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Let’s dive into the world of Clary Fisher, or as many know her, Clary Collicutt – a talented fashion stylist and designer. Beyond the glitz and glamour, she’s more than just a name; she’s a force in the fashion realm. You might recognize her as the former partner of Simon Konecki, who later found love with the renowned singer Adele.

But let’s not just focus on the spotlight. Clary, in her role as a stylist, has left her mark, working alongside various artists and contributing her creative touch to numerous projects. In this article, we’re peeling back the layers of her career, exploring the projects that define her and the artists she’s collaborated with.

And of course, what’s life without a little love story? We’ll delve into Clary Fisher’s personal journey. Did she take a leap into marriage after parting ways with Simon? And are there little ones running around, bringing joy to her world? Join us as we uncover the real Clary Fisher – not just the stylist, but the person behind the scenes.

Some Quick Details About Her

NameClary Fisher
Nick NameClary
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-HusbandSimon Konecki
Current Relation WithPaul Collicutt
Year ActiveTill date

Early Life

Clary Fisher Details On Google

Clary is undoubtedly one of the most enigmatic celebrity wives, maintaining a veil of secrecy that shrouds both her past and present with her celebrity husband, Simon Konecki.

Privacy is a treasure for Clary Fisher, and she’s chosen to lead a life far from the glare of public scrutiny and controversy. In an era where personal details are often laid bare, Clary stands out by not revealing any information about her birth date, birthplace, or early life.

Online searches yield no insights into her parents’ names or whether she has any siblings. Fans, eager to know more about her background, are met with silence from Clary. The curiosity surrounding her family remains unfulfilled, as she remains tight-lipped about this aspect of her life. The limited facts available about her early years include a February birth, a childhood in Hove, a mixed ethnicity, and British nationality. These glimpses are the breadcrumbs she’s left for those who seek to know the woman behind the mystery.

Education and Career

Who is Clary Fisher, by the way? Her attention to detail and colour coordination are incredible. She is an incredible stylist and fashion designer. She received all the knowledge she needed to get started in the fashion industry at the London College of Fashion. She then levelled up by enrolling in the University of Arts, London, to pursue a degree in fashion design. How about commitment!?

But here’s the cool part—Clary’s not just about fashion. She’s got this thriving personal styling gig, and get this, she’s all about keeping it green and sustainable. Plus, she’s a Hove hometown hero. Oh, and did I mention she’s into yoga? It’s like she’s got the whole balance thing down, both in her designs and her life. Clary Fisher, folks – a designer, stylist, and all-around awesome human!

Clary Fisher was formerly married to Simon Konecki

Clary Fisher Husband Simon Konecki

Fashion stylist Clary Fisher had a marriage at one point in her life. The CEO of Drop4Drop and a successful businessman named Simon Konecki was her travelling companion. Their relationship started in the early 2000s, and in 2004 they tied the knot with a summer ceremony.

The initial years of their marriage were marked by a remarkable connection between them. However, the dynamics shifted when Simon, driven by his professional pursuits, had to relocate for work. During this time, he co-founded an eco-company alongside Jamie White, the stepson of Ron Wood from The Rolling Stones.

The demands of Simon’s work led to frequent moves, creating a growing divide in their relationship. Eventually, around 2010, the couple made the tough decision to part ways, bringing an end to their years-long marriage.

After parting ways with Simon, did Clary tie the knot again?

Guess what? Clary’s got a double dose of love in her life – she’s been down the aisle not once, but twice. After calling it quits with her first husband, Simon, she found love again with an illustrator and storyboard artist named Paul Collicutt.

Although the precise wedding date is still a well guarded mystery, there are rumours that these two had been together for a long time. Clary made the decision to change things up after being married to Paul; she gave up her last name of Fisher in favour of Collicutt.

Scrolling through their socials, it’s pretty clear that the Collicutt couple is head over heels for each other. And get this, on August 6, 2016, Clary even treated us to a glimpse of their wedding day, tagging it as one of her all-time favorite photos.

Even more remarkable is the fact that these two haven’t experienced hardship over time. Clary and Paul still seem to be in it for the long run, and love is in the air.

Clary Fisher Childerns

The talented stylist, Clary, is not just killing it in her career – she’s also a mom to two amazing kids. Her first bundle of joy, a daughter born in 2007 from her marriage with Simon, is now all grown up. Although Clary keeps her daughter’s name under wraps, one thing’s for sure – they’ve got a fantastic relationship.

On the other hand, when Clary welcomed her second child with Paul, the joy just multiplied. Check out her socials, and you’ll see Clary proudly sharing snapshots of both her kiddos. The family vibe is strong, with Paul and Fisher building some serious bonds with their little ones. Parenthood looks pretty darn good on this stylish duo!

Know About Her Husband Paul Collicutt

Meet Paul Collicutt, not just Clary’s better half, but a notable figure in the world of illustrative arts. This creative soul has been crafting art since 1984, and his journey led him to study illustration at Brighton College of Art. His picture book, “This Train,” even clinched the Parent’s Gold Choice Award in America – a testament to his artistic prowess.

