’s musical history.

Miller Steven Etheridge

Miller Steven Etheridge, born on October 17, 2006, is one of the twin children of Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels. The couple made their twins, Miller Steven and Johnnie Rose Etheridge, public in December 2006, sharing a birthday with his twin sister Johnnie Rose Etheridge. Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels shared custody of these children and continued to co-parent them even after their divorce.

Johnnie Rose Etheridge’s Net Worth

Because of her youth and lack of a professional job path, Johnnie Rose Etheridge’s net worth is not made public.

On the other hand, Tammy Lynn Michaels, her mother, was said to have had a net worth that fluctuated between $100,000 and $1 million after her divorce from Melissa Etheridge.

Melissa Etheridge, well-known for her activism and prosperous music career, is thought to be worth roughly $25 million.

Social Media

Johnnie Rose Etheridge’s parents have been intentional about safeguarding her privacy, making a conscious effort to keep her out of the public spotlight.

While her mother, Tammy, may occasionally share posts, Johnnie Rose is seldom visible, as Tammy takes care to avoid revealing her face. Likewise, Melissa has chosen not to disclose details about her children on social media.

Presently, Johnnie Rose does not engage in social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. This underscores her parents’ dedication to ensuring her upbringing is private and shielded from public scrutiny.


Johnnie Rose Etheridge, born on October 17, 2006, is the 17-year-old daughter of Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels. Raised in the shadow of her Grammy-winning mother, Johnnie Rose’s life is a blend of music influence and personal exploration. With siblings Bailey Jean and Miller Steven, her family has faced both joy and sorrow, notably the tragic loss of brother Beckett in 2020.

Born through artificial insemination, she is the sole biological child of Melissa. Johnnie Rose’s parents, once in a same-sex relationship, navigated a legal battle over custody. Despite her family’s prominence, she maintains a low profile on social media, underscoring her parents’ commitment to privacy. As of now, details about her education and net worth remain undisclosed, emphasizing her youthful journey in the delicate balance of a public and private life.