Expert guide to choosing door handles and knobs – Handles 4u

Every individual experiences a decor puzzlement at some point in their life. Even a tiny element in the space can knock down the overall aesthetic look and can create comfort issues. Hence, opting for the right element is a necessity not only for enhancement of the entire look of the space but also for being free from this puzzlement for a decade. Two of these elements are door handles and door knobs.

Researches published by Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES), University of Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and several design institutes and firms often inform the design of door handles and knobs to enhance the overall experience and functionality by stating that opting for door handles and door knobs involves the consideration of various factors, namely; style, functionality, material, budget, etc. In order to help you to make a right choice a comprehensive guide is given below:

1.      Various styles of door handles and knobs: An overall outlook of style of your space is necessary. No matter if it’s traditional, rustic or minimalist but the door handles and knobs should complement the existing room decor. The shape, size, finish and design details play an important role in order to have a suitable door handle and knob which beautify the overall space.

2.     Door handles and door knobs Functionality: When it comes to functionality, think about the purpose of the door for which we are choosing a door handle and a door knob. Is it an interior door or an exterior door? Does it need to have a lock for security or privacy? Select door handles and knobs with appropriate and the required locking mechanisms if needed, such as key locks for exterior doors, fingerprint accessed door lock handles for extra security, privacy locks for bathrooms or bedrooms, etc.

3.     Opting the best Material for door handles and door knobs: Door handles and knobs come in various materials such as brass, stainless steel, bronze, chrome and ceramic. Since, certain materials require more maintenance than others so keep in mind about the damage factor while choosing the material. Moreover, choose a material which suits your aesthetic preferences and which complements the other hardware in the space.

4.     Finishes related to door handles and door knobs: Common finishes include polished chrome, satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and antique brass. Keen attention should be paid on the finish of the door handles and knobs. Choose a finish that mixes with the other hardware and fixtures in the room to give an overall cohesive look to the space.

5.     Various Designs of door handles and door knobs:  Several designs are available in the market such as black door knobs on a rose, brass door knobs on a back plate, silver door handles on a round rose, black bolt-through pull door handles, etc. Choose door handles and knobs which are ideal for elevating the decor of your space and which blends seamlessly with functionality.

6.     Durability factor of door handles and door knobs: Durability plays an important role while choosing door handles and knobs, especially for high-traffic areas and areas prone to harsh weather conditions. Select sturdy materials and quality construction to ensure longevity and reliability.

7.     Ergonomics of door handles and door knobs: Ergonomics of the door handles and knobs should be tested to ensure that they are comfortable to use. Factors like grip size, shape and ease of operation, especially if individuals with mobility issues will be using the doors should be considered while opting for suitable door handles and knobs.

8.     Budget factor – a necessity while choosing door handles and door knobs: Set a budget for your door handles and knobs and try to explore the variety in that range. Keep in mind that higher quality materials and finishes may come at a higher cost, but they can add value to your home in the long run.

9.     Compatibility factor of door handles and door knobs: One needs to ensure that the chosen door handles and knobs are compatible with the door configurations or not. Make sure to measure the dimensions of the door and consult it with a hardware specialist, if it’s necessary to find the right fit.

10.   Installation of door knobs and door handles: Some styles may require professional installation skills, while others can be easily installed with basic tools and YID skills. So, it is necessary to consider the ease of installation while choosing door handles and knobs.

By considering these factors, you can choose door handles and knobs that will not only enhance the aesthetics of your space by giving a touch of elegance but will also meet your functional needs and budget constraints.