Who Is (Future Son) Prince Wilburn, Everything You Need To Know

So, let’s talk about Prince Wilburn, born on December 5, 2012. He’s 11 years old now in 2024, and guess what? His dad is none other than the famous American rapper, Future, whose real name is Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn. Prince’s mom is Brittni Mealy – yeah, she used to be Future’s girlfriend.

Now, Future is not just a rapper; he’s into singing, songwriting, and producing too. Big deal in the music world, you know? On the other side, Brittni Mealy, Prince’s mom, is rocking it as an entrepreneur and social media influencer. Even though Future and Brittni are no longer an item, they’re totally into this co-parenting thing, keeping it cool for Prince.

Interested in how Prince Wilburn is handling all this? Dive into the details of his life and growing up in the co-parenting scene below.

Quick Wiki About Prince Wilburn

Full Name:Prince Wilburn
Nick Name:Prince
Age:9 years
Profession:Celebrity kid
Lucky Color:Orange
Lucky Number:6

Who is Prince Wilburn?

Let’s get to know Prince Wilburn a bit better – he’s a familiar face in the American celebrity scene, and yes, he’s one of the cool kids from Future’s family, the famous rapper. Future, whose real name is Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, was born on November 20, 1983, in Atlanta, Georgia. That makes him 38, by the way.

Now, Future isn’t just a dad; he’s a big deal in the music world, known for his rap, singing, and songwriting skills. You’ve probably vibed to his hit, “Mask Off.” In this piece, we’re diving into the world of Prince Wilburn – his life story, his famous dad, his siblings, his mom, and all those little details you’ve been itching to know, like how old he is, what’s up with his net worth, and where his roots lie. Plus, we’ll be spilling some tea on the stuff you might not have heard before. But first, let’s kick things off with a laid-back introduction to Prince Wilburn’s profile.

How Old is Prince Wilburn?

Meet Prince Wilburn, born on December 5, 2012 – he’s a lively 11-year-old kid with a birthday falling under the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Hailing from a well-known American family, he proudly holds American nationality and embraces his African-American roots.

Prince has quite the family tree, boasting eight siblings from various relationships his dad, Future, has had over the years. Yep, he’s not the only one in the Wilburn crew. Jacob Wilburn, Future’s eldest son, is from a relationship with Jessica Smith, while London Wilburn is the oldest daughter, born to Future and India J.

Now, Future’s been a busy dad. Future Zahir Wilburn came into the world courtesy of Ciara, Hendrix Wilburn through Joie Chavis, and Paris Skye Wilburn with Jenelle. Reign Wilburn joined the family with Eliza Reign, and Legendary Wilburn entered the scene through Cindy Parker. As for Kash Wilburn, well, the mystery of his mom remains unsolved.

That’s the lowdown on Prince Wilburn’s family – a lively bunch with a mix of relationships and backgrounds.

Prince Wilburn Education

Guess what? Prince Wilburn has already aced the preschool game, graduating from one of the top-notch preschools/nursery schools in the United States. Now, this little graduate has moved on to the big leagues – he’s currently rocking it as a grader in a local elementary school right here in Atlanta. Time flies, huh? From preschool to elementary school, Prince is on his way to conquering the education journey!

Prince Wilburn Career

Little Prince Wilburn is still in the kid zone, so no career hustle for him just yet. But check this out – his dad, Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, aka Future, is a big deal in the rap game. Future kicked off his journey over a decade ago, making waves in the music scene. Back in the early days, he rocked with Epic Records and A1 Recordings under Rocko.

Fast forward to now, Future’s not just a rising star; he’s a bona fide famous American rapper. And hey, he even runs his own show with the record label he built from the ground up – it’s called “Freebandz.”

Now, let’s talk about Prince’s mom, Brittni Mealy – she’s no stranger to the entrepreneurial hustle. She’s the brain behind “Pop Of Junk,” a cool clothing company based in Atlanta. But wait, that’s not all – she’s also the boss of “Babe Camp,” a fitness community website.