Paul’s base of operations is in the vibrant town of Brighton, East Sussex, where he publishes his captivating art. Beyond his artistic pursuits, he once took on the role of coach for Brighton Phoenix Track Open and BMC Races, showcasing his versatility.

In the personal sphere, Paul is happily married to Clary, and the duo shares the joy of parenting their child, Bob Collicutt. The Collicutt family isn’t just about art and creativity; they also engage in meaningful initiatives. Paul and Clary walk for Macmillan Cancer Support in order to raise money in appreciation for all that Bob Collicutt has done for them.

Paul achieved a remarkable achievement on June 11, 2022, when he finished the 26-mile South Coast Mighty Hike 2022 full marathon. Not to be outdone, on September 10, 2022, during the Jurassic Coast Mighty Hike 2022, his wife Clary also participated in the marathon event. It’s not just about the artwork; it’s also about having compassion and supporting the Collicutt family.

Clary Fisher Is A Fashion Stylist

Let’s shine a spotlight on Clary’s professional journey – she’s not just any fashion stylist and designer; she’s a freelance wizard in the world of style. With years of experience under her belt, Clary has woven her magic with several successful artists, leaving her mark in the fashion scene.

Hey, you can see a peek of her creations if you browse through her Instagram. She displays her designs with pride, offering us a glimpse into the vibrant world of hues, patterns, and fashions she creates. In her career, Clary has already achieved a great deal of success. Let’s hope she keeps reaching new heights in the days to come! To many more chic adventures! Cheers!

Net Worth

The mystery shrouds Clary Fisher’s net worth and salary – details we’d love to get our hands on, but alas, remain elusive. What we do know is that, with her stellar career as a fashion stylist and ties to high-profile individuals, she’s probably raking in a substantial income.

Privacy is Clary’s forte, not just in her personal life but also on the digital front. You won’t find her sharing her day-to-day on social media; she’s all about keeping the private stuff private. In a world where everyone’s life seems to play out online, Clary’s got her own quiet corner, away from the buzz and the pixels. The enigma continues!

Body Measurements

Being in the limelight, Clarissa understands the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to showcase a flawless physique and achieve those ideal body dimensions. Standing at an elegant height of approximately 5 feet 3 inches, she embodies a stunning presence, radiating confidence.

Her average weight, which is little over 59 kg, reflects her dedication to health. Although her height is obvious, her exact measurements for her hips, waist, and shoe size are still a closely-kept secret, lending her physical attributes an air of mystery. Clarissa’s devotion to her health is not only a personal decision, but also a demonstration of her professionalism and dedication to her art in the world of celebrities, where appearances are frequently scrutinised. She still captivates admirers with her poised and well-groomed form, piqueing their curiosity in the finer aspects that add to her charm.

Delving into Clary’s Personal Adventure

Beyond Clary Fisher’s notable achievements in the fashion industry, her personal life has also seen noteworthy chapters. Stepping into a new marital adventure with Paul Collicutt, Clary has made a conscious effort to shield certain aspects of her life from the public eye. This intentional choice grants her the freedom to cherish moments without the constant glare of public scrutiny.

Social Media

Clarissa keeps things simple in the online realm, choosing to maintain just an Instagram presence. Her preference for a quiet and controversy-free existence is evident, steering clear of the media spotlight. With a modest following of around 348 on the platform, her Instagram feed becomes a canvas where she selectively shares glimpses into both her personal and professional worlds. It’s a curated space, offering a window into the life she chooses to share with her digital community.

Final Words

Clary Fisher, also known as Clary Collicutt, emerges from the shadows as a multifaceted personality beyond her association with high-profile relationships. A distinguished fashion stylist and designer, Clary’s career journey reflects her commitment to excellence and sustainability. From her early education at the London College of Fashion to her thriving personal styling gig, she’s demonstrated a passion for creativity and a knack for balancing life’s complexities.

While her marriage with Simon Konecki had its share of challenges, Clary found love again with illustrator Paul Collicutt. The couple, now happily married, shares the joys of parenting two children, maintaining a strong family vibe evident in Clary’s social media snippets.

Paul Collicutt, a notable figure in the illustrative arts, complements Clary’s creative prowess. Together, they engage in meaningful initiatives, not just in the artistic realm but also in supporting charitable causes like Macmillan Cancer Support.

As a fashion stylist, Clary has collaborated with various artists, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Her Instagram offers a curated glimpse into the vibrant world of hues, patterns, and fashions she creates, showcasing her success and dedication to her craft.

The enigmatic Clary Fisher guards her privacy fiercely, both in her personal and digital life. With limited social media presence and a quiet corner away from the public buzz, she continues to be a mystery, leaving fans and admirers intrigued.

In the ever-evolving narrative of Clary Fisher, her personal and professional adventures weave together, painting a portrait of a woman who embraces life with grace and authenticity. As she continues her journey in the world of fashion, family, and art, one thing is certain – Clary Fisher is more than just a name; she’s a force, a designer, a stylist, and an all-around remarkable human. Cheers to Clary and her chic adventures, may they continue to unfold in the most beautiful and enigmatic ways.