Taimi Li Age, Career, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Life, And Many More

Taimi Li, the well-known actor Jet Li’s daughter, was brought into the world by her father’s marriage to Qiuyan Huang, a former Chinese actress. They were married in 1987, but sadly their union was not happy one. Three years after they had exchanged vows, in 1990, they separated due to problems in their relationship.

Taimi is part of a family with two daughters from this union, with Si Li being her younger sister. Expanding the family tree, Taimi also has two half-sisters, Jada Li and Jane Li, born to her father’s current partner, Nina Li Chi. Jet Li and Nina Li Chi tied the knot in 1999, marking the beginning of their enduring companionship.

Quick Facts

Full Name Taimi Li
Nick NameTaimi
Age34 years
Date of BirthJuly 6, 1989
Gender IdentityFemale
Net worth$250 million
Father NameJet Li
Mother NameQiuyan Huang

Early Years and Family

Taimi Li, born on July 6, 1989, is currently 35 years old in 2024. As a Cancer, she proudly holds Chinese nationality.

Her parents are the renowned Jet Li and Qiuyan Huang. Taimi has a younger sister named Si Li, and she is also fortunate to have two half-sisters, Jada Li and Jane Li. Jada and Jane are the daughters of her father, Jet Li, and his current wife, Nina Li Chi.

Taimi’s parents, Jet and Qiuyan, exchanged vows in 1987. Regrettably, their marital journey faced challenges, leading to their separation in 1990.

Parents of Taimi Li

Taimi Li’s parents, Jet Li and Huang Qiuyan, entered into matrimony in 1987. Unfortunately, their marriage faced personal challenges, leading to their divorce in 1990. Despite being together for three years, the difficulties in their personal lives compelled them to part ways. During their time together, they welcomed two lovely daughters into the world, Taimi Li and Si Li. While Taimi harbors deep affection for her parents, the strains in their relationship ultimately led to their decision to separate.

The dissolution of her parents’ marriage remains a poignant chapter in Taimi’s life, as witnessing the breakdown of a family is undeniably a challenging experience. Following the divorce, Jet Li found companionship with Nina Li Chi, and the couple has stood together since. Together, they welcomed two more beautiful daughters, Jada Li and Jane Li, expanding Taimi’s family circle to three loving sisters with whom she shares a life filled with decency and affection.

Versatile and skilled father

Jet, originally hailing from Beijing, China, is a versatile individual with a rich array of talents. His multifaceted career encompasses roles as a film actor, producer, martial artist, and former Wushu champion. Jet’s journey began with the Bejingwushu squad, where he clinched his inaugural national title. He marked his film debut in the iconic Shaolin Temple and has since left an indelible mark in martial arts epic films like Zhang Yimou’s Hero (2002), First of Legend (1994), and television productions such as Once Upon a Time in China, where he brought a folk hero to life.

Jet’s prowess extends beyond the realms of Chinese cinema, as he showcased his skills in international action films like Kiss of the Dragon, Unleashed, The One, War, Romeo Must Die, and more. Notably, he holds Singaporean citizenship, reflecting the global reach of his influence and achievements.

Ambassador for philanthropy

Jet has actively engaged in numerous charitable endeavors to extend a helping hand to those in need. Since January 2006, he has assumed the role of the Philanthropic Ambassador for the Red Cross Society of China. Demonstrating his commitment to mental health, Jet generously donated 500,000 yuan (US$62,500), derived from the box office earnings of his film Fearless, to the Red Cross psychological sunshine initiative.

Inspired by his personal experience of near death after the 2004 Maldives tsunami, Jet established The One Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing suicide, raising awareness of mental health issues, and helping with worldwide disaster assistance. Having been recognised for his commitment to humanitarian causes, he was named the first Goodwill Ambassador.

Beyond his charitable endeavours, Jet’s impact may be seen at Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong, where an action star is immortalised in wax. Furthermore, he has entered the lifestyle business with Taiji Zen, with the goal of advancing “Health and Happiness for ALL” through the advocacy of a comprehensive approach to mental and physical health.

Health issue affecting her father

The strains of Jet’s long filmmaking career have resulted in health issues such as hyperthyroidism and a spine problem. His health has deteriorated since 2010, when he developed a crippling illness. But the actor informed everyone recently in a statement that there is nothing to worry about and that he is in good condition.

President’s Offer

In 1974, Jet Li’s career path took an interesting diversion when he and his Chinese national Wushu team were extended a special invitation to perform for then-US President Richard Nixon at the White House.

After witnessing Jet Li’s amazing martial arts demonstration, Nixon was so impressed that he joked about giving him a job as a personal bodyguard. Nevertheless, the youthful Jet Li politely turned down the invitation, expressing his sincere wish to utilise his abilities to safeguard and uphold his fellow citizens. In addition to showcasing his extraordinary abilities, this incident demonstrated Jet Li’s steadfast dedication to upholding and protecting the interests of his own country.