Brittni’s got some serious street cred too – she made it to Upscale Magazine’s Mommy and Mogul website back in July 2015. It’s safe to say that Prince’s parents are killing it in their respective careers, making sure he’s got everything he needs with all those resources they’ve got. Talk about a power couple!

Prince Wilburn shares a connection with eight half-siblings

Prince isn’t flying solo in the sibling department – he’s got a lively crew of eight brothers and sisters from various chapters of his famous father Future’s life. First up, there’s Jakobi Wilburn, the eldest son born to Future and Jessica Smith. Then, we’ve got Londyn Wilburn, the result of Future’s connection with India J.

But the family story doesn’t end there. Future’s got more kids in the mix: Future Zahir Wilburn, the product of his relationship with Ciara; Hendrix Wilburn, born with Joie Chavis; Paris Skye Wilburn, welcomed into the world by Jenelle. And let’s not forget Reign Wilburn, born to Future and Eliza Reign, Legend Ary Wilburn, Cindy Parker’s pride and joy, and Kash Wilburn, whose mom remains a mystery for now. It’s safe to say that Prince has a bustling and diverse family tree!

Prince Father Is A Rapper

Alright, let’s talk about Prince’s dad, Future. His real name is Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, born on November 20, 1983, right there in Atlanta, Georgia. This guy isn’t just your regular dude – he’s a big shot in the music world. Future is not just a rapper; he’s also a singer, songwriter, and producer. You might recognize him for that mumble-style vocal magic, and he’s considered one of the top influencers in the rap game.

So, how did Future become Future? Well, he kicked off his career as part of The Dungeon Family, a musical group that played a huge role in shaping his path. That’s where the name ‘Future’ came from. From 2010 to 2011, he dropped some killer mixtapes like Dirty Sprite, 1ooo, and True Story. Then, the big moment – signing a major deal with Epic Records. After that, he just kept dropping those unique mixtapes and became a music legend.

Now, onto Prince’s mom – she’s not just a regular mom; she’s a boss lady. She’s into the whole entrepreneur thing and is a social media influencer. Her clothing line, Unicorn Universe, is all about promoting feminism. Plus, she’s an author too. Her book, “Rich Bi$h Energy: A Self Love Guide To Millions,” is like a guide for women on self-love and care. Quite the power couple, right?

Who exactly is Brittni Mealy, the mother of Prince Wilburn?

Meet Prince Wilburn’s amazing mother, Brittni Mealy. Having been born on August 25, 1989, she is currently 34 years old. With 484K Instagram followers, Brittni is not your typical mom—rather, she’s a shrewd businesswoman and social media influencer. Yes, she is somewhat of a celebrity.

Now, here’s the cool part – Brittni owns a clothing line called Unicorn Universe. It’s not just about fashion; it’s a movement promoting feminism. And that’s not all – she’s also an author. Her book, “Rich Bi$h Energy: A Self-Love Guide for Millions,” spills the beans on techniques for women to embrace self-love and care. Brittni is the real deal, juggling entrepreneurship, social media, and empowering women like a boss.

How exactly did Prince’s parents cross paths?

The story of Prince’s parents begins in late 2009, at a club in Atlanta. Back then, Brittni, Prince’s mom, was working as an exotic dancer. Their first interaction sparked a friendship, but things didn’t progress further since Brittni was in a relationship at the time.

Fate brought Future and Brittni together once more when she was working at Magic City. This time around, they swapped numbers and started spending more time with each other. In an interview, Brittni spilled the beans about their romance, mentioning how Future seemed to always be around, and they traveled together frequently. She shared that they took care of each other, creating a strong bond.

Before long, their connection deepened, leading them to move in together. It wasn’t too far into this journey that Brittni found out she was pregnant with their first child. This was a time of a strong relationship, way before Future’s career soared. In December 2012, the couple welcomed their firstborn, Prince Wilburn, sealing the beginning of their family journey.

As Future’s career took off, cracks began to appear in their relationship

Future and Brittni’s love story hit a rocky patch when Future’s career skyrocketed. As his fame grew, so did the strain on their relationship. When questioned about the challenges, Prince’s mom hinted that their connection began to waver in the wake of Future’s booming career.