Taimi Li Career

Taimi Li is rapidly emerging as a rising star in the film industry, gaining recognition for her exceptional acting skills and captivating performances. Her live streams uniquely blend entertainment and technology, creating a delightful experience cherished by her fans.

A glimpse into Taimi’s Instagram reveals the immense popularity she has garnered. She presents an ethereal presence, gracefully navigating the realms between adulthood and eternity. Despite being the daughter of a celebrity, Taimi consciously opts for a simple life, steering clear of the media limelight. Her limited activity on social media reflects her preference for privacy. She shuns the high-profile image often associated with celebrities, a choice that resonates well with her admirers.

Taimi enjoys a straightforward lifestyle

Despite being the daughter of a superstar, Taimi finds solace in a tranquil and unassuming life. She has deliberately stepped away from the media spotlight, embracing a modest lifestyle. Taimi, in contrast to a high-profile presence on social media, keeps a low profile, demonstrating her disinterest in the glitz and glamour. Alongside her sisters, Taimi actively participates in supporting her father in the management of his philanthropic venture, the One Foundation.

What is Taimi Li’s net worth?

Taimi Li’s net worth is currently undisclosed. Her father, Jet Li, is a globally acclaimed actor, producer, and martial artist, with an estimated net worth of $240 million. In comparison, Taimi’s net worth, being the daughter of Jet Li, falls in the range of $1 to $5 million.

Height & Weight

Taimi Li exudes a calm and charming demeanour in addition to her amazing physical assets. She presents a beautiful and well-proportioned body figure, standing five feet five inches tall and weighing a healthy 52 kilogrammes. Taimi’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle is visible in her general well-being.

Her total appeal is enhanced by her beautiful black hair, which accentuates the depth of her black eyes. Taimi is more than simply an attractive person on the outside; her inner beauty also radiates and combines her physical attractiveness with a composed, affable demeanour. These qualities add to her allure, transforming her from a gorgeous face into a person who is admirable and well-rounded.

Engagement in Philanthropic Endeavors

Going beyond the confines of personal privacy, Taimi’s life is characterized by a profound dedication to creating a positive influence. A significant facet of her journey involves actively participating in charitable endeavors, with a particular emphasis on supporting her father’s One Foundation. EThis foundation, which was founded by the well-known Jet Li, is a shining example of mental health awareness, suicide prevention, and providing aid for disasters across international borders.

Taimi’s dedication to these charitable endeavours demonstrates her conviction that significant contributions can be made to society.By aligning herself with the mission of the One Foundation, she plays an integral role in advancing causes that extend compassion and assistance to those in need, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to humanitarian values.

Backing The One Foundation

Taimi, alongside her sisters, assumes a pivotal role in championing her father’s philanthropic initiatives. Their active involvement in contributing to the One Foundation goes beyond mere support; it signifies a shared commitment to a mission that transcends the boundaries of both entertainment and humanitarian efforts.

By taking part in these humanitarian activities, Taimi reveals a more nuanced side of herself that emphasises her sincere commitment to making a difference in the lives of others. This dedication displays a deeper understanding of the role that group efforts may play in creating a better world, in addition to a feeling of familial duty.

Social Media

Taimi Li purposefully keeps a low profile online by avoiding interaction on well-known social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She decides not to use these digital platforms to reveal details of her private life and experiences, in contrast to many well-known people.

Taimi’s deliberate withdrawal from social media highlights her desire for seclusion and a more understated way of living, enabling her to function in the real world outside of the internet and preserve some degree of authenticity in her interpersonal relationships. Taimi’s decision to stay offline in an era where connectivity is ubiquitous is a deliberate decision to value in-person relationships and preserve her sense of agency over her own story.

Final Words

Taimi Li, the accomplished daughter of legendary actor Jet Li and former actress Qiuyan Huang, navigates her life with grace and purpose. Born on July 6, 1989, Taimi, at 35, stands as a testament to resilience amidst her family’s public journey. Despite the challenges her parents faced, Taimi cherishes her diverse family, embracing her role as an elder sister and contributing to her father’s philanthropic endeavors.

Beyond her familial ties, Taimi forges her own path in the film industry, earning recognition for her acting prowess while maintaining a modest and private lifestyle. Her commitment to charitable causes, particularly her active role in supporting Jet Li’s One Foundation, highlights a compassionate and dedicated side that extends beyond the spotlight.

Choosing seclusion from social media, Taimi prioritizes genuine connections over virtual fame. With a net worth reflecting her father’s success and a dedication to making a positive impact, Taimi Li emerges not just as a celebrity offspring but as a grounded, philanthropic individual shaping her unique narrative in the world.

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