She vividly recalls the day Future signed a music deal, brimming with excitement, shouting, ‘Wow, my dream came true!’ Little did Brittni know, his dream was about to become her nightmare. Success brought along lies, traps, and deceit. He started neglecting their home, no longer coming home every night. Strangely, the more successful he became, the more comfortable he felt mistreating Brittni and disrespecting their shared space.

Brittni uncovered the truth about another relationship, and when she confronted Future, he promised to rectify the situation when the time was right. However, that promise never materialized. Future went as far as disrespecting Brittni’s mother and hurling offensive names at her. Frustrated and in agony, Brittni lashed out, but despite the turmoil, they stayed together.

The breaking point came in 2018 when Brittni discovered yet another affair. That was the moment she decided to call it quits, ending the tumultuous chapter of their relationship for good.

Prince Wilburn continues to maintain a positive connection with his parents

Prince Wilburn has been living with his mother after his parents divorced in 2018. Surprisingly, he is often seen hanging out with his father as well. There have been numerous occasions where he’s seen with his father and half-siblings. The talented rapper, who happens to be Prince’s dad, often treats us to glimpses of their time together through Instagram, sharing precious photos of his son.

Despite the complexities of his upbringing, this young star holds a deep love for both his parents, fostering a strong bond with them. As we witness his journey, we hope that Prince will continue showering the same compassion and love on his family, growing up to be a remarkable individual.

Prince Wilburn Girlfriend And Dating

At the age of eight, Prince Wilburn is navigating the world of singlehood. As for his parents, Future and Brittni, their romantic journey is a thing of the past. The duo had their moment in the 2010s, with Future going all out to spoil Brittni on her 31st birthday – think diamond necklaces, Rolexes, and a collection of dazzling rings and bracelets.

Regarding Prince’s family dynamics, his father has added six more children from different partnerships to the clan. In October 2013, Future made news with his engagement to Ciara, a well-known American singer-songwriter, dancer, model, and actress, adding a glamorous touch to the family drama. But the romance took a different route when Future’s father’s adultery caused a snag in August 2014, ending Future and Ciara’s engagement. Prince, then, delves into the experiences of growing up single, although his parents have also had highs and lows in their romantic relationship over the years.

Prince Wilburn Net worth

Prince Wilburn’s net worth isn’t available or estimated at this time. In contrast, his father, Future, stands in a different financial spotlight with an estimated net worth of around $40 million.

Body Measurements

As of now, specific details about Prince Wilburn’s body measurements, including his height, weight, dress size, shoe size, and chest-waist-hip measurements, are not available. Given that Prince is still a very young kid, these details might remain unknown for several more years.

Being in the early stages of development and growth, Prince Wilburn’s body statistics are subject to change as he continues to grow. It’s quite common for the physical attributes of children to evolve significantly during their formative years. So, the specifics of his body measurements will likely remain a mystery for some time to come.

On another note, Future’s third child, the young celebrity kid, boasts brown eyes and a head of curly hair in a matching shade. These distinctive features add a touch of uniqueness to Prince Wilburn’s growing persona.

Rumors Controversy

In terms of his profession and public persona, Prince Wilburn has adeptly maintained a favourable reputation while maintaining a low profile during the course of his illustrious trip. Prince Wilburn has remained uninvolved in any rumours or disputes thus far, keeping a clear public record. This demonstrates his ability to handle the spotlight with poise and tact, keeping both his personal and professional lives drama-free and focused. It’s evidence of his dedication to his work and his wish to live a quiet, controversy-free life in public.

Final Words

Prince Wilburn, born to rapper Future and entrepreneur Brittni Mealy, is navigating the complexities of co-parenting with grace. At 11 years old, he’s already graduated from preschool, now conquering elementary school in Atlanta. Future, a renowned rapper, and Brittni, a successful entrepreneur, showcase a unique blend of talent in their respective careers.

Despite the challenges in his parents’ relationship, Prince maintains a positive connection with both, cherishing moments with his dad and siblings. His upbringing reflects resilience and love, promising a bright future for this celebrity kid. As he continues to grow, Prince Wilburn embodies the essence of a well-rounded individual in the making